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My musical collection

  This list is transferred almost directly from a not always carefully entered database that is kept within a vintage program that has quirks of its own, so errors in capitalization, classification, and spelling surely remain. It was posted here in part for my own convenience in finding tunes to listen to when the radio or the Internet are not providing satisfaction, but its reflections of taste may provide some amusement for others, and perhaps be of use otherwise. First class reproduction equipment is vital to getting the most out of any decent possibilities among thist list.

  Keeping track of sources and "date added" were begun fairly recently. Duplicates come from either finding a use for more than one media or being in both my wife's and my own collection when we combined them in 1986." TP" among the media are casettes, which have their faults, but mostly remain higher in (at least potential) sonic quality than MP3 files; LPs and CDs inherently offer possibilities more than 10 times better.

The Collection


New Age Acoustic Music Sampler

folk Rounder
bela fleck, tony trischka, rob wasserman, norman blake... LP 3

Baltic Voices 3 Paul Hillier Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Classical Harmonia
05 recent choral work by Augustinas, Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Saariaho, Mazulis, Bergman, Marinaitis, Tuur, Gorecki; with the latter especially good CD 4

Le Roman De Fauvel Rene Clemencic Clemencic Consort classical HNH 79


rock PolyGram 83
TP 3


rock Arista 91 2 CDs of Grateful Dead covers by various artists, Rainforest benefit CD 5

Red Hot And Country

country Mercury 94 some very good stuff herein; an aids benefit CD 4

Renaissance Masterpieces Edward Higgenbottom Choir of New College Cambridge Classical Brilliant
98 5 CD box; choral music of Tallis & others, Orlande de Lassus, du Caurroy, Palestrina, de Monte; the de Lassus is especially good CD 4
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

rock Atlantic 76
LP 3

AIken, Caroline Live Bait

Folk/Rock Rainy Day 94 autographed; Atlanta hottie, great 12 and 6 string picker CD 5
Allegri Miserere Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 80 as always with them, lovely CD 4

Allison, Luther Blue Streak

blues Alligator 95 belt buckle polishing (better without belts - or pants) music CD 5

Allman Brothers An Evening With, First Set

blues Epic 92 live CD 4

Allman Brothers An Evening With, Second Set

blues Epic 95 live CD 4

Allman Brothers Band Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East

rock Capricorn 71 definitive concert on 2 lps LP 5

Altramar Crossroads Of The Celts

folk Dorian 98 medieval celtic CD 4

Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes

rock Atlantic 91 wow CD 5

Amos, Tori Crucify

rock Atlantic 92 very short (22 minutes), but good, keeps improving with repeated listens CD 5

Amos, Tori Boys For Pele

rock Atlantic 96 great photography, unfocussed production CD 3

Anderson, Laurie Bright Red, Tightrope

rock Warner 94 fun stuff; she is Mrs. Lou Reed CD 4

Anderson, Marian Spirituals

folk RCA 56 mono LP 3

Andre, Maurice Music For Trumpet And Organ M.C. Alain & Hedwig Bilgram Detlef Kleuker Organ classical RCA 74 2 records of bach, gervase, viviani, albioni, vivaldi, telemann, etc. LP 4

Anonymous 4 Miracles Of Sant'iago

classical Harmonia
90 medieval chant & polyphony CD 4

Anonymous 4 Les Tres Riches Heures Du Moyen Age Various Ensemble Organum classical Harmonia
95 6 disks, with Deller, Newberry, Clemenic Consorts, Soeur Keyrouz, Hilliard CD 4

Arbeau; Attaingnant; Anon. French Dances Of The Renaissance Roger Cotte Ancient Ensemble Of Paris classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Arlen, Harold & E. Y. Harburg The Wizard Of Oz

filmscore MGM 39 from the original; dated sound quality LP 4

Armatrading, Joan Joan Armatrading

rock A&M 76
LP 4

Asleep At The Wheel Still Swinging

country Liberty 94 box set of 3 recapitulating their fine career CD 4

Atkins, Chet Guitar For All Seasons

country RCA 85 poor quality recording TP 2

Austin Lounge Lizards Live Bait

country Watermelon 96 Live teenage immigrant welfare mothers on drugs ; deceitfully short CD 3

Axton, Hoyt Life Machine

country A&M 73
LP 4

Axton, Hoyt Fearless

country A&M 76 a fine singer-songwriter with a first class production LP 5

Axton, Hoyt Rusty Old Halo

country Jeremiah 79 his own try at producing LP 4

Axton, Hoyt Where Did The Money Go

country Jeremiah 80 some very funny stuff (politicians) LP 3

Bach, J.S. Four Concertos For Harpsichords And Orchestra Karl Ristenpart Chamber Of The Sarre classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Bach, J.S. Lute Music, BWV 999, 1000, 1006A, 1007, 996 Walter Gerwig
classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Bach, J.S. The Genius Of Andres Segovia: A Bach Recital Andres Segovia
classical Everest
guitar solos LP

Bach, J.S. The Majesty Of The Luneburg Organ Micheal Schneider
classical Alshire


Bach, J.S. The Six Brandenberg Concertos; Orchestral Suites #2 & 5 Pablo Casals Marlboro Festival classical Columbia
on 3 records; very fast tempi LP 4

Bach, J.S. Three Organ Concerti (After Vivaldi) Robert Noehren
classical Urania


Bach, J.S. Two Cantatas, BWV 140 & 148 Wolfgang Gonnenwein Der Suddeutsche Madrigalchor classical Seraphim

LP 3

Bach, J.S. Bach Edition various
classical Brilliant
07 155 disk set, reviewed at http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2001/Dec01/BrilliantBach.htm, with tracklist at http://www.joanrecords.com/classical/bach/bach-index.html CD 4 Daedelus catalog 9/3/2009
Bach, J.S. Art Of Fugue Gustav Leonhardt Harpsichord classical Vanguard 53 2 cd; some nice embellishments, but rythmically unadventurous CD 3

Bach, J.S. Goldberg Variations Glenn Gould
classical Sony 55 classic repressing; boring CD 2

Bach, J.S. Bach Organ Music Walter Kraft
classical Vox 61
LP 3

Bach, J.S. Bach Organ Music Carl Weinrich
classical RCA 62 the toccata and fugue I matured with LP 4

Bach, J.S. Organ Recital Arthur Poister
classical Syracuse 62
LP 3

Bach, J.S. The Six Brandenburg Concertos Charles Munch Boston Symphony classical RCA 64 on 4 records LP 3

Bach, J.S. Toccata And Fugue Karl Richter Jaegerborg Church, Copenhagen classical DGG 67 okay reissue CD 3

Bach, J.S. Cantatas BWV 68 & 172 Klaus Martin Zeigler Kassel Vocal Ensemble classical Nonesuch 71
LP 3

Bach, J.S. Four Great Toccatas & Fugues E. Power Biggs Pipe Organs classical CBS 73 shows the power of memorization CD 5

Bach, J.S. Orchestral Suites (concertos bwv 1060 &1062) Hogwood Academy Of Ancient Music classical London 88 authentic instruments, 2 disk, 98 rerelease, good but not killer CD 3

Bach, J.S. Works For Lute In Original Keys And Tunings Lutz Kirchhof
classical Sony 90 pleasant CD 4

Bach, J.S. Concertos For 3 & 4 Harpsichords Christopher Hogwood Academy Of Ancient Music classical L'oiseau-Lyr 92 not earth-shattering, but pleasant CD 4

Bach, J.S. Sonatas (For Flute) James Galway Philip Moll & Sarah Cunningham classical RCA 95 platinum sound CD 5

Bach, J.S. (Trio) Sonatas, Vol. 2 (For Flute) James Galway Philip Moll & Sarah Cunningham classical Rca 96 more sounding of reading than vol 1, great harpsichord CD 4

Bach, J.S. An Introduction To The Complete Works Helmuth Rilling
classical Hanssler 99 nice snippets CD 4

Bach, J.S. Mass In B Minor Helmuth Rilling Bach-Collegium Stuttgart classical Hanssler 99 carefully studied CD 4

Bach; Gigout; Reger Prelude/Fugue In E Minor; Toccata; Choral Fantasy Virgil Fox Lincoln Center Organ classical Command 65
LP 4

Bach; Haydn; Schbert; Etc. The Beloved Choruses E. Ormandy & R. Condie Philadelphia & Mormon Taberna. classical Columbia
magnificent 'the heavens are telling'; from when the Mormons were good LP 4

Bach; Messiaen; Frank Passacaglia/Fugue In C Minor; Dieu Parmi Nous; Grand Piece Virgil Fox Lincoln Center Organ classical Command 63 first recording on the new organ LP 4

Bach; Schubert; Handel; Etc. The Lord's Prayer, Vol. II E. Ormandy & R. Condie Philadelphia & Mormon Taberna. classical Columbia

LP 3

Baez, Joan Joan Baez

folk Vanguard 01 reissue of 1960 solo folk classic CD 4

Baez, Joan Joan Baez Vol. 2

folk Vanguard 01 reissue of 1961 solo folk classic CD 4

Baez, Joan Farewell, Angelina

folk Vanguard 02 reissue from 1965; joan gently electric, with Dylan tunes, a real classic CD 5

Baez, Joan One day at a time

folk Vanguard 69 reissue; country s A list sound underrehersed, but still fun CD 3
Baez, Joan Come From The Shadows

folk A&M 71 some lovely, some painfully earnest LP 3

Baez, Joan Diamonds and Rust

folk A&M 75 Title song is wonderful, the rest varies from good to utterly awful CD 3
Bain, Aly & Ale Moller Fully rigged

Nordic NorthSide 01 Shetlands fiddle meets Swedish winds, good for regular listening CD 5
Bain, Aly & Ale Moller Beyond the Stacks

Nordic Northside 07 Shetlands fiddle meets Swedish guitars, good for regular listening CD 5
Baliff, Bonnie Everything It Wants

folk Spirit Moves 01 journeywoman travelling folkie, autographed from a performance for six CD 3

Ball, Marcia Let Me Play With Your Poodle

blues Rounder 97 some good stuff; came with KRCL pledge CD 4

Ball, Patrick Celtic harp - fair play

folk Fortuna 02 nicely pleasant CD 4

Ball, Patrick Celtic harp - from a distant time

folk Fortuna 83 nicely pleasant CD 4

Ball, Patrick Celtic Harp - Music Of Turlough O'carolan

folk Fortuna 83 nicely pleasant CD 4

Baltimore Consort On The Banks Of Helicon: Early Music Of Scotland

world Dorian 90 these folks do old music right, with enthusiasm and purity CD 5

Baltimore Consort The Mad Buckgoat
Baltimore Consort folk Dorian 99 ancient music of ireland; fun stuff CD 4

Band, The Rock Of Ages

rock Capitol 72 2 record concert with fond memories, but rarely replayed LP 3

Barber, Samuel Violin Concerto Hillary Hahn/Hugh Wolff St. Paul Chamber Orch. classical Sony 00 superbly played; with the Meyer violin concerto CD 5 Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin 5/21/2010
Barber, Samuel Concerto For Violin And Orchestra Robert Zeller W/Robert Gerle Vienna State Opera classical Westminster 72
LP 3

Barber, Samuel Adagio for Strings Leonard slatkin St. Louis Symphony classical EMI 89 with School for Scandal, Essays for Orchestra, Medea s Dance of Vengeance CD 4 Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin 5/21/2010
Bartok, Bela Concerto For Orchestra Erich Leinsdorf Boston Symphony classical RCA 63 definitive LP 5

Beatles Help!

rock Parlophone 65 superb early stuff cd 5
Beatles Rubber Soul

rock EMI/
65 remastered 09; not as consistent as remembered; short documentary cd 4
Beatles Sgt. pepper s lonely hearts club band

rock apple 67 the classic psychedalia; excellent booklet background cd 5
Beatles White Album

rock Capitol 68 remastered 09; not consistent, but mostly still wonderful, especially when Martin s production can shine through the quad system; short video documentary added cd 5
Beatles Hey Jude

rock Capitol 69
LP 4

Beatles Let It Be

rock Capitol 69
LP 4

Beatles Abbey Road

rock Capitol 80 original master rerelease LP 5

Beethoven Sonatas 9 And 5 For Violin And Piano Aaron Rosand & Eileen Flissler
classical Vox


Beethoven Symphony #9 Toscanini NBC Symphony classical RCA
with Robert Shaw Chorale; not fully quality updated TP 3

Beethoven Symphony No. 5 Horst Stein London Philharmonic classical Alshire


Beethoven Symphony No. 5 & 8 William Steinberg Pittsburg Symphony classical Pickwick


Beethoven Symphony No. 6 Josef Krips London Symphony classical Everest


Beethoven Symphony #6 Bruno Walter Vienna Philharmonic classical Vox 36
TP 3

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 Arturo Toscanini NBC Symphony classical Olympic 39
LP 3

Beethoven Complete Piano Music Alfred Brendel
classical Mercury 61 on 21 records LP 3

Beethoven 9 Symphonien Herbert Von Karajan Berliner Philharmoniker classical DGG 62 8 records; with James Galway as 1st flute LP 4

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 Josef Krips London Symphony classical Everest 62

Beethoven Symphony No. 6 Fritz Reiner Chicago Symphony classical RCA 63 even with somewhat dated sound, unsurpassed intensity LP 5

Beethoven Piano Concerto #4 Erich Leinsdorf & Rubinstein Boston Symphony classical RCA 65

Beethoven Moonlight And Pathetque Sonatas Ludwig Hoffman
classical Alshire 67

Beethoven Missa Solemnis John Eliot Gardner Monteverdi Choir, Eng. Baroque classical Archiv 90
CD 4

Beethoven Symphony # 9 Bernstein Combined classical DGG 90 live and thrilling CD 5

Ben-Susan, Pierre Pres De Paris

world Rounder 75 pleasant but not deep CS 3

Ben-Susan, Pierre Solilai

world Rounder 81 pretty sappy for the most part CS 2

Ben-Susan, Pierre Two

folk Rounder 93 French, new age CD 5

Benatar, Pat In The Heat Of The Night

rock Chrysalis 79
LP 4

Benatar, Pat Crime Of Passion

rock Chrysalis 80
LP 4

Benatar, Pat Precious Time

rock Chrysalis 81
LP 4

Benatar, Pat Live From Earth

rock Chrysalis 83
LP 5

Benatar, Pat Synchronistic Wanderings

rock Chrysalis 99 3-disk anthology, 1979-99; from the great to the mundane CD 3

Bernstein, Leonard Age Of Anxiety Bernstein & Philippe Entremont New York Philharmonic classical Columbia
grating LP 2

Bernstein, Leonard Mass Bernstein Kennedy Center classical Columbia
2 records; original cast; rough but haunting LP 5

Bernstein, Leonard Kaddish, Smphony #3 And Chichester Psalms Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Sony 98 recorded 1964 & 1965 CD 4

Big Brother & Holding Company Cheap Thrills Janis Joplin
rock Columbia 67 worn pressing LP 5

Big Brother & Holding Company Cheap Thrills Janis Joplin
rock Columbia 67 cd sound favors the band, as did the live performance I remember CD 5

Bingen, Hidegard Von A Feather On The Breath Of God Chirstopher Page Gothic Voices classical Hyperion 84 described as lovely and meets the criterion CD 4

Bingen, Hildegard Von Canticles Of Ecstasy Barbara Thornton Sequentia classical Harmonia
CD 4

Bingen, Hildegard Von 11,000 Virgins Anonymous 4 Anonymous 4 classical Harmonia
97 lovely CD 4

Bingen, Hildegard Von Ordo Virtutum Barbara Thornton Sequentia classical DHM 98 double CD CD 4

Bjork Vespartine

world Elektra 01 weird but good, icelandic origin spacey cutting edge soprano CD 3

Black, Mary Shine

rock Curb 97 dangerously close to shlocky at times, but wears well; superb covers of Richard Thompson and David Gray; much punchier than her other work CD 5

Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game

Folk Young God 08 acoustic 12 string guitar inspired by the Takoma classics CD 3 Bill Boyd, radiofreeutah.org 8/25/2009
Blind Faith Blind Faith

Rock Polydor 69/01 Clapton, Winwood, Baker, Grech utterly classic CD 5
Block, Rory When a woman gets the blues

blues Rounder 95 autographed, acoustic CD 4

Blondie parallel lines

rock Chrysalis 78 rocks cd 4
Blondie Autoamerican

rock Chrysalis 80
LP 3

Blondie Best Of Blondie

rock Chrysalis 81
LP 3

Blondie Best Of Blondie

rock Chrysalis 81 great song about Martians TP 3

Bloomfield, Cooper, Stills Super Session

rock Columbia 66 date is a guess LP 4

Blue Oyster Cult Don't fear the reaper

Rock Sony 02 $5 compilation from the 70s; title cut has memorable riffs, but like the rest, at best unsettling lyrics if one pays attention to detail CD 3
Bock, Jerry & S. Harnick Fiorello!

broadway Capitol 59 still a favorite, beginning with being in H.S. stage band for it LP 4

Boiled In Lead From The Ladle To The Grave

world Omnium 89 "celtodelic"; weird bluegrass, harsh, but often good CD 3

Boiled In Lead Alloy

world Omnium 98 upbeat bluegrass; a compliation; some pretty weird (puking in the heather.. CD 4

Boine, Mari Remixed

world Northside 01 too faky electric, with better exceptions CD 2

Boine, Mari Eight seasons

world Northside 02 Sami updated CD 4
Boine, Mari & Leahkastin

World Sonet 94 brought from Inari, Finland; haunting Sami singing, with deep bass & drums CD 5

Braheny, Kevin Perelandra

space Heartsospace 84 eminently forgettable electronic diddling TP 2

Brahms & Beethoven Trio In E-Flat & Sonata For Horn And Piano Babin, Eger, Szeryng
classical RCA


Bream, Julian Julian Bream Plays Bach

classical Westminster 83 the master of the classical guitar TP 4

Bream, Julian Ultimate Guitar Collection

classical Rca 96 2 cds from 1959 to 1983 from Vivaldi to Rodrigo, lute and guitar CD 4

Brewer & Shipley Tarkio

rock Kama Sutra 70 b side is a bad pressing of a good product LP 4

Britten, Benjamin War Requiem Britten London Symphony & Bach Choir classical London 63 original performance CD 4

Brockett, Jamie remember the wind and the rain

folk Collectors Choice 71 amazing 14 min. song about Jack Johnson and the Titanic; rest is awful CD 2
Bromberg, David Try Me one more time

folk Appleseed 07 still a great acoustic picker, who has paid very close attention to the blues, although his voice can be less than comfortable at moments CD 4
Bromberg, David Bromberg, David

folk Columbia 71 another great picker's first LP 4

Bromberg, David & Band Midnight On The Water

country Columbia 75
LP 3

Bromberg, David & Band Bandit In A Bathing Suit

country Fantasy 78
LP 3

Brown, Junior Long Walk Back

country Curb 98 from KRCL, not his best but still has good guit-steel riffs CD 3

Browne, Jackson Time the conqueror

rock Inside 08 drums of war sounded good on the radio, but result is just so-so, too sweet and incoherent CD 3
Browne, Jackson Saturate Before Using

rock Asylum 72 does have the original "my opening farewell" CD 3

Browne, Jackson Late For The Sky

rock Asylum 74 "let the music..." CD 4

Browne, Jackson Running On Empty

rock Asylum 77 live, before the cocaine got to him LP 5

Browne, Jackson Hold Out

rock Asylum 80
LP 3

Browne, Jackson Lawyers In Love

rock Elektra 83
TP 4

Brubeck, Dave--New Quartet A Cut Above

jazz Direct 78 with his sons, a 2 record limited edition, direct to disk LP 3

Brubeck, Dave--Quartet Time Out

jazz Columbia
the best of the fifties LP 5

Bruni, Carla Quelqu'un M'a Dit

Rock naive 02 song played by Sabra = L'excessive; by Dave the title ****+; upon listening to the whole, pleasant ear candy from eye candy CD 3
Buckethead Electric tears

rock ripped 03 from San Francisco, courtesy of George Post, not terribly memorable CD 3

Buckingham, L. & Nicks, S. Buckingham Nicks

rock Polydor 73 before Fleetwood Mac LP 4

Buffalo Springfield Retrospective

rock Atco 69 a best of collection; classic rock CD 4

Buffet, Jimmy A White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacean

country MCA 73 mixed quality TP 3

Buffet, Jimmy A-1-A

country MCA 74 the origin of margaritaville TP 5

Buffet, Jimmy Living And Dying In 3/4 Time

country Dunhill 74
LP 4

Buffet, Jimmy Son Of A Son Of A Sailor

country MCA 78 still enjoyable after a great many listenings TP 4

Buffet, Jimmy Before The Salt

country Barnaby 79 2 record rerelease of proof that the very good didn't start that way LP 2

Bukkene Bruse The loveliest Rose

Nordic Northside 01 traditional Norwegian Christmas, recorded in Oslo church CD 4
Bukkene Bruse The Stone Chair

Nordic Northside 99 traditional and orginal Norwegian, annbjorg lien on fiddle lead CD 5

Byrd, William Byrd edition 7; prospers for Lady Mass Andrew Carwood Cardinall's Musick classical ASV 01 nice CD 4

Byrd, William Music Of The High Renaissance Grayston Burgess Purcell Consort Of Voices classical Allegro 85 pleasant background TP 4

Byrd, William The Great Service Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 87 their classically pure sound CD 4

Byrds Best Of The Byrds

rock CBS 73 short extract of good stuff TP 4

Byrds, The Mr. Tambourine Man

rock Columbia 65
LP 4

Byrds, The Turn Turn Turn

rock Columbia 65
LP 4

Byrds, The Fifth Dimension

rock Columbia 66
LP 4

Byrds, The Younger Than Yesterday

rock Columbia 66
LP 4

Byrds, The The Notorious Byrd Brothers

rock Columbia 67 the positive side of fuzzy LP 5

Byrds, The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo

rock Columbia 68 not as good as remembered, but fun notes and additions on reissue CD 3

Byrds, The The Ballad Of Easy Rider

rock Columbia 69
LP 3

California Guitar Trio Invitation

folk Discipline 94 Toccata and Fugue in D minor arranged from Bach is *****; rest inconsistent CD 3

Canned Heat Boogie With Canned Heat

rock Liberty 67
LP 3

Carlos, Walter Switched On Bach

classical Columbia

LP 3

Carpenter, Mary Chapin State Of The Heart

country Columbia 89 "this shirt" and "mary's land" are 5s TP 4

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Shooting Straight In The Dark

country Columbia 90
CD 4

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On Come On

country Sony 92
CD 5

Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones In The Road

country Sony 94 softer and a little less bright, but still satisfies CD 4

Cash, Johnny American III: Solitary Man

folk American 00 acoustic, with some first-class help CD 4

Cash, Johnny Mean As Hell

country Columbia 65 mono LP 3

Cash, Johnny Country Music

country Time-Life 81 very short rerelease of key old hits LP 3

Caswell, C. & Carnahan, D. New Leaves On An Old Tree

celtic Kicking Mule 81
LP 3

Cat Power you are free

Rock matador 03 this one wears well, despite a repetitive piano; soft for rock CD 4
Celestial Navigations Chapter 2

other Nouveau 89 these are stories that must be listened to CD 4

Chapman, Tracy Tracy Chapman

blues Elektra 88 heard first at Squatter's in SLC; gently edgy CD 4

Chapman, Tracy New beginning

blues Elektra 95 pleasant CD 3

Charpentier, M.A. Idyle En Musique William Christie Les Arts Florissants classical Harmonia
82 part of "au plaisir du roy, music at the court of louis xiv" 3 disk box set CD 4

Chieftans Down The Old Plank Road - The Nashville Sessions

folk Rca 02 with a variety of "locals", country/irish fun CD 4

Chieftans An Irish Evening

folk RCA 92 with Roger Daltry and Nanci Griffith CD 4

Chieftans Long Black Veil

folk Rca 95 with mick jagger, van morrison, ry cooder, sinead o'conner CD 4

Chieftans Tears Of Stone

world Rca 99 highly variable; various pop females accompany CD 3

Chopin Chopin Waltzes Artur Rubinstein
classical RCA 64

Christmas Christmas At Home Various Various folk Capitol
features the lettermen LP 2

Christmas The Many Moods Of Christmas Robert Shaw Robert Shaw Chorale folk RCA 63
LP 3

Christmas Now Make We Merthe Grayston Burgess Purcell Consort Of Voices classical Decca 68

Christmas A Medieval Christmas Joel Cohen The Boston Camerata classical Nonesuch 75

Christmas The Second Nowell, Vol. 2

folk Front Hall 81 tony roberts, tony barrand, fred breunig, steve woodruff live from N.E. LP 3

Christmas Nowell Sing We Clear, Vol. 3

folk Front Hall 85 tony roberts, tony barrand, fred breunig, steve woodruff live from N.E. LP 3

Christmas The Best Loved Carols Anonymous London Symphony folk Hallmark 85
LP 2

Clannad Rogha: The Best Of Clannad

world Rca 97 cuts with enya are excellent, rest is too pop CD 2

Clapton, Eric 461 Ocean Boulevard

rock Rso 74
LP 4

Clark, Guy Old No. 1

country RCA 75 this defines my kind of country LP 5

Clark, Guy Texas Cookin'

country RCA 76
LP 4

Clark, Guy Guy Clark

country Warner 78 too many fools LP 3

Clark, Guy Boats To Build

country Elektra 92 definitive Texan's progress, though a bit short for a cd CD 4

Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup

country Sugar Hill 99 acoustic goodies, perfectly picked and sung CD 4

clash, the london calling

rock epic 79 raw but very interesting cd 4
Cochran, Mickey Wisdom of the Wood

Folk Mystic West 10 12 string guitar, an Internet gamble CD 2
Cockburn, Bruce Nothing But A Burning Light

rock Columbia 91 this will stand up over time CD 5

Cockburn, Bruce Dart To The Heart

rock Columbia 94
CD 4

Cockburn, Bruce Charity Of Night

rock Ryko 96 "night train" is a 5, and the whole is close CD 4

Cockburn, Bruce Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu

rock Ryko 99 downgraded for one dubious cut (with Margo Timmins!); mostly very good CD 4

Coe, David Allen Once Upon A Rhyme

country Columbia 75 the mysterious rhinestone cowboy at his best LP 4

Coe, David Allen Hello In There

country Columbia 83
LP 3

Cohen, Leonard Live In London

Folk/Rock Sony 09 superb revisitations of masterpieces by the master and musical peers, beautifully photographed as well as recorded, enjoyable despite one tasteless bit of ignorant politicing DVD 5 Bill Boyd, radiofreeutah.org 7/30/2009
Cohen, Leonard The Best Of

folk CBS 75 the man who helped make the '60s work CD 5

Cohen, Leonard Live

rock Columbia 94 the man who helped make the '60s work getting even better CD 5

Collins, Judy Maid of constant sorrow/Golden Apples of the sun

folk Wildflower 01 remastered from her 1961 & 1962 first 2 lps with a nice booklet CD 4
Collins, Judy Portrait of an American Girl

Folk Wildflower 05 generally too studied and careful, but that s not always bad CD 3
Collins, Judy #3

folk Elektra 63 this is folk! LP 5

Collins, Judy The Judy Collins Concert

folk Elektra 64
LP 4

Collins, Judy Fifth Album

folk Elektra 65 better still LP 5

Collins, Judy Fifth Album

folk Elektra 65
LP 5

Collins, Judy In My Life

folk Elektra 66 arranged by Joshua Rifkin; an absolute core collection, always satisfying LP 5

Collins, Judy In My Life

folk Elektra 66 arranged by Joshua Rifkin; an absolute core collection, always satisfying LP 5

Collins, Judy Wildflowers

folk Elektra 67 arranged by Joshua Rifkin LP 5

Collins, Judy Wildflowers

folk Elektra 67 arranged by Joshua Rifkin LP 5

Collins, Judy Who Knows Where The Time Goes

rock Elektra 68 with steven stills LP 5

Collins, Judy Who Knows Where The Time Goes

rock Elektra 68 with steven stills LP 5

Collins, Judy Living

rock Elektra 71
LP 4

Collins, Judy Living

rock Elektra 71
LP 4

Collins, Judy Colors Of The Day: Best Of Judy Collins

folk Elektra 73 short extract of good stuff TP 4

Collins, Judy True Stories And Other Dreams

rock Elektra 73 starts the softening LP 4

Collins, Judy Judith

country Elektra 75
LP 5

Collins, Judy Hard Times For Lovers

broadway Elektra 79 not all bad LP 2

Collins, Judy Running For My Life

rock Elektra 80 inconsistent LP 4

Collins, Judy In My Life

folk Elektra 88 without the skips, but surprisingly little improvement in sound quality CD 5
Colter, Jessi I'm Jessi Colter

country Capitol 75
LP 3

Colvin, Shawn Steady On

rock Columbia 89 individually the songs are powerful, together they continue to grow, damaged only by a stupidly included drum machine on some cuts TP 5

Colvin, Shawn Fat City

rock Columbia 92 one song, "set the prairie on fire", is a 5+ CD 3

Colvin, Shawn Live '88

folk Plump 95 acoustic CD 4

commander cody lost in the ozone

rock MCA 71 includes stems and seeds again cd 4
Cooder, Ry Geronimo, An American Legend

space Columbia 93 movie soundtrack CD 4

Cook, Elizabeth Welder

Rock 31 Tigers 10 El Camino - what a beat!; Girlfriend Tonight is a fine tear-jerker CD 4 ufm, Bill Boyd 7/16/2010
Copland, Aaron Billy The Kid & Rodeo Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia 60
LP 3

Copland, Aaron Appalachian Spring, El Salon Mexico, Music From The Theater Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia 62 i've been to heaven while listening to this recording LP 5

Copland, Aaron Symphony #3; Symphony For Organ And Orchestra Bernstein, L. And Biggs, E.P. N Y Philharmonic classical Sony 67 fanfare for the common man is exquisite, rest just good CD 4

Copland, Shameka Deluxe Edition

blues Alligator 11 good urban blues CD 4
Corelli, Archangelo Concerto Grossi, Op. 6
I Musici classical Philips 94 double CD; excellent music, exquisitely played, every note gets care CD 5

Cornysh, William Stabat Matar Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 88 their classically pure sound CD 4

Cowboy Junkies Open

rock Latent 01 too jazzy in the negative sense CD 3

Cowboy Junkies One soul now

rock Latent 04 not their best, but still better than in a while CD 4
Cowboy Junkies Long Journey Home

rock zoe 06 live in Liverpool; as good as they used to be (harder) CD 4
Cowboy Junkies Long Journey Home

rock zoe 06 live in Liverpool; as good as they used to be, though the DVD version sometimes feels a bit long, not being thrillingly photographed DVD 4
Cowboy Junkies At the end of paths taken

Rock Zoe/latent 07 returning to their rock roots; one of the few ever to have good songs about their own kids CD 4
Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited

rock ZOE 08 fascinating remake of a classic, with Natalie Merchant duetting on misguided angel ; the DVD makes musical choices clearer CD 4
Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited

rock ZOE 08 fascinating remake of a classic, with Natalie Merchant duetting on misguided angel ; beautifully shot in the chapel of the original DVD 4
Cowboy Junkies Whites Off Earth Now

rock RCA 86 early, but good CD 4

Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sesson

rock RCA 88 it doesn't get any better than this CD 5

Cowboy Junkies Caution Horses

rock BMG 90 soft seeming but hard edged; few better for repeated listening CD 5

Cowboy Junkies Black Eyed Man

rock RCA 92 margo timmins voice melts down to my soul CD 4

Cowboy Junkies Crescent Moon

rock RCA 93 margo timmins voice melts down to my soul CD 4

Cowboy Junkies Pale Sun Crescent Moon

rock RCA 93 the one the NYer described as their having discovered caffein CD 4

Cowboy Junkies 200 More Miles

rock RCA 95 double live CD 4

Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down

rock Geffen 96 another that grows with repeated listening CD 5

Cowboy Junkies Miles From Our Home

rock Geffen 98 mixed quality, still satisfying despite a bit of shlock CD 3

Cowboy Junkies Rarities, B-Sides, And Slow Sad Waltzes

rock Latent 99 having fun CD 4

Coyote Oldman Night Forest

world PerfectPitch 86 native american flute TP 3

Coyote Oldman Landscape

space PerfectPitch 88 native american flute and pan pipes TP 3

Cream Disraeli Gears

rock Atco 67
LP 4

Cream Fresh Cream

rock Atco 67
LP 4

Cream Wheels Of Fire

rock Atco 68 double LP 4

Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country

rock Fantasy 67
LP 5

Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River

rock Fantasy 68
LP 4

Crosby And Nash Whistling Down The Wire

rock Abc 76 2/3s was not enough LP 3

Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash

rock Atlantic 69 justifyably classic LP 5

Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash

rock Atlantic 69 justifyably classic LP 5

Crosby, Stills & Nash Deja Vu

rock Atlantic 70 with Garcia on steel LP 5

Crosby, Stills & Nash CSN

rock Atlantic 77 Cathedral LP 5

Crosby, Stills & Nash Daylight Again

rock Atlantic 82 side 1 is a 5, especially Southern Cross LP 4

Davis, Guy Give in kind

Blues Red House 02 autographed, softer kind of blues CD 4
Davis, Ken Daintree Dreamtime

world Inspired
australian ambient, imported by Melissa, soft background CD 3

De Grassi, Alex Turning: Turning Back

space Windham Hill 78 pleasant background solo guitar TP 3

De Grassi, Alex Slow Circle

space Windham 79 pleasant guitar LP 3

De Grassi, Alex Clockwork

space Windham Hill 81 pleasant background solo guitar TP 3

De Grassi, Alex Southern Exposure

space Windham Hill 83 pleasant background solo guitar TP 3

De Machault, Guillaume La Messe De Nostre Dame & Motetten Konrad Ruhland Capella Antiqa Munchen classical Teldec 70
LP 3

De Machaut, Guillaume La Messe De Nostre Dame & 9 Secular Works August Wensinger Mitglieder Der Shola Cantorum classical Archiv

LP 4

De Machaut, Guillaume Guillaume De Machaut And His Age David Munrow Early Music Consort Of London classical EMI 73

De Paul, G. & Johnny Mercer Li'l Abner

broadway Columbia 56 we did just about as well in our senior play; fond memories LP 3

Dead Can Dance A Passage In Time

space Rykodisc 91 compilation from the past plus a couple of new ones CD 4

Dead Can Dance Toward The Within

space 4AD 94 their own movie soundtrack, live CD 4

Debussy Children's Corner Suite & Suite Bergamasque Walter Gieseking
classical Columbia
piano LP

Debussy; Dukas; Ravel;Chabrier P.M. Faun Prelude; Sorcerer Apprentice; Bolero; Espana Edouard Van Remoortel Wiener Symphoniker classical Vox


Deep Forest Deep Forest

space Celine 92 very pleasant background stuff with a pymgy theme CD 4

Deep Forest Boheme

space Epic 95 disappointing follow-up, but still listenable CD 3

Deep Purple The Best Of Deep Purple

rock Creative
pirate somewhat better sound version of 60's favorites CD 5

Deep Purple The Book Of Taliesyn

rock Tetragramm 68 poorly pressed LP 4

Deep Purple In Rock

rock Warner 70 old but good CD 4

Deep Purple The Best Of Deep Purple

rock Scepter 72 terrible quality repressing of a 60's favorite LP 4

Deep Purple Nobody's Perfect

rock Mercury 88 concert replay of noisy old favorites TP 4

Delalande, Michrl-Richard Symphonies Pour Les Soupers Du Roy Hugo Reyne La Simphonie Du Marais classical Harmonia
90 part of "au plaisir du roy, music at the court of louis xiv", fun sound CD 4

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends On Tour With Eric Clapton

rock Atco 70 my wife hates this one LP 4

Den Fule Quake

World Northside 94 somewhat inconsistent Swedish fun, but still worthwhile listening CD 3
Denny, Sandy No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology

folk A&M 20 double; range-near perfect to disappointing, much Richard Thompson CD 4

Derek And The Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs

rock Rso 72 double disk, mediocre pressing LP 4

Desmond, Paul cool imagination

jazz bluebird 02 early '60s cool sax, without Brubeck CD 3

Dire Straits Brothers In Arms

rock Warner 85 not their best; does have money for nothing CD 3

Do'a Ornament Of Hope

space Philo 79 guitar and flute LP 4

Do'a Ancient Beauty

world Philo 81
LP 4

Doors, The Strange Days

rock Elektra 67
LP 4

Doors, The The Doors

rock Elektra 67 popular, but where would our minds be without it? LP 5

Doors, The Waiting For The Sun

rock Elektra 68
LP 5

Doors, The Morrison Hotel

rock Elektra 70
CD 4

Doors, The L. A. Woman

rock Elektra 71 has Riders on the Storm CD 5

Dowland, John Lute Music Of John Dowland Julian Bream Solo Lute classical RCA 76
LP 4

Dowland, John Complete Lute Works, Vol. 1 O'dette, Paul
classical Harmonia
94 very pleasant, a bit of background noise CD 4

Dowland, John Complete Lute Works, Vol. 2

classical Harmonia
96 very pleasant, a bit of background noise CD 4

Dowland, John Complete Lute Works, Vol. 3 O'dette, Paul
classical Harmonia
96 very pleasant, a bit of background noise CD 4

Dowland, John Complete Lute Works, Vol. 4 O'dette, Paul
classical Harmonia
96 very pleasant, a bit of background noise CD 4

Dowland, John Complete Lute Works, Vol. 5 O'dette, Paul
classical Harmonia
97 very pleasant, with less background noise CD 4

Dowland; East; Holborne Metaphysical Tobacco M. Morrow & G. Burgess Musica Reservata; Purcell Cons classical Decca 68
LP 4

Dufay, Guillaume Missa Puisque je vis Andrew Kirkman Binchois Consort classical Hyperion 02 with a bit of Loyset Compere and anon. CD 4

Dufay, Guillaume Missa Ecce Ancilla Domini, Motets & Chansons Alexander Blachly Pomerium Musices classical Nonesuch 79
LP 4

Dufay, Guillaume & Anon. Voices Of The Middle Ages Konrad Ruhland Capella Antiqua classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Duphly, Jacques Harpsichord music Katherine Roberts Perl
classical Dorian 96
CD 3
Dvorak Symphony No. 5, From The New World Karel Ancerl Czech Philharmonic classical Parliament


Dvorak; Tchaikovsky; Others Humoresque Leonard Pennario Solo Piano classical RCA 64 miscellaneous short pieces LP 3

Dylan, Bob Blonde On Blonde

rock Columbia 65 reiusse of a classic CD 5

Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home

rock Columbia 65
LP 5

Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Revisited

rock Columbia 65 mono, unfortunately; desolation row duet with Bloomfield needs stereo LP 5

Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Revisited

rock Columbia 65 2003 reissue has the separation needed for the title song, but sound is harsher... CD 5
Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

rock Columbia 68 work better grouped elsewise LP 3

Dylan, Bob John Wesley Harding

rock Columbia 68
LP 4

Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline

country Columbia 69
LP 4

Dylan, Bob Blood On The Tracks

rock Columbia 74 the subtle climax LP 5

Dylan, Bob Desire

rock Columbia 75 old album, but unsurpassed, with EmmyLou Harris CD 5

Dylan, Bob Saved

rock Columbia 80 a conversion that did not work LP 1

Dylan, Bob 30th Anniversary Celebration

rock Columbia 93 the Bobfest tribute: young, clapton, petty, vedder, cash, winter, etc. CD 5

Dylan, Bob Live 1966

folk Columbia 98 first disk, acoustic, is wonderful, 2nd elctric, + the band historic only CD 4

Dylan, Bob & The Band Before The Flood

rock Asylum 74 double, live, works only if listened wholly to, not as background LP 4

Earle, Steve Live from Austin

Country New West 04 from 1986 Austin City Limits; defines alt-country CD 4
Earle, Steve Copperhead Road

country Uni 88 intense CD 5

Earle, Steve El Corazon

country Warner 97 a pastiche of styles, but a good one CD 4

El Din, Hamza A wish

world Sounds True 99 Nubian oud, with help, wears well CD 4

Electric Prunes I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

rock Rhino 67 2000 rerelease, a couple of goodies, and several awfulties CD 2

Electric Prunes Mass In F Minor

rock Rhino 68 2000 rerelease, not as good as remembered, but still interesting CD 3

Elliot, Rambing Jack Me And Bobby Mcgee

folk Rounder 95 double reissue from the '60's and '70's CD 4

Elliot, Rambling Jack Friends Of Mine

folk Hightone 98 with help from an all star cast CD 4

Ellman, Yvonne Night Flight

rock Rso 77 she backed Clapton up on 461 and was Magdalen in J.C. Superstar LP 3


rock Virgin 90 fun stuff, rock/sex overlaid over monasic background CD 4

Enya A Day Without Rain

space Reprise 00 too often crosses the border from space into shlock CD 2

Enya Watermark

space Reprise 88 orinoco flow haunted me for years CD 5

Enya The Celts

space Reprise 92
CD 4

Enya The Memory Of Trees

space Reprise 95
CD 4

Etheridge, Melissa the concert for New York City

Rock Columbia 01 the rating is only for her acoustic cover of Springsteen s Born to Run ; the rest of the 2 disks are mostly awful stuff from others CD 5
Etheridge, Melissa Fearless Love

Rock Island 10 mostly too consistently loud, but incindiary lyrics and still far more satsifying than most new music these days CD 4 ufm, Jolene 5/21/2010
Etheridge, Melissa Brave And Crazy

country Island 89 this one wears well CD 4

Etheridge, Melissa Never Enough

rock Island 92 erotic CD 5

Fahey, John Volume 2: Death Chants, Breakdowns, & Military Waltzes

space Takoma 67 the guy who taught Leo Kottke how to play guitar... LP 4

Fahey, John Volume 3: The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorities

space Takoma 67
LP 3

Fahey, John God, Time and Causality

folk Shanachie 89 bought used, good but not sparkling CD 3
Fairport Convention Meet on the Ledge: the classic Years

folk A&M 99 double disk, selections from 1967-75; some overlap with Thompson and Denny collections; still pleasant and interesting, if uneven and sometimes rough CD 3
Faithful, Marianne Before the poison

Rock Naive 04 with P J Harvey, but cutout, and deservedly; her gravelly voice is listenable to, but nothing memorable here CD 3
Farina, Richard And Mimi The Best Of

folk Vanguard 68 Reflections on a crystal wind, plus; 1988 cd reissue CD 5

Faryar, Cyrus The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds Mort Garson
space Elektra 67 "must be played in the dark": at the heart of the sixties LP 3

Fescobaldi, Girolamo Il Primo Libro Di Capricci John Butt Organ classical Harmonia
96 inadequate practice for good music CD 2

Fever Tree san francisco girls

rock Gear Fab 03 from 1968, title song is a 5, well remembered from 714 Remington, rest is mediocre CD 2

Fiedler, Arthur Pops Stoppers Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops classical RCA 59 includes sousa and falla LP 3

Finland Finlandia - a festival of Finnish music Osmo Vanska Lahti Symphony classical BIS 92 Sibelius, Rautavaara, Raito, Englund, Krohn, Klami, Kajanus, Pacius CD 3

Fisk, Eliot Vivaldi Concerti And Other Works
Orchestra Of St. Luke's classical Musicmasters 93 guitar and harpsichord, both well-played CD 4

Flatlanders, The Now Again

country New West 02 jimmie dale gilmore, butch hancock, joe ely reunited; texas style CD 4

Flatlanders, The Hills And Valleys

country New West 09 Homeland Refugee is a great song in all senses, with lyrics reversing dust bowl moves CD 4
Fleetwood Mac Heroes Are Hard To Find

rock Reprise 74 just before buckingham/nicks joined LP 3

Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac

rock Warner 75 original master repressing by mobile fidelity LP 4

Fleetwood Mac Rumors

rock Warner 77
LP 4

Fleetwood Mac Tusk

rock Warner 79
LP 4

Fleetwood Mac Tusk

rock Warner 79
LP 4

Fleetwood Mac Live

rock Warner 80 double, this has the grit the studio stuff didn't: final solo is a 6 LP 5

Fleetwood Mac Mirage

rock Warner 82 buckingham losing it LP 3

Fleetwood Mac The Collection Part One

rock Castle 87 selections from 1968 to 1973 TP 3

Fleetwood Mac The Dance

rock Reprise 97 Buckingham et al. back together, live, without improvement with age CD 3

Fleetwood, Mick The Visitor

world RCA 81 mick in africa LP 3

Floridis, John The Dance Of Apollo

folk Glacial 01 instrumental folk guitar at its best CD 5

Fogelberg, Dan Home Free

rock CBS 72
LP 3

Fogelberg, Dan Souvenirs

rock Epic 74
LP 3

Fogelberg, Dan Captured Angel

rock Epic 75
LP 3

Fogelberg, Dan Phoenix

rock Epic 79
LP 3

Fogelberg, Dan The Innocent Age

rock Epic 81 double LP 5

Fogerty, John Blue Moon Swamp

rock Warner 97 grew to be a favorite with repeated listening CD 5

Fogerty, John Premonition

rock Reprise 98 sort of live; my wife says it does slither CD 4

Fraser And De Bolt With Pleasure

rock Columbia 73 an old friend's (jerry walsh) very favorite LP 3

Frescobaldi Primo Libro Dei Madrigali Rinaldo Alessandrini Concerto Italiano classical Opus 111 95 lovely CD 4

Frey, Glenn The Allnighter

rock MCA 84 lone eagle TP 3

Friedman, Kinky Sold American

folk Vanguard 73 great memories, but rough and uneven; ballad of Charles Whitman still great, though CD 3

Frost, Robert Robert Frost Reads The Poems Of Robert Frost

poetry Decca


Fugs final CD (part 1)

folk ATM 03 go down congress ...; still funny, and better musically, but not for regular listening CD 3
Fugs The Fugs First Album

folk Broadside 65 New York at its crazy best LP 5

Fugs The Fugs

folk Esp 66 rude and crude but great fun LP 4

fuller, Albert Bach & Rameau for Harpsichord

classical Reference 02 double; Rameau Pieces de clavecin, suite in A; Bach Italian concerto, French suite... CD 3
Gabriel, Peter Passion-The Last Temptation Of Christ

world Geffen 89 neat blend for what was a soundtrack CD 4

Gabrieli, Giovanni Processional And Ceremonial Music Edmond Appia Gabrieli Festival classical Vanguard 57
LP 4

Gabrieli; Frescobaldi; Etc. Renaissance Music For Brass Gabriel Masson Brass Ensemble classical Nonesuch

LP 4

Gabrielli, Giovanni Antiphonal Music Brass Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelph classical Masterwork 69 rerelease of a spectacular CD 4

Gabrielli, Giovanni Music Of
Empire Brass classical Telarc 89
CD 4

Gabrielli, Giovanni Music For San Rocco 1608 Paul McCreesh Gabrielli Consort classical Archiv 96 rated superb in the NY'er, and is CD 5

Garbarek, Jan Officium Novum
Hilliard Ensemble World ECM 09 Interesting and pleasant, but somewhat uneven CD 3
Garbarek, Jan Officium
Hilliard Ensemble Classical ECM 94 lovely mix of saxophone over medieval CD 4
Garbarek, Jan Rites

world ECM 98 double, bought in Norway, heard at Nordkapp chapel, part with beat is good CD 4

Garcia, Jerry Garcia

rock Warner 72 it doesn't get any better than this LP 5

Garcia, Jerry Garcia

rock Rounder 74
LP 4

Garcia, Jerry Reflections

rock Round 76
LP 4

Garcia, Jerry And Band Cats Under The Stars

rock Arista 78 Rhapsody in red, on Grosvenor Square. LP 5

Garcia, Jerry And Band Jerry Garcia Band

rock Arista 91 double, with Dylan's "simple twist of fate", not bad for a dying man TP 4

Garmarna Hildegard Von Bingen

world Northside 01 swedes turning the medieval into rock CD 4

Garmarna Garmarna

world Northside 93 swedish traditional carried forward into rock, remastered in 2001 CD 4

Garmarna Vittrad

world Omnium 94 swedish traditional carried forward into rock CD 4

Garmarna Gods Musicians

world Omnium 96 swedish traditional carried forward into rock CD 4

Garmarna Vengeance

world Northside 99 swedish hard rock from hard traditional stories CD 4

Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue; An American In Paris Wm. Steinberg & J. M. Sanroma Pittsburg Symphony classical Everest 60

Gershwin, Grofe Rhapsody In Blue; An American In Paris; Grand Canyon Suite Leonard Bernstein Columbia, NY classical CBS 59 bernstein on piano is unequalled for jazz feeling, clear 98 reissue CD 5

Gjallarhorn Sjofn

world NorthSide 00 as beautiful as its naked woman cover; rocks with hints of the past CD 5

Gjallarhorn Grimborg

world NorthSide 02 dreamy finnish/swedish CD 4

Godchaux, Keith And Donna Keith And Donna

rock Round 75 THE rendition of river deep, mountain high; with Jerry Garcia LP 4

Gogol Bordello Trans-Continental Hustle

Rock American 10 the Pogues meet Eastern Europe CD 3
Gold, Ernest Exodus

soundtrack RCA 60
LP 2

Gombert, Nicholas Missa Media Vita in Morte Sumus
Hiiliard Ensemble Classical ECM new Series 06 Gorgeous music, wonderfully played and recorded, from c. 1550; very peaceful listening CD 4 KUAT, Tuscon, on the Internet 7/30/2010
Goodman, Steve Steve Goodman

folk Buddah 71
LP 4

Goodman, Steve Somebody Elses Troubles

folk Buddah 72
LP 5

Gorecki, Henry Symphony #3 Zinemann, David London Symphonietta classical Elektra 92 compelling when listened to carefully CD 5

Gov't Mule Live - With A Little Help From Our Friends

rock Capricorn 99 similar to the allman bros CD 4

Grainger; Rogers; Milhaud Winds In Hi-Fi: Lincolnshire Posy; Dances; Suite Francaise Frederick Fennell Eastman Wind Ensemble classical Mercury
a favorite in high school days LP 3

Grateful Dead Grateful Dead

Rock Warner 67 the one that started it, and my listening to them. they got much better. CD 3
Grateful Dead American Beauty

rock Warner 70 early definitive CD 5

Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead

country Warner 70 the dead go country LP 5

Grateful Dead Aoxomoxoa

rock Warner 71 fun for historical perspective CD 3

Grateful Dead Europe '72

rock Warner 72 triple LP 5

Grateful Dead History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)

rock Warner 73 some surprising acoustic and electric blues LP 5

Grateful Dead Wake Of The Flood

rock Grateful 73 difficult to play too often LP 5

Grateful Dead Mars Hotel

rock Gdm 74 classic CD 4

Grateful Dead Blues For Allah

rock Gdp 75 classic CD 5

Grateful Dead Go To Heaven

rock Arista 80
LP 4

Grateful Dead In The Dark

rock Arista 87 may be a 5 CD 4

Grateful Dead Dylan And The Dead

rock Columbia 89
CD 4

Grateful Dead Dozin At The Knick

rock Gdcd 90 3 disk late live, defintively chosen by phil lesh CD 4

Grateful Dead Without A Net

rock Arista 90 2 cds, live with Brent Mydland band version at their best CD 4

Grateful Dead Hundred Year Hall

rock Grateful 95 2 CD set of a 1972 concert in Germany CD 4

Green Linnet Records 25 Years Of Celtic Music

world Green Linnet 00 2 disks, retrospective for the label, various scottish and irish artists CD 4

Greezy Wheels Juz Loves Dem Ol' Greezy Wheels

country London 75 fun austin funk LP 3

Gregory (Sort Of) A Treasury Of Gregorian Chant, Vol. III Brother Mowrey Monks Of Abbey Of St. Thomas classical Vox


Gregory (Sort Of) Gregorian Chants-Good Friday Dom Joseph Gajard Monks Of St-Pierre De Solesmes classical London 60
LP 3

Grieg Piano Concerto; Music From Peer Gynt Gruner-Hegge & K. Baekkelund Oslo Philharmonic classical RCA-Victrola 64

Grieg -- Grant Johannesen Piano Concerto & Peer Gynt Suites Maurice Abravanel Utah Symphony classical Vox

TP 3

Griffin, Patty A Kiss in Time

folk ATO 03 wonderfully granular voice, live, with amusing little DVD CD 5

Griffin, Patty impossible dream

folk-rock ATO 04 studio with that great voice CD 4
Griffith, Nanci Clock Without Hands

country Elektra 01 "dickey chappelle" is powerful, like travelling about her ex; rest dubious CD 3

Griffith, Nanci Other Voices/Other Rooms

country Elektra 93 not her own stuff; interesting, but not routinely CD 4

Griffith, Nanci The MCA Years, A Retrospective

country MCA 93 a bit much at a time, but wonderful CD 5

Griffith, Nancy Other Voices, Too

folk Elektra 98 doing each other's stuff, with all sorts of great folks CD 4

Grofe & Beethoven Grand Canyon Suite; Wellington's Victory Morton Gould And His classical RCA 60 an early experiment with stereo sonic effects, it is fun LP 3

Groupa 15 years

World Northside 82/98 a traditional Swedish compliation CD 3
Hancock, Herbie Blow-Up

soundtrack MGM 65 includes a cut by the Yardbirds LP

Handel Water Music Suite & Royal Fireworks Anthony Benard London Symphony classical Everest


Handel Messiah Walter Susskind London Philharmonic classical Audio Spectr 58 3 records; from original manuscript LP

Handel Wassermusik Rafael Kubelik Berliner Philharmoniker classical DGG 61 michelle's favorite version LP 3

Handel Messiah Sir Colin Davis London classical Philips 66 particularly joyful CD 4

Handel Messiah Chritopher Keene Syracuse Symphony classical Private 75 3 records; proof that smaller cities can be good LP 4

Handel Messiah Robert Shaw Atlanta classical Telarc 84 precise, full, modern version CD 4

Handel, Etc. Deluxe Selector Various Various classical Vox
has a marvelous riu riu chiu and a 40 oboe cut from royal fireworks LP 4

Handel, G.F. Concerto Grosso, Op. 6 Christopher Hogwood Handel & Haydn Society classical L'oiseau Lyr 93 3 cds, pleasant, but have not yet grabbed me CD 3

Handel; Franck; Brahms; Etc. The Beloved Choruses, Vol. II E. Ormandy & R. Condie Philadelphia & Mormon Taberna. classical Columbia

LP 3

Harris, Emmylou All I intended to be

Americana Nonesuch 08 produced by Brian Ahern, and full of her past conspirators; too hymmy for K, but I like it CD 4
Harris, Emmylou Elite Hotel

country Reprise 75 okay, but not as great as I remembered CD 3

Harris, Emmylou Pieces Of The Sky

country Reprise 75 boulder to birmingham, her tribute to Gram Parsons, still tears me up LP 5

Harris, Emmylou Luxury Liner

country Warner 77 picking up power LP 5

Harris, Emmylou Blue Kentucky Girl

country Warner 79
LP 4

Harris, Emmylou Roses In The Snow

country Warner 80
LP 4

Harris, Emmylou Evangeline

country Warner 81
LP 4

Harris, Emmylou White Shoes

rock Warner 83 simply superb LP 5

Harris, Emmylou Duets

country Reprise 84 just lovely CD 4

Harris, Emmylou The Ballad Of Sally Rose

country Warner 85 her album as a story LP 5

Harris, Emmylou Bluebird

rock Reprise 88 ringing cover of "no regrets'; doesn t wear as well as I thought CD 3
Harris, Emmylou Cowgirl's Prayer

country Asylum 93 bought for "Jerusalem Tomorrow"; vintage Harris with one weak cut CD 4

Harris, Emmylou Spyboy

rock Eminent 98 live and really rocks CD 5

Harris, Emmylou Trio Two

rock Asylum 99 with linda ronstadt & dolly parton; some repitition of ronstadts "home" CD 4

Hart, Mickey Planet Drum

world Ryko 91 great example of what can be done with percussion alone CD 4

Hart, Mickey Planet Drum Supralingua

world Ryko 98 better in concept than execution, but still fun rhythms CD 3

Haydn, Joseph The Creation Gardiner, John Eliot English Baroque Soloists classical Archiv 96 2 cd set, clean and light CD 4

Heart Dreamboat Annie

rock Capitol 76 still repeatedly listenable after all the years LP 5

Heart Little Queen

rock Portrait 77
LP 5

Heart Little Queen

rock Portrait 77
TP 5

Heart Dog And Butterfly

rock Portrait 78
LP 3

Heart Magazine

rock Capitol 78
LP 3

Heart Bebe Le Strange

rock Epic 80 fuzzy sound on this tape, but still rocks well TP 3

Heart Private Audition

rock Epic 82
LP 4

Heart Passionworks

rock Epic 83 good, but not especially memorable TP 3

Heart Heart

rock Capitol 85 symbolic of our ears when getting back together LP 5

Heart Heart

rock Capitol 85 symbolic of our ears when getting back together TP 5

Heart Bad Animals

rock Capitol 87
LP 3

Hedningarna Hedningarna

world Northside 89 swedish tradional livened up, remastered in 1999 CD 4

Hedningarna Kaksi

world Northside 92 swedish tradional livened up with Finnish female leads, remastered in 1998 CD 4

Hedningarna Tra

world Northside 94 swedish tradional livened up with Finnish female leads, remastered in 1998 CD 4

Hedningarna Hippjokk

world Northside 97 swedish tradional plus Sami jokker Wimme Saari leads CD 4

Hedningarna Karelia Visa

world Silence 99 finnish-karelian runosongs; good music and fascinating word sounds CD 4

Hendrix, Jimi Valley of Neptune

Rock Experience 10 from 1969 studio tapes CD 4 ufm, Jolene 5/21/2010
Herdman, Priscilla Darkness Into Light

folk Flying Fish 87 lovely voice and arrangements from a Hudson River lady TP 4

Hewitt; Ives; Paine; Chadwick Yankee Organ Music Richard Ellsasser Hammond Museum Organ classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Hiatt, John Perfectly Good Guitar

country A&M 93
CD 4

Highwaymen The Road Goes On Forever

country Liberty 94 (Nelson, Cash, Jennings, Kristofferson) CD 4

Hindemuth Symphonic Metamorphosis/Mathis Der Maler Levi, Joel Atlanta classical Telarc 89
CD 4

Hinojosa, Tish Culture Swing

world Rounder 92 Texas border stuff, just a bit whiny CD 3

Hirt, Al Pops Goes The Trumpet Arthur Fielder Boston Pops mixed RCA 64 thoroughly enjoyed in high school LP 2

Hirt, Al The Best Of Al Hirt

jazz RCA 65 more from high school days LP 2

Holly, buddy greatest hits

rock mca 95 much good old stuff here, but shows he was getting loungy at the end cd 3
Holst The Planets Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia 73
LP 4

Holst, Gustav The Planets Dutois Montreal classical London 87 best version heard so far CD 4
Holst; Bach; Handel Suite No. 1 & 2; Fantasia In G Minor; Royal Fireworks Frederick Fennell Cleveland Symphonic Winds classical Telarc 78 one of the first digital recordings, a wowser LP 5

Honegger, Arthur Symphonies 2 & #; Stravinsky Concerto In D Herbert Von Karajan Berliner Philharmoniker classical DGG 72

Hooker, John Lee John Lee Hooker

blues Everest
off 78s, so music is interesting but sound quality is poor LP 3

Hopkins, Lightnin' Complete Aladdin Recordings

blues EMI 46 poor job of remastering this double disk; still good music CD 2

Hopkins, Lightnin' Lighnin' Srikes

blues Everest 65 this IS the blues to me LP 5

Hopkins, Lightnin' Lightnin' Hopkins

blues Everest
from '78s of an old favorite LP 3

Hopkins, Lightnin' Dirty House Blues

blues Not NOw 10 50 nicely remastered cuts from the late 40s and early 50s CD 4
Hopkins, Lightning Texas Blues

blues Arhoole 94 selections from the sixties from the man who taught so many others CD 4

Hot Tuna Burgers

rock BMG 72 not their best, but still okay CD 3

Hot Tuna Pair A Dice Found

rock CBS 90 wears well CD 4

Hovhaness, Alan Symphonies #50 (Mt. St. Helens) & 22 (City Of Light) Schwartz, Gerald Seattle classical Delos 93
CD 4

Hubbard, Ray Wylie Growl

country Philo 03 basic Texas rock and roll e.g, "screw you, we're from Texas" CD 4

Hubbard, Ray Wylie Live At Cibolo Creek Country Club

country Misery 98 it does have "up against the wall"; autographed CD 4

Huit er borg og Baer Huit er borg og Baer

Nordic pirate ? Icelandic traditional Christmas, including Bjork at 13; gift download CD 2
Ian & Sylvia The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings

folk Vanguard 01 4 CD collection of the very best of '60's folk, wonderful in all senses CD 5

Ian And Sylvia Ian And Sylvia's Greatest Hits

folk Vanguard 82 we called this bluegrass in the '60s and it's still wonderful TP 5

Ian, Janis Best of: the Autobiography Collection

folk Rude Girl 08 a mixed lot, from the great to the mediocre, bought at her Logan concert CD 3
Inhoff, Ede Baroque Trumpet Concerti
Hungarian State Opera classical Lydian 92 Cazzati, Gabrielli, Purcell, Grossi, Telemann, Corelli, Handel CD 3

Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

rock Atco 68 the drum solo of those days... LP 3

Its A Beautiful Day Its A Beautiful Day

rock Sf Sound 67 classics, e.g. white bird , with inadequate liner notes, but great sound CD 5

James Gang Rides Again

Rock MCA 00 reissue of a favorite from 1970 and New Mexico; lead singer = Joe Walsh CD 4 Jim Anderson 6/18/2011
Janacek Sinfonetta; Lachian Dances; Taras Bulba Jose Serebrier Czech State Philharmonic classical Reference 95 hdcd excellent sound CD 4

Janis, Tim Along The Shore Of Acadia

space Authentic 96 gift from melissa, quiet but uninspired CD 2

Jarre, Jean Michael Oxygene

space dreyfus 76 pleasant cd 3
Jarret, Keith The Celestial Hawk Christopher Keene Syracuse Symphony classical + Ecm 80 dreamy piano crossover between classical and jazz LP 3

Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow

rock RCA 67 "to go on from here, words don't mean enough" LP 5

Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow

rock RCA 67
LP 5

Jefferson Airplane After bathing at Baxter's

rock BMG 68 2003 rerelease of a favorite that has retained its marvelous flavor CD 5

Jefferson Airplane Crown Of Creation

rock RCA 68 properly titled LP 5

Jennings And Nelson Waylon And Willie

country RCA 78
LP 4

Jennings, Waylon Lonesome, On'ry & Mean -- a tribute to Waylon Jennings

country Dualtone 03 various artists; Nancy Griffith, Robert Earl Keene, Dave Alvin do well; others less so CD 3

Jennings, Waylon Honky Tonk Heroes

country Time-Life 73 billy joe shaver songs LP 3

Jennings, Waylon Lonesome, On'ry & Mean

country RCA 73 has some true classic tracks LP 4

Jennings, Waylon Live

country RCA 74 2003 nicely remastered double, almost as good as I remember CD 4

Jennings, Waylon The Rambling Man

country RCA 74 rainy-day women and Amanda are 5s LP 4

Jennings, Waylon This Time

country RCA 74 mostly Willie's songs LP 5

Jennings, Waylon Dreaming My Dreams

country RCA 75 are you sure Hank done 'em this way... LP 4

Jennings, Waylon Ol' Waylon

country RCA 77 fading into cocaine LP 3

Jennings, Waylon Country Music

country Time-Life 81 grocery store retrospective LP 3

Johnson, Robert The Complete Recordings

blues Columbia 90 double, with alternate takes of the master from the '30s; truly great, but too much to listen through often CD 5

Jones, Rickie Lee Rickie Lee Jones

rock Warner 79 jazzy-rock that's tolerable LP 4

Joplin, Janis I Got Dem Old Kozmic Blues Again Mama!

rock Columbian 68 good voice, so-so support CD 3

Joplin, Janis Pearl

rock Columbia 69
CD 5

Joplin, Scott Piano Rags Joshua Rifkin Piano folk Elektra 87 well-played, but a bit cloying in bulk, too much regularity CD 3

Josquin Desprez Missa Faisant Regretz; Motteti de Passioni Edward Wickham Clerk's Group classical ASV-
02 very nice CD 4

Josquin Desprez Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae

classical Auvdis 97 top rated by the new yorker CD

Kaiser, Henry and Bailey, Derek Wireforks

Jazz Shanachie 95 gift from George Post, for whom Kaiser is a friend; guitar weirdness that is much less effective than his soundtrack to Werner Herzog s Encounters at the End of the World CD 2
Kaplanski, Lucy The Tide

folk Red House 94 autographed, produced by shawn colvin, solid foEncounters at the End of the Worldlk CD 4

Kater, Peter The Fool And The Hummingbird

space Silver Wave 87 jazzy CD 3

Kaukonen, Jorma Quah

folk RCA 74 "Genesis" is a 5, rest not so memorable; acoustic, with Tom Hobson CD 3

Keen, Robert Earl Gravitational Forces

country Lost
01 texas country continues from one of the best CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl No Kinda Dancer

country Sugar Hill 85 gift from his producer CD 5

Keen, Robert Earl The Live Album

country Sugar Hill 88 includes copenhagen and the front porch intro CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl West Textures

country Sugar Hill 89 Love is not casual (or words to that effect) CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl A Bigger Piece Of Sky

country Sugar Hill 93
CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl Gringo Honeymoon

country Sugar Hill 94 gift from his producer CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl #2 Live Dinner

country Sugar Hill 96 includes intro about the Willie picnic that led to the album cover CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl Picnic

country Arista 97 cover by Mike Sabin (and me); autographed CD 4

Keen, Robert Earl Walking Distance

country Arista 98 mixed quality, still satisfying despite a bit of shlock CD 3

Kennedy, Chris Away From It All

folk Private 91 wyoming originals TP 3

Khevrisa European Klezmer Music

world Smithsonian 00 a little too studied for the most part, but fun nevertheless CD 3

Knoche, Bethel Favorite Hymns From The Auditorium Organ

religious Private 64
LP 3

Knoche, Bethel Favorite Hymns From The Auditorium Organ, Vol. II

religious Private 66
LP 3

Koloc, Bonnie You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning

rock Ovation 74 a magnificent voice that drifted later into schlock LP 4

Kottke, Leo My Feet Are Smiling

folk Capitol 73 guitar picking in gently electric style LP 4

Kottke, Leo Ice Water

country Capitol 74 pamela brown is a 5 LP 4

Kraftwerk Autobahn

space-rock Vertigo 74 fun stuff from Germany that didn't wear especially well LP 3

Krauss, Alison A hundred miles or more

folk Rounder 07 has its moments, love her voice and styling, but often just too sweet; interestingly the duet with James Taylor is not CD 3
Krauss, Alison + Union Station Live

folk Rounder 02 double; with jerry douglas; bluegrass at its best CD 4

Kurki-Suonio, Sanna Musta

world Northside 98 Hedningarna's vocalist; traditional Finnish singing with modern support CD 4

Lai, F. A Man And A Woman

filmscore United Art. 66

Lanz, David & Paul Speer Bridge Of Dreams

space Narada 93 drifts into shlock CD 2

Larkin, Patty regrooving the dream

folk Vanguard 00 her marvelous voice and experimental acoustic guitar sounds; autographed CD 4

Larkin, Patty 25

folk Signature 10 double, with lots of favorite cooperators, but suffers from recording them at a distance, so that the timing interaction clearly lags CD 4
Larkin, Patty A Gogo, Live On Tour

folk Vanguard 99 superb retrospective CD 5

Last Mile Ramblers While They Last

country Blue Canyn 74 friends and friends of friends; good bar band level LP 3

Lavette, Bettye Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook

Rock Anti- 10 Salt of the Earth from Jagger/Richard given new meaning, and performed at least as well; the rest are nicely restyled, too CD 4 ufm, Bill Boyd 7/16/2010
Leadbelly The Definitive Leadbelly

folk Not NOw 08 too much emphasis on vocal line on most of 50 songs; great 12 string guitar cd 3
Leadbelly; Josh White; Strange Folk Singing Greats

folk Rondo

LP 4

Led Zeppelin II

rock Atlantic 69 deservedly a commercial success LP 4

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin

rock Atlantic 69 deservedly a commercial success LP 4

Leoninus; Perotinus; DeMachaut Music Of The Gothic Era David Murow Early Music Consort Of London classical Archiv 76 3 records and lovely book LP 4

Lien, Annbjorg Baba Yaga

world Northside 00 norwegian contemporary fiddle and vocals with various backups CD 4

Lien, Annbjorg Aliens Alive

world Northside 02 norwegian fiddling, with a variety of supporting casts CD 4

Lightfoot, Gordon if you could read my mind

FOlk-Rock Reprise 70 a bit saccharine but I still like it very much CD 4
Lightfoot, Gordon Sundown

rock Reprise 74 played a lot in college days LP 4

Lightfoot, Gordon Cold On The Shoulder

folk Reprise 75
LP 3

Liszt Concertos No. 1 & 2 Leonard Pennario & R Leibowitz London Symphony classical RCA 64
LP 3

Little Feat Waiting for Columbus Waiting For Columbus
rock Warner/Rhino 78 live double with new material (2002); a classic CD 4

Logan's Well Thunder Perfect Mind

folk LGW 98 local guitarist when in CA, autographed CD 4

Loituma In the moonlight

Nordic NorthSide 98 Finnish quartet, vocals and harp CD 3
Loituma THings of Beauty

Nordic NorthSide 98 Finnish quartet, vocals and harp CD 4
Lone Wolf Circles Full Circle

folk Earth First 86 poems from an earth-radical TP 3

Los Lobos Just Another Band From East LA

world Slash 93 2 disk compilation; part in spanish, part in english; rocks CD 4

Love Four Sail

rock Elektra 68 their earlier records were quite good LP 2

Love, Laura Octoroon

rock Mercury 97 several KRCL djs had this as album of the year; is 4+ CD 4

Lovett, Lyle Natural Forces

country Lost Highway 09 alt-country lives, albeit with a presentation more than a bit more repetitive than the exquisite step inside this house CD 4 ufm, Bill Boyd 7/16/2010
Lovett, Lyle Pontiac

country MCA 87 has "if I had a boat" CD 4

Lovett, Lyle Road To Ensenada

country Mca 96 superb in every way CD 5

Lovett, Lyle Step Inside This House

country Curb-Mca 98 all texas, with resurgence and photos of Anderson Fair friends CD 5

Lully, Jean-Baptiste Divertissements De Cour Paul Goodwin London Oboe Band classical Harmonia
94 part of "au plaisir du roy, music at the court of louis xiv", fun sound CD 4

Luther; Schubert; Franck; Etc. Songs Of Faith And Inspiration Robert Shaw Robert Shaw Chorale classical RCA 64
LP 2

Machaut, Guillaume De La Messe De Nostre Dame; Songs From Le Voir Dit Jeremy Summerly Oxford Camerata classical Naxos 96 cheapie CD 4

MacLeod, Kate Feel The Earth Spin

folk Wind River 01 enjoyable, but less memorable, autographed CD 3

MacLeod, Kate Trying To Get It Right

folk Festival 94 a Salt Lake so far unkown that I don't want to live without; autographed CD 5

MacLeod, Kate Constant Emotion

folk Waterbug 97 salt lake city artist, autographed; national quality CD 4

Magical Strings Glass Horse

folk Private 80 poor recording quality of good harp and dulcimer TP 3

Magical Strings Spring Tide

folk Flyingfish 82 harp and hammer dulcimer LP 4

Magical Strings Above The Tower

folk Flyingfish 85 harp and hammer dulcimer LP 4

Mahal, Taj Happy To Be Just Like I Am

blues Columbia

LP 4

Mahal, Taj The Natch'l Blues

blues Columbia
early Taj LP 3

Mahal, Taj Taj Mahal

blues Columbia Legacy 67 Taj s first; pleasant but wasn t there yet CD 3
Makeba, Miriam Pata Pata

blues Reprise
I've never heard it LP

Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire III

space American 79 pleasant LP 3

Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 4

space American 81 sitting before the fire.. LP 4

Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire V Chip Davis London Symphony space American 83 with the Cambridge Singers, to and from the moon LP 4

Marais, Marin Viol Music For The Sun King
La Spectre De La Rose classical Naxos 94 cheapie CD 3

Marini, Biagio Curiose & Moderne Inventioni
Romanesca classical Harmonia
97 fun, 17th century avant guard CD 4

Martinez, Juan Jose All My Life

world Private 82 he was good live in a small bar LP 1

Matrone, Daniel & J. Simonpoli Organ And Oboe

classical Jade 97 fun combo; various baroque composers CD 4

May, Tom Open Spaces, Prairie Winds

folk Vignette
he does a good radio show and is good live LP 3

Mayall, John Blues From Laurel Canyon

blues London 68 just after Clapton left his band, with Mick Taylor playing lead LP 4

Mayall, John The Turning Point

blues Polydor 69 with Jon Mark and Johnny Almond; the definitive sax solo 'california' LP 5

McCutcheon, John The Greatest Story Never Told

folk Red House 02 very powerful "not in my name"; rest inconsistent CD 4

McCutcheon, John Nothing To Lose

folk Rounder 95 KRCL reject CD 2

McFarlane, Ron The Scottish Lute

folk Dorian 90 beautifully recorded in Troy CD 4

McFarlane, Ron Highland King: The Scottish Lute, Vol. 2

classical Dorian 99 beautifully recorded in Troy CD 4

McGarrigal, Kate & Anna Matapedia

rock Rykodisc 96 inconsistent, but haunting CD 4

McIntosh, Beth Grizzlies Walking Upright

folk ECM 91 autographed CD 4

McKennitt, Loreena An Ancient Muse

folk Quinlan 06 less memorable than some of hers, but still pleasant and interesting CD 4
McKennitt, Loreena Nights from the alhambra

folk/Rock Quinlan 07 live, 2CDs, a little too studied as audio alone, but still good to have CD 4
McKennitt, Loreena Nights from the alhambra

folk/Rock Quinlan 07 being able to see the musicians helps to appreciate just how good the whole performance is; great camerawork as well as playing DVD 5
McKennitt, Loreena Parallel Dreams

folk Quinlan 89 bringing forward paganism CD 5

McKennitt, Loreena The Visit

folk Quinlan 92 updated English folksongs CD 5

McKennitt, Loreena The Mask And Mirror

space Warner 94 includes "Santiago" CD 5

McKennitt, Loreena The Book Of Secrets

space Warner 97 inlcudes "the highwayman" CD 5

McKennitt, Loreena Live In Paris And Toronto

space Quinlan Road 99 double, with small orchestra, fun retakes on favorites CD 4

McLean, Don American Pie

rock Capitol 4 1972 classic, one of Michelle's favorites CD 4

McMurtrey, James St. Mary Of The Woods

rock Sugar Hill 02 texas rock CD 5

McMurtrey, James Live in aught-three

rock Compadre 04 recorded partly in SLC; driving cynical rock CD 4
McMurtrey, James childish things

rock Compadre 05 continues to be worth listening to more often than others CD 4
McMurtrey, James Just us kids

rock Lightning Rod 08 the barstool historian carries on, with cheney s toy CD 4
McMurtrey, James Too Long In The Wasteland

rock Columbia 89 produced by John Mellencamp CD 4
McMurtrey, James Candyland

rock Columbia 92 produced by John Mellencamp; less distinctive, but still good CD 4
McMurtrey, James Where'd They Hide The Body

rock Columbia 95 this is Larry's son CD 5

McMurtrey, James It Had To Happen

rock Sugar Hill 97 yet another good one CD 4
Medelsshohn, Felix Symphonies #4 And 5 John Eliot Gardiner Wiener Philharmoniker classical Dgg 98 with two versions of #4 CD 4

Melanie Candles In The Rain

rock Buddha 70 I shouldn't but I still like it LP 4

Melanie My First Album

folk Buddha 70 does not wear well LP 2

Melanie At Carnegie Hall

folk Neighborho 73
LP 3

Melanie Please Love Me

rock Buddha 73
LP 2

Merchant, Natalie Leave Your Sleep

Pop Nonesuch 10 2 cds of poems for children wonderfully set to music, and a little hardbound book with their lyrics and stories with photos about their origin CD 5 Billl Boyd, ufm 5/21/2010
Meyer, Edgar Violin Concerto Hillary Hahn/Hugh Wolff St. Paul Chamber Orch. classical Sony 00 fun piece superbly played; with the Barber violin concerto CD 5 Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin 5/21/2010
Midnight Oil Earth And Sun And Moon

rock Columbia 93 australia's premier environmentalist rockers; best loud CD 4

Miller, Roger Golden Hits

country Smash ? not something one wants to play often, but fun to remember LP 3

Miller, Steve -- Band Fly Like An Eagle

rock Capitol 76 classic '70s TP 3

Mitchell, Chad Trio Singin' Our Minds

folk Mercury 62 great sound from another era LP 4

Mitchell, Joni Clouds

folk Reprise 68 great original songs that others have done better LP 3

Mitchell, Joni Joni Mitchell

folk Reprise 68 produced by david crosby, with Stills playing bass LP 5

Mitchell, Joni Ladies Of The Canyon

folk Reprise 69
LP 4

Mitchell, Joni Ladies Of The Canyon

folk Reprise 69
LP 4

Mitchell, Joni Blue

folk Reprise 71 folk blending into rock doesn't get any better LP 5

Mitchell, Joni For The Roses

rock Asylum 72
LP 4

Mitchell, Joni Court And Spark

rock Asylum 73
LP 4

Mitchell, Joni Mingus

jazz Asylum 79
LP 3

Mitchell, Joni Shadows And Light

rock Asylum 80 2 record concert, with Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius LP 5

Mitchell, Joni Turbulent Indigo

rock Reprise 94
CD 4

Moffat, Hugh Loving You

folk Philo 87 given to me by the artist, and stands up to anyone anywhere TP 5

Moffat, Hugh And Katy Dance Me Outside

country Philo 92 love songs sung by brother and sister sit a bit uncomforably CD 3

Moller, Ale The horse and crane

Nordic Northside 96 Swedish musical storytelling CD 4
Monteverdi Magnificat (Vespers) John Eliot Gardiner Monteverdi Choir classical DGG Archiv 90 2 cds, recorded in St. Mark's, Venice CD 4

Monteverdi, Claudio Vespro Della Beata Vergine John Eliot Gardiner Monteverdi Choir classical Archiv 90
CD 4

Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed Peter Knight London Festival rock Deram 67 glorious remastered sound quality but inconsistent writing CD 4

Moody Blues In Search Of The Lost Chord

rock Decca 68 acid meets classical meets rock LP 4

Moody Blues To Our Children's Children's Children

rock Threshold 69 i still like it LP 4

Moody Blues A Question Of Balance

rock Threshold 70 quintessence of classical acid rock LP 5

Moody Blues Seventh Sojurn

rock Threshold 72 starting to go stale LP 3

Moody Blues Long Distance Voyager

rock Threshold 81 recovering a bit LP 4

Morisette, Alanis mtv unplugged

rock Maverick 99 as expected, better without fake drums cd 4
Morley, Thomas & Susato Pleasures Of The Court: Festive Dance Music David Munrow Early Music Consort Of London classical Angel 71
LP 3

Morrissey, Bill You'll Never Get To Heaven

folk Philo 96 KRCL cutout, okay, but not his best CD 3

Mozart Divertimento #2,3,4,5 For Clarinets & Bassoon Wlach, Bartosek, Oehlberger
classical Westminster ?
LP 3

Mozart Symphonies 18,19,20 Erich Leinsdorf Philharmonic Symphony O London classical Westminster


Mozart Jupiter Symphony & Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Erich Leinsdorf Boston Symphony classical RCA 64
LP 4

Mozart 4 Horn Concerti Ernst Muhlbacher Vienna Voksoper classical Allegro 82
TP 4

Mozart & Haydn Concerto No. 20 & Andante And Variations In F Minor Artur Rubinstein & Wallenstein Unspecified classical RCA 64
LP 3

Murphey, Michael Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir

country A&M 73 i paid a dollar for it and it was worth it LP 3

Murphey, Michael Blue Sky, Night Thunder

country Epic 75 My wife hates it, but I still enjoy it LP 4

Mussorgsky-Ravel Pictures At An Exhibition Wilhelm Schuchter North German Symphony classical Audio Spectr


Mussorgsky-Ravel Pictures At An Exhibition Andre Vandernoot L'orchestra De La Societe Des classical Command 61 mono LP 3

Myers, Glenn Alive For 1975

folk Private 75 texas friend who played so well with Mance Lipscomb TP 2

Nakai, R. Carlos Journeys

space Canyon 86 native american flute TP 4

Nakai, R. Carlos Canyon Trilogy

space Canyon 89 native american flute TP 4

Nakai, R. Carlos; Wm. Eaton Carry The Gift

space Canyon 88 native american flute and guitar TP 4

Nakai, R.C., Eaton, Clipman Feather, Stone & Light

world Canyon 95 peaceful CD 4

Nature, Mother A Field Guide To Bird Songs Roger Tory Peterson P. P. Kellogg & A. A. Allen other Houghton ? what various species sound like to a microphone LP

Nature, Mother Beautiful Bird Songs Of The World National Audubon Society Cornell Lab Of Ornithology other Audubon 77 what various species sound like to a microphone LP

Nelson, Tracy Sweet Soul Music

blues Mca 75 a great voice LP 3

Nelson, Tracy & Mother Earth Living With The Animals

country Mercury 68 great live band LP 4

Nelson, Willie Laying My Burdens Down

country RCA 70 this kind of production was the reason willie became an outlaw LP 2

Nelson, Willie The Best Of Willie Nelson

country United 73 reissue of willie's nashville hits in original form LP 3

Nelson, Willie Phases And Stages

country Atlantic 74 probably played every day for a year and still sounds good LP 5

Nelson, Willie Red Headed Stranger

country Columbia 75 rightfully regarded as a classic LP 5

Nelson, Willie The Troublemaker

country Columbia 76 gospel songs willie style LP 3

Nelson, Willie Stardust

country CBS 78 tin pan alley willie style LP 3

Nelson, Willie Willie And Family Live

country Columbia 78 a very good band, well recorded on 2 lps LP 4

Nelson, Willie Willie And Leon: One For The Road

country CBS 79 willie is okay, leon is awful (2 lps) LP 2

Nelson, Willie City Of New Orleans

country Columbia 83 mixed quality TP 3

Nelson, Willie Teatro

country Island 98 Daniel Lanois produced, with Emmy Lou, who sounds underrehersed CD 3

Nicks, Stevie Bella Donna

rock Modern 81 (album with Leather & Lace ) CD 4

Nicks, Stevie Street Angel

rock Atlantic 94 not bad rock, just not memorable CD 3

Nico Chelsea Girl

Rock PolyGram 67 she was great with the Velvets; this is too bleak CD 2
Nightnoise The Parting Tide

space Windham Hl 90 pleasant space (but inconsistent) CD 3

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Stars And Stripes Forever

country UnitedArtist 74 bought for the cover, 2 live lps, the aluminum record award... LP 3

Noice Makers Hojdare

world Studio 5 94 fun stuff I picked up in northern Sweden, done by Sami (Lapps) CD 4

Nordic Artists nordsk sang

world heilo 91 traditional music of Norway CD 4
Nordic Artists Devil's tune

world NorthSide 98 hardanger fiddle playing by a set of the best CD 5

Nordic Artists Northern nights

world Six Degrees 99 another compilation, marred by a couple of overly artificial concoctions CD 3

Nordic Artists Wizard women of the north

world NorthSide 99 traditional music by modern women CD 4

Nordlys Nordlys

Classical dacapo 01 Danish quartet and commissioned compositions; mixed listenability CD 3
North Side Nordic Roots 3

world Northside 01 sampler of scandanavian artists, modern and traditional CD 4

North Side Nordic Roots

world NorthSide 98 various Scandanvian artists; "traditional with a modern twist" CD 4

North Side Nordic Roots 2

world NorthSide 99 various Scandanvian artists; "traditional with a modern twist" CD 4

Nykelharpa Orchestra Byss-Calle

Folk Northside 00 classical instrumentals of the Swedish sort CD 4
Ochs, Phil Chords Of Fame

folk A&M 74 retrospective of genius LP 5

Ochs, Phil There but for Fortune

folk Elecktra 89 concert recordings; cops of the world is frighteningly prescient CD 4
Ockeghem Au Travail Suis; De Plus En Plus Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 97 their classically pure sound; top 10 for year from Millenium of Music CD 4

Ockeghem Requiem; Missa Fors Seulment Edward Wickham The Clerks Group classical Asv 97 tasty CD 4

Oregon The Essential Oregon

space Vanguard 82 jazz of the gentler, better sort, with an oboe leading TP 4

Orff, Carl Carmina Burana Michael Tilson Thomas Cleveland classical Columbia 74
LP 3

Orff, Carl Carmina Burana Slatkin Saint Louis classical BMG 94 2 cd gift set from melissa; superb sound CD 4

Oysterband Rise above

Rock Omnium 02 bright morning star was KRCL s Connor s acoustic outro for a while CD 5
Oysterband Here I stand

Rock Omnium 99 British CD 4
Palestrina Missa Bevis; Missa Nace La Gioja Mia Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 86 good music, good interpretation CD 4

Paramore Misery Business

Rock Fueled by Ramen 07 rocks, with wonderfully rude lyrics by a female lead, heard on La Grosse Radio ( I got him by the cock...and I ve got him where I want him now ); single with video live replay EP 3
Parsons, Gram The Gram Parsons Notebook: The Last Whippoorwill

rock Echomusic 00 tribute mostly by Elvis' band (Carl Jackson); freebie from KRCL CD 3

Parsons, Gram Grievous Angel (With GP As A Double)

rock Reprise 73 rerelease, 2 albums on 1 cd, first with emmylou harris CD 4

Part, Arvo Litany Tonu Kaljuste Hilliard Ensemble, Tallin Ch. classical ECM 96 new semi-minimalist from Estonia CD 5

Part, Arvo Kanon Pokajanen Tonu Kalijuste Estonian Philharmonic classical ECM 97 dreary words but lovely choral music CD 4

Parton, Dolly Country Music

country Time-Life 81 grocery store summary LP 3

Paul, Ellis essentials

folk Philo 06 2 cds; autographed compilation; he is best live (production choices vary, not always wisely); great words and picking CD 4
Paxton, Tom Morning Again

folk Elektra ? talking vietnam pot luck blues is superb, rest is dreary LP 3

Paxton, Tom Live at Huntingdon Hall

folk CMP 09 2 pleasant cds from a longtime live favorite; autographed CD 3 gift from Melissa 5/21/2010
Paxton, Tom Ain't That News

folk Elektra 65 great humor, good memories, but not something to play regularly LP 3

Pentangle Cruel Sister

folk Reprise 70
LP 5

Pentangle, The Sweet Child

folk Castle 01 2 CD reissue from live and studio 1968 folk-rock, w John Renbourn & McShee CD 4

Peter, Paul And Mary Album

folk Warner 65
LP 4

Peter, Paul And Mary Album 1700

folk Warner 66
LP 4

Peter, Paul, And Mary Lifelines

folk Warner 95 most parts improve with repeated listening; superb help CD 3

Peters, Megan About Time

folk Painless 97 salt lake city artist, good voice but repetitive CD 3

Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever

rock Mca 89 following up doing the Wilburys; consistenly driving TP 5

Phillips, Sam Martinis And Bikinis

rock Virgin 94
CD 4

Phillips, Shawn Second Contribution

rock A&M 70 memorable range, vocally and musically LP 5

Phillips, Shawn Furthermore

rock A&M 74 memorable range, vocally and musically LP 5

Phillips, Utah Good Though

folk Philo 73 "moose turd pie" is a classic; so are the train songs LP 4

Pianist Pianist, The: Music from the motion picture

classical Sony 02 mostly Chopin by Janus Olejniczak and Warsaw philharmonic, one by Wladyslaw Szpilman CD 4

Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon

rock Capitol/EMI 73 the classic, beautifully remastered in 1994 CD 5
Pink Floyd The Wall

rock Columbia 79 2 lps, too harsh to listen to often, but still important LP 3

Pink Floyd Delicate Sounds Of Thunder (Live)

rock Columbia 88 wow!; double live CD CD 5

Pink Floyd Division Bell

rock Columbia 94 good, but not killer; take it back has neat double entre lyrics for the environment; the rest has too much programming, making it sound as synthetic as some of it is, despite a great live drummer and experience making it better than what the kids do CD 4 ufm, Jolene 5/21/2010
Pipelare, Matthaeus Missa L'homme Arme; Chansons; Motets Paul Van Nevel Huelgas Ensemble classical Sony 96
CD 4

Plant, Robert Band of Joy

Rock Rounder 10 Led Zepplin meets Buddy Miller; fine cast of backups CD 4
Planxty The Well Below The Valley

world Shanachie 74 pleasant but not spectacular Irish LP 3

Pogues, The Red Roses for Me

world rhino 84 04 reissue, loud pub punk with a Celtic underlay CD 3
Pogues, The If I Should Fall From Grace With God

world Island 88 good rowdy British bar music CD 4

Praetorius & Shein Christmas Music; Dances & Suites Ferdinand Conrad Instrumental Ensemble classical Nonesuch


Pretenders Pretenders

rock Sire 80 the original LP 4

Prokofieff Symphony No. 5 Jean Martinon Paris Conservatoire classical RCA 59 muddy recording LP 4

Purcell, Henry Dido And Aeneas Anthony Lewis english chamber Orch. classical Decca 62 pleasant; bought as a donation to local library CD 3
Purcell, Henry Music For The Chapel Royal George Guest Academy Of St Martin In Fields classical Decca 64
LP 4

Purcell, Henry Dido And Aeneas Charles Mackerras Kammerorchester Des NDR classical Archiv 68
LP 3

Purcell, Henry Hark How The Wild Musicians Sing Peter Holman Red Byrd; Parley Of Instrments classical Hyperion 93 symphony songs CD 4

Purcell, Henry King Arthur William Christie Les Arts Florissants classical Erato 95 2 disks CD 3

Purdymouth Irreverence

Rock private 04 SLC band, with KRCL s Dave Santivosi mentioned in Salty Town CD 3
Pyle, Chuck Step By Step

folk Bee N Flow 90 bought this for song about the Big Thompson flood; great picker (c. 1992) CD 4

R.E.M. Collapse Into Now

Rock Warner 11 generally wonderful sound(s) CD 4
Rachmaninoff Concertos 1 And 4 Andre Previn & L. Pennario Royal Philharmonic classical RCA 65
LP 3

Rachmaninoff & Franck &Litolff Rhaposody On Paganini Theme; Symphonic Variations; Sherzo Arthur Fiedler, L. Pennario Boston Pops classical RCA 63 still the best rachmaninoff version LP 5

Rachmaninoff; Beethoven 2nd Piano Concerto; Six Bagatelles K. Kondrashin & S. Richter Leningrad Philharmonic classical Hall Of Fame
fake stereo LP

Ragni, Rado, & McDermot Hair Wadsworth
broadway Polydor 68 london cast; treasured memento LP 3

Raitt, Bonnie Give It Up

rock Warner 72 her best LP 5

Raitt, Bonnie Streetlights

rock Warner 74 poor producer CD 2

Raitt, Bonnie Sweet Forgiveness

rock Warner 77 with Freebo LP 4

Raitt, Bonnie Nine Lives

country Warner 86 poor producer, but the "Midway" song is ***** CD 2

Raitt, Bonnie Road Tested

blues Capitol 95 double live, angel from montgomery w Jackson Browne... CD 4

Raitt, Bonnie Fundamental

rock Capitol 98 uneven CD 3

Rameau, Jean-Phillipe Les Grands Motets Willaim Christie Les Arts Florissants classical Erato 94 choral selections; his harpsichord music is better CD 3

Rampal, Jean-Pierre Four Centuries Of The Flute

classical Everest
bodinus, loeillet, naudot, bach, kuhlau, schumann on solo flute LP 3

Rampal, Jean-Pierre Rampal Plays Bach
Baroque Chamber Orchestra classical Everest

TP 3

Rampal, Jean-Pierre Music For Flute And Harp

classical Columbia 75 with lily laskin, harp TP 3

Ranarim Till the light of day

Folk/world Northside 00 pleasant enough, but inconsistent CD 3
Ranarim Morning star

Folk/world Northside 06 pleasant enough, but inconsistent CD 3
Ransom, John Just Come Along For The Ride

folk Buscuit City 74 a colorado original LP 4

Ravel Bolero, La Valse, Rapsodie Espagnole Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia

LP 3

Ravel Daphnis And Chloe Charles Munch Boston Symphony classical RCA 61
LP 4

Ravel; Debussy Mother Goose Suite, Pavanne; Rondes De Printemps, Iberia Jean Fournet, A. Pedrotti Czech Philharmonic classical Crossroads


Red Army Ensemble The Red Army Ensemble Colonel Boris Alexander Soviet Army Chorus And Band band Vox
mono LP

Reed, Lou Rock N Roll Animal

rock RCA 74 lou live and loud, worn but wonderful LP 5

Reed, Lou New York

rock Sire 89
CD 4

Reed, Lou Between Thought And Expression, The Lou Reed Anthology

rock Rca 92 3 cd plus book box set, nicely sequenced, listenable to straight through CD 4

Reed, Lou & John Cale Songs For Drella

rock Sire 90 tribute to andy warhol CD 4

Renaissance Live at Carnegie Hall

rock Repetoire 76 double, with Annie Haslam in good form; just a bit syrupy CD 3

Renaissance Song For All Seasons

rock Sire 78 northern lights LP 4

Renbourn, John Sir John A Lot Of

folk Windham 68 reissued in 84 LP 4

Renbourn, John The Lady And The Unicorn

folk Reprise 70 john's guitar and company is always a pleasure to the ears LP 4

Renbourn, John A Maid In Bedlam

folk Shenachie 77 john's guitar and company is always a pleasure to the ears LP 4

Renbourn, John The Enchanted Garden

folk Kicking Mule 80 john's guitar and company is always a pleasure to the ears LP 4

Renbourn, John The Nine Maidens

folk Flying Fish 85 best from the best LP 5

Renbourn, John & St. Grossman Under The Volcano

folk Kicking Mule 79 unbeatable, background or foreground, acoustic guitars LP 5

Respighi Pines Of Rome; Fountains Of Rome Fritz Reiner Chicago Symphony classical RCA 60
LP 3

Reykjavik Wind Quintet Cantus borealis - wind music from the Faroe Islands
Reykjavik Wind Quintet classical BIS 99 various contemporary composers, surprisingly consistently good; over time and repeated playing it has become a favorite CD 5

Rice, Tony Native American

folk Rounder 88 has a superb, stripped down cover of urge for going ; much is too shlocky jazzy TP 2

Rimestad, Hege White arrow

World/Folk Northside 97 from Mari Boine s band, ecstatic fiddling from Norway CD 4
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade fritz reiner chicago classical RCA/BMG 60 really gets a telling the story feel, superb sound on 2005 SACD, with Stravinsky Song of the Nightingale CD 5
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Lorin Maazel Cleveland classical London 77
LP 3

Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Yuri Temirkanov NY Philharmonic classical BMG 93 lovely cd 4
Ritchie, T. R. my father s wildest dream

folk Apex 01 autographed, and literally made by the artist CD 3
Ritchie, T. R. Wild Horses

folk Apex 09 autographed; some fine and funny lyrics, as well as good playing CD 4
Ritchie, T. R. Changing Of The Guard

folk Apex 90 signed; "whitebark" is about a crippled friend CD 3

Ritchie, T. R. Homeground

folk Apex 95 autographed; great stuff from moab, "decomposing the blues" CD 4

Roach, Steve Space and time

Space Projekt 03 a complilation of themes from his past albums; a favorite of KRCL s spacey types CD 4
Robbins, Marty Gunfighter ballads

Country Columbia 58/06 absolute classic, with big iron and el paso CD 5
Roberts, John & Barrand, Tony Across The Western Ocean

folk Swallowtail 73 sea chantys LP 3

Roberts, John & Barrand, Tony Live At Holsteins!

folk Front Hall 83 the rolling mills of new jersey is an east coast classic LP 4

Roberts, John & Tony Barrand Dark Ships In The Forest

folk Folk-Legacy 87 they do very well live TP 3

Rodgers, Richard Victory At Sea, Vol. I Robert Russell Bennett RCA Victor Symphony filmscore RCA 59 mono LP 4

Rodgers, Richard Victory At Sea, Vol. II Robert Russell Bennett RCA Victor Symphony filmscore RCA 60 mono LP 3

Rodgers, Richard Victory At Sea, Vol. III Robert Russell Bennett RCA Victor Symphony filmscore RCA 60 mono LP 2

Rogers, Stan Home In Halifax

folk fogarty s cove 82 best live folk and voice around; includes the mary ellen carter CD 5

Rolling Stones Let It Bleed

rock London
into the period where the music is still great but pressings aren't LP 4

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request

rock London 67 famous for good reason LP 5

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request

rock London 67 famous for good reason LP 5

Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet

rock London 68 still the greatest LP 5

Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet

rock London 68 still the greatest LP 5

Rolling Stones Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)

rock London 69 downrated only because the cuts are best in context LP 4

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers

Rock UM 71 09 reissue of the one with Mick Taylor on guitar CD 4
Rolling Stones Hot rocks

rock abkco 86 double CD collection of 64-74 Stones, with some very memorable stuff; bought at garage sale CD 4

Rolling Stones Stripped

rock Virgin 95 live in a small amsterdam club, definitive sound quality CD 5

Rolling Stones Bridges To Babylon

rock Virgin 97 neat cover; last cuts weak, rest is proof aging is not all bad CD 4

Rolling Stones Stone Country
Various Country Groups country Beyond 97 covers, gotten for Nanci Griffith's; fun but not earth shattering CD 3

Rolling Stones No Security

rock Virgin 98 live, still masterful after all these years CD 4

Ronstadt, Linda Heart Like A Wheel

rock Capitol 74 to me one of the best records period: voice, musicians, and production LP 5

Ronstadt, Linda Prisoner In Disguise

rock Asylum 75 roll 'em easy is a 5 LP 4

Ronstadt, Linda Living In The USA

rock Asylum 78
LP 4

Ronstadt, Linda Winter Light

rock Elektra 93 Linda goes lounge; cutout dubiously worth the $1 CD 2

Ronstadt, Linda Feels Like Home

rock Elektra 95 superb version of "after the gold rush" CD 5

Rosko, K And Ruso, V Music For Trumpet And Organ

classical Lydian 90 pleasant $3 disk; Handel, Martini, Purcell, Albinoni, Loellet CD 3

Rossini Overtures: L'italiana In Algeri, Smeiramide, Ladra, Tell Rene Leibowitz Pasdeloup, Paris classical Urania
bought back when playing the first in H.S. band LP 3

Rota, Nino Romeo & Juliet (Franco Zeffirelli) Nino Rota Paramont filmscore Capitol


Rubinstein, Arthur Arthur Rubinstein At Carnegie Hall

classical RCA 62 debussy, szymanowski, prokofieff, villa-lobos LP 4

Rush, Tom The Very Best Of Tom Rush: No Regrets

folk Columbia 20 superb retrospective of a favorite artist CD 5

Rush, Tom The Best Of Tom Rush

folk CBS 74 not a good pressing LP 3

Rush, Tom New Year: Live At Symphony Hall

folk Night Light 82 limited edition, autographed LP 5

Russell, Leon Looking Back

folk Olympic 73 rightfully cutout reissue from before he was ready LP 1

russell, tom Hotwalker

folk hightone 05 mostly talk, but fascinating, with intercut recorded pieces from the beat generation CD 3
Sahm, Doug Groovers Paradise

country Warner 74 tex-mex; liner calls it "austin-tattous" LP 3

Sahm, Doug And Band Doug Sahm And Band

country Atlantic 73 band has Bob Dylan, Dr. John, David Bromberg... LP 4

Sanders, Don Don Sanders

folk Mean N Low 73 local Houston favorite from the Anderson Fair days LP 4

Sanders, Don Extended Play

rock Mean N Low 74 local Houston favorite from the Anderson Fair days LP 3

Scaggs, Boz Boz Scaggs

rock Atlantic 69 with Duane Allman LP 4

Scaggs, Boz Slow Dancer

rock CBS 74 michelle's favorite, and I admire her taste LP 4

Schmitt, Florent Une Semaine Du Petit Elfe & Trois Rapsodies Robert & Gaby Casadesus 4 Hand Piano classical Columbia


Schumann & Beethoven Symphony No. 4 & Leonore Overture No. 3 Erich Leinsdorf Boston Symphony classical RCA 64
LP 3

Seeds, The A Web Of Sound

rock Crescendo 67 wonderful when LSD was legal LP 4

Seeger, Pete American Industrial Ballads

folk Smithsonian 56 gift from melissa, more interesting than repeated-listening CD 3

Sequentia Edda - Myths From Medieval Iceland

folk Dhm 99 interesting try, but too much interpretation, not enough original CD 3

Shadowfax Shadowfax Live

rock Sonic 95 california mix matured CD 4

Sheridan, Cozy one sure thing

folk waterbug 96 inconsistent, but mustang ranch and waldo are humor classics CD 3
Shocked, Michelle Short, Sharp, Shocked

Folk Campfire Girl 03 rerelease, with second CD of rough cuts showng the value of the first s good producer CD 4
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 Karel Ancerl Czech Philharmonic classical Parliament 62 not the best sound quality, but thrilling playing LP 5

Shostakovich The String Quartets
fitzwilliam string quartet classical Decca 77 interesting and well played; bought as a donation to local library CD 4
Shostakovich Symphony #13, Babi Yar Kurt Masur New York Philharmonic classical Teldec 94 with Yevtushenko CD 4

Shostakovich Symphony #5 Rostropovich National classical Teldec 95 brings out the pain behind the glorious sound CD 5

Shostakovich, Dmitri Symphony #7 Valery Gergiev Kirov Orchestra classical Philips 03 weak composition, nicely played CD 3

Shostakovitch Symphony No. 13 Kiril Kondrashin Moscow Philharmonic & Chorus classical Everest 65 live premiere of the piece LP

Shure Audio Obstacle Course-Era 3

73 tracking test LP

Sigur Ros Agaelis Byrjun

world Fatcat 00 icelandic mixture of assembled sounds and rock; great graphics too CD 4

Sigur Ros ( )

world Mca 02 icelandic minimalistic electronic dreamy CD 3

Sigur Ros Takk

world Geffen 05 still dreamy, but rocks more CD 4
Simon & Garfunkel Simon & Garfunkel

rock Pickwick/33
while they were learning, and before they had learned enough LP 1

Simon & Garfunkel Wednesday Morning 3 Am

folk-rock Columbia 64 first of the great ones LP 5

Simon & Garfunkel Sounds Of Silence

folk-rock Columbia 65 rightfully considered a classic LP 5

Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme

folk-rock Columbia 66 rightfully considered a classic LP 5

Simon & Garfunkel Bookends

folk-rock Columbia 68 still good LP 4

Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water

rock Columbia 70 heavier production LP 4

Simon, Paul Graceland

world Warner 86 African sound, American thoughtfulness CD 5

Simon, Paul Rhythm Of The Saints

world Warner 90 okay CD 3

Simpson, Martin Righteousness & humidity

Folk Red House 03 better picker than vocalist, and this one has too many harsh vocals CD 3
Sir Douglas Band (Doug Sahm) Texas Tornado

country Atlantic 73 the original san francisco fm blues LP 4

Slick, Grace Dreams

rock RCA 80 flying well without the airplane LP 4

Small Potatoes Waltz Of The Wildflowers

folk Wind River 00 superb job by a couple of little known troubadors CD 5

Small, Fred Heart Of The Appaloosa

folk Rounder 85 his title song is a 5+, but the others are better the first time CD 4

Small, Fred I Will Stand Fast

folk Flying Fish 88 intense story teller, with humor, for occasional use TP 3

smith, mindy one moment more

rock vanguard 04 Come to Jesus is powerful rock; rest is just okay cd 3
Smith, Patti Twelve

rock Columbia 07 real rock and roll; covers covered exquistely well CD 4
Smith, Patti Horses/Horses

75/05 has a marvelous "gloria"; double, with a live repeat in 2006 of the 1975 classic CD 5
Smither, Chris train home

blues Hightone 03 purchased in Halifax; with Bonnie Raitt on an acoustic "desolation row" CD 4
Smither, Chris Happier Blue

blues Hightone 93 best wtihout drums CD 4

Smither, Chris Up On The Lowdown

blues Hightone 95 autographed; student of Lightning Hopkins CD 4

Smither, Chris Small Revelations

blues Hightone 97 autographed CD 4

Smither, Chris Drive You Home Again

blues Hightone 99 best without drums CD 4

Sorten Muld III

world Northside 00 danish medieval ballads with electronic sound and Ulla Bendixen vocals CD 4

Sorten Muld Mark II

world Northside 97 danish medieval ballads with electronic sound and Ulla Bendixen vocals CD 4

Sousa, John Phillip A Brilliant Full Military Band Recording
Regimental Masters Band band Valiant

LP 2

Souther-Hillman-Furay Band The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band

rock Asylum 74 a cut-out that deserved to be LP 2

Souther, J. D. You're Only Lonely

rock Columbia 79 white rhythm and blues is superb LP 3

Southern Culture On The Skids Liquored Up And Lacquered Down

country TVT 00 southern bar music at its best; great sarcastic graphics CD 3

Spillane, Davy Atlantic Bridge

world Tara 95 irish with albert lee, undated CD 4

Spirit Spirit

rock Ode
topanga canyon memories LP 4

Springsteen, Bruce Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

rock CBS 73 not fully matured, but with some very good stuff CD 3

Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska

rock Columbia 82 bleak, acoustic, but powerful CD 4
Springsteen, Bruce Born In The U.S.A.

rock Columbia 84 intense LP 4

Springsteen, Bruce In Concert - Mtv Plugged

rock Columbia 92 acoustic red headed woman plus solid non-e-street rock CD 4

Springsteen, Bruce & E-St.Band Live/1975-85

rock Columbia 86 they just kept getting better from a good start, superbly recorded LP 5

Staines, Bill Bridges

folk Coffeehouse 83 autographed; among the best-loved voices of folk LP 3

Staines, Bill Wild, Wild Heart

folk Rounder 85 among the best-loved voices of folk, with good help LP 4

Staines, Bill Going To The West

folk Red House 93 autographed, he is still better live than recorded CD 3

Stalling, MAx Sellout

Country pirate 07 sent by Doug Fain from Texas; live journeyman from A&M; rough transitions, but good familiar sounds CD 3
Statler Brothers Country Music

country Time-Life 81 grocery store retrospective LP 3

Steeleye Span Please To See The King

folk-rock Big Tree
it might be good, but the recording is too wretched to tell LP 2

Steeleye Span The Journey

folk-rock Park 02 live double, with sequential band members; variable quality CD 3
Steeleye Span Parcel Of Rogues

folk-rock Chrysalis 73 english folk songs rowdily and beautifully updated, worn from much playing LP 5

Steeleye Span Parcel Of Rogues

folk-rock Chrysalis 73 english folk songs rowdily and beautifully updated; 1987 reissue with lovely sound CD 5
Steeleye Span All Around My Hat

folk-rock Chrysalis 75 original master repressing LP 5

Steeleye Span Now We Are Six

folk-rock Chrysalis 76 with ian anderson and david bowie LP 5

Steeleye Span Below The Salt

rock Shanachie 88 updated english folk CD 4

Steinhoff, Nadene Nadene Steinhoff

folk Private 88 local Logan favorite TP 3

Stewart, Al Past, Present And Future

rock Rhino 74 includes a song about Stalingrad, which is a 5 CD 4

Stills, Stephen Roll tape

Rock eyewall/Rhino 07 acoustic, recorded 1968, some exquisite picking and singing, some mediocre, with some poor quality recording, all interesting takes CD 3
Story, Liz Unaccountable Effect

space Windham 85 inconsistent CD 3

Strauss Hifi Hijinks With Strauss Anton Paulik Vienna State Opera classical Vanguard
mono LP 3

Strauss, Richard Till Eulenspiegel & Death And Transfiguration William Steinberg Pittsburg Symphony classical Pickwick


Strauss, Richard Also Sprach Zarathustra Fritz Reiner Chicago Symphony classical RCA 67 rerelease LP

Strauss, Richard Also Sprach Zarathustra Eugene Ormandy Philadelphia classical CBS 82 rerelease LP 4

Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Printemps Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia
worn from very many playings LP 5

Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring Antal Dorati Minneapolis Symphony classical Mercury
reprocessed from mono LP

Stravinsky & Borodin Firebird Ballet Suite & Symphony No. 2 Antal Dorati Minneapolis Symphony classical Mercury
reprocessed from mono LP

Stravinsky; Debussy Suite Italienne; Sonata No. 1 For Cello & Piano G. Piatigrosky & Lukas Foss Cello And Piano classical RCA 59
LP 3

Tallis Scholars Live In Oxford Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 98 Obrecht, Josquin, Byrd, Tallis, and Mundy choral celebration CD 4

Tallis, Thomas Spem In Alium Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 85 delicate, complex, otherwordly CD 4

Tallis, Thomas Christmas Mass Peter Phillips Tallis Scholars classical Gimell 98 very nice CD 4

Tavener, John Innocence Martin Neary Westminster Abbey Choir classical Sony 95 based on blake, interesting but unfocussed CD 3

Taylor, James JT

rock Columbia 77 i do like "handyman" TP 3

Taylor, William Two Worlds Of The Welsh Harp

world Dorian 99 one ancient cut is sublime; others are a bit buzzy CD 4

Tchaikovsky Suite From Swan Lake; Nutcracker Suite Unspecified Herbert Williams classical Westminster


Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker (Complete Ballet) Ernest Ansermet L'orchestra De Suisse Romande classical London
2 records LP

Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Arthur Fiedler Boston Pops classical RCA 64

Tchaikovsky; Borodin; Etc. 1812 Overture; Polovtsian Dances; Bald Mtn.; Russian Easter Henrich Hollreiser Vienna Symphony classical Vox
moussorgsky and rimsky-korsakov are the etc. LP

Telemann 3 Concerti: 3 Trumpets, Oboe, Recorder R. Schulze Telemann Society classical Vox

LP 3

Telemann Recorder Suite In A Minor, Viola Concerto, Tafelmusik Richard Edlinger Capella Istropolitana classical Naxos 88 cheapie CD

Telemann Oboe Sonatas Paul Goodwin
classical Harmonia

Telemann & Stolzel Concerto Grosso For Trumpets Etc.; Suite In A Minor Bernard Wahl Chamber Orch. Of Versailles classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Telemann, Georg Philipp Suiten Trevor Pinnock The English Concert classical Archiv 93 satisfying baroque CD 4

Ten Thousand Maniacs MTV Unplugged

rock Elektra 93 natalie merchant favorites CD 4

Theodorakis, Mikis Z Bernard Gerard
filmscore Columbia 66

Thompson, Carol The Enchanted Isles: Harp Music Of England, Scotland, Etc.

world Dorian 89 gentle and lovely CD 4

Thompson, Carol The Peacock's Feather

folk Dorian 97 harp music of o'carollan CD 4

Thompson, Richard Live from Austin TX

rock New West 01 fascinating to watch as well as listen to a favorite doing favorites, even with somewhat unimaginative photography DVD 4
Thompson, Richard Dream Attic

rock Shout 10 couple of weaker songs in the middle, but a wonderfully captured recent program of music; the master ages well. worth serious repeated listening. CD 5 Bill Boyd 10/13/2010
Thompson, Richard Rumor And Sigh

rock Capitol 91 "vincent black lightning" is a definitive folk song with flawless picking CD 4

Thompson, Richard Watching The Dark

rock Hannibal 93 3 cd well selected and ordered best of, from Fairport Convention to the wall of death ; this is a take to desert island set, often providing late night succor for the mind and heart CD 5

Thompson, Richard Mock Tudor

rock Capitol 99 the master of the sardonic riff; keeps growing in power with repeated playing CD 5

Thompson, Richard and Linda in concert, November 1975

Rock Island 07 classic performers CD 4
Torelli, Etc. The Art Of The Baroque Trumpet Fritz Lehan Consortium Musicum classical Nonesuch

LP 3

Traffic Traffic

rock UnitedArtist 68
LP 4

Traffic The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

rock Island 71 classic CD 4

Traikel Wintersongs

world Northside 01 Swedish acoustic, fiddle, voice and harmonium, songs about winter CD 4

Traikel Songs from 63 N

Nordic Northside 04 quiet but intense is their motto; Swedish CD 4
Traikel Triakel

Nordic Northside 98 quiet Swedish, violent sudden death tastefully blended with the purest of love CD 3
Trapp Family Choir Sound Of Folk Music Of Many Lands

folk RCA 65
LP 2

Travelling Wilburys Vol. 1

rock Wilbury 88 dylan, harrison, petty, orbison... CD 4

Trio Medieval Stella Maris

Classical ECM 05 from Norway, 12th and 13th century, and new; wonderful harmonies CD 4
Trio Medieval Folk songs

Classical ECM 07 lovely singing of ballads, hymns, and lullabies from Norway CD 4
Trout, Walter (and the radicals) Go the Distance

Blues Ruf 01 song Message on the Doorway is of the quality of Emmy Lou Harris Deeper well on Spyboy, fantastic production and playing quality; rest has not (yet) caught my interest CD 2 Jolene on KRCL 2/21/2009
Tschaikowsky/ Emil Gilels Piano Concerto #2 Kiril Kondrashin Leningrad Philharmonic classical Olympic

TP 3

Tull, Jethro Stand Up

rock Chrysalis 68 an old favorite, 2001 reissue, with "bonus tracks" CD 4

Tull, Jethro Thick as a Brick

rock Chyrsalis 72 Reissue of 98; a classic CD 4 Amazon 1/30/2010
Tull, Jethro Minstrel in the Gallery

rock Capitol 75 Remastered 02; third in their folk series CD 4 Amazon 1/30/2010
Tull, Jethro Songs From The Wood

rock Chrysalis 77 ring out solastice bells is wonderful LP 4

Tull, Jethro Heavy Horses

rock Capitol 78 Remastered 03; second in their folk series , the reality of country living CD 4 Amazon 1/30/2010
Tull, Jethro Live: Busting Out

rock Chrysalis 78 2 lps LP 4

Tull, Jethro From Roots To Branches

rock Chrysalis 95 having learned finally how to play the flute correctly CD 3

Tull, Jethro Aqualung

rock Chrysalis 96 rerelease of 1971 classic, with interview and rough bbc clips CD 4

Turner, Ike & Tina 'nuff Said

blues UnitedArtist 71 cut out that deserved it LP 1

Tzigane Balalaikas From Zhivago's In Silverton Colorado

world Private 89
TP 4

U.S. Air Force Band The National Cultural Center Presents

band RCA 63
LP 3

U.S. Army Band The National Cultural Center Presents

band RCA 63
LP 2

U.S. Marine Band The National Cultural Center Presents

band RCA 63
LP 3

U.S. Navy Band The National Cultural Center Presents

band RCA 63
LP 3

Van Etten, Sharon Epic

Folk/Rock Ba Da Bing 10 Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter; 1 great 12 string cut; spooky lyrics CD 3 ufm, Bill Boyd 10/14/2010
Van Ronk, Dave Dave Van Ronk

folk Fantasy 62 the best picker ever, at his peak LP 5

Van Ronk, Dave Songs For Ageing Children

folk Cadet 73 did not improve with age LP 3

Van Zandt, Townes Poet, A Tribute

rock Pedernales 01 guy clark et al, not as good as possible, but still good CD 4

Van Zandt, Townes Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, Texas

folk Tomato 77 a better songwriter than a singer, but still enjoyable LP 3

Vangelis Heaven And Hell

space RCA 75 great for driving LP 4

Vangelis Voices

space Atlantic 95 a bit repetitive, plenty of chariots of fire, but nice sonics CD 3

Vasen Live At The Nordic Roots Festival

world Northside 00 swedish folk rock mostly instrumental CD 4

Vasen Linnaeus Vasen

world Northside 07 swedish folk rock mostly instrumental, fun tribute to the botanist CD 4
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Double Trouble

blues Epic 89
CD 4

Vaughn, Stevie Ray Live At Carnegie Hall

blues Epic 97 his 1984 birthday party, with Jimmie and horns CD 4

Vaughn, Stevie Ray Texas Flood

blues Epic 83/06 his first, with Double Trouble; the extras aren t much, but the basics are great CD 5

Vega, Suzanne 99.9 F

rock A&M 92 still good CD 4

Vega, Suzanne Nine Objects Of Desire

rock A&M 96
CD 4

Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico

rock Verve 66 the andy warhol production, with peel-off banana; at their best LP 5

Velvet Underground 1969 Velvet Underground Live

rock Polygram 74 2 lps, not at their best LP 3

Velvet Underground Another View

rock Polygram 86 reissue from 67-69, less than their best LP 3

Verdi Requiem Karajan Vienna classical DGG 85 2 cd gift set from melissa; superb sound [Berstein s 1970 recording in St. Paul s with the LSO and Placido Domingo is both more spectacular and more interesting, though the Karajan is lovingly done, too] CD 4

Vivaldi Six Flute Concerti, Opus 10 Jean-Pierre Rampal Louis De Froment Chamber classical Turnabout

LP 3

Vivaldi Complete Flute Concertos Severino Gazzelloni I Musici classical Philips 74 2 disk compilation CD 3

Vivaldi Il Pastor Fido, 6 Sonatas For Flute And Continuo, Op. 13 Jean-Pierre Rampal Robert Veyron-Lacroix classical Erato 76
LP 3

Vivaldi Four Seasons; Horn, Bassoon, Flute, Trumpet, Etc. Concerti Neville Mariner Academy Of St Martin In Fields classical Argo 81 3 records, beautifully recorded LP 4

Vivaldi Flute, Oboe, And Bassoon Concerti Rampal, Jean-Pierre Milano Virtuosi classical Allegretto 88 ratty rehash, bought cheap CD 2

Vivaldi Gloria; Magnificat Robert Shaw Atlanta Symphony & Chorus classical Telarc 89 the shaw sound, with dawn upshaw; also some Bach CD 4

Vivaldi Four Seasons Gil Shaham Orpheus Chamber classical DGG 94 thrilling virtuosity, a chestnut fully revivified and justified CD 5

Vivaldi Magnificat And Gloria Valentine Radu Ama Deus classical Newport 97 it was cheap CD 3

Vollenweider, Andreas Behind The Gardens

space CBS 81
TP 3

Von Weber, Carl Maria Concerto No. 1 & 2 For Clarinet And Orchestra Paul Walter & Alois Heine Salzburg Mozarteum classical Period
thoroughly mediocre LP 2

Vonnegut, Kurt & E.D. Grana Stones, Time & Elements - A Humanist Requiem Ray Evans Harrell Manhattan Chamber Orchestra classical Newport 94 interesting, with vonnegut reading, so some neat text play CD 3

Wagner; Sousa; Others World's Greatest Marches E. Leinsdorf & A. Fiedler Boston Symphony And Pops classical RCA 64
LP 3

Walker, Jerry Jeff Viva Terlingua

country Mca 73 an old favorite that is a little uneven, but wonderful at best CD 4

Walker, Jerry Jeff Contrary To Ordinary

country MCA 78 very ordinary, actually LP 3

Waring, Fred The Waring Blend Fred Waring The Pennsylvanians folk Capitol
froggy went a courtin' and that ilk, done by someone my dad admired LP 2

Weber; Strauss; Liszt; S-Saens Invitation To The Dance Paul Paray Detroit Symphony classical Mercury


Weelkes, Thomas Madrigals By Thomas Weelkes Peter Pears Wilbye Consort classical London 69
LP 3

Wendl, Hans Nordisk Sang Various
world New Albion 91 norwegian hauntings CD 4

Wheeler, Cheryl Driving Home

folk Philo 93 "you bring the Uzi, I'll get the old AR-14..." CD 4

Wheeler, Cheryl Sylvia Hotel

folk Philo 99 mixed quality CD 3

Who The Who Sell Out

rock Decca 67 better sound on CD reissue, but this has the BBC send-up LP 5

Who Tommy

rock MCA 69 THE rock opera LP 5

Who Who's Next

rock Decca 71 still classic LP 5

Who, The Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B

rock MCA 94 box set of 4 recapitulating their fine career CD 4

Widespread Panic Bombs & Butterflies

rock Capricorn 97 solid old-style rock, well recorded, but uneven; a KRCL bonus CD 3

Williams, John The Guitarist

classical Sony 98 his own composition is weak, but the Theodorakis, Satie, Domeniconi, Houghton, anon are fine CD 4

Williams, Lucinda World without tears

rock Lost Highway 03 biting CD 4

Williams, Lucinda Live @ the Fillmore

rock Lost Highway 05 at her raucous best CD 4
Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

rock Mercury 98 bought for the wonderfully erotic "right in time" CD 4

Williams, Lucinda Lucinda Williams

country Koch 98 has Passionate Kisses ; rerelease from 88 CD 5

Williams, Vaughn & Coates Greensleeves; Fantasia On Thos. Tallis; Folk & London Suite Morton Gould His classical RCA 64 joyous LP 5

Williamson, Robin Legacy Of The Scottish Harpers

folk Flying Fish 84 contemporary master TP 4

Williamson, Robin Legacy Of The Scottish Harpers Volume 2

folk Flying Fish 86 contemporary master TP 4

Winston, George Ballads And Blues 1972

space Windham Hill 72 solo piano TP 3

Winston, George Autumn

space Windham Hill 80 solo piano TP 4

Winston, George December

space Windham Hill 82 solo piano TP 4

Winston, George Winter Into Spring

space Windham Hill 82 pleasant piano TP 4

Winston, George Country Gross, Charles
space Windham Hill 84 film score LP 4

Winston, George Forest

space DancingCat 94 pleasant piano CD 4

Winston, George Plains

folk Windham Hill 99 pleasant solo piano, but not memorable CD 3

Wintch, Doug Singin on the Job

folk LuDella 10 bought from the artist, fun, but a bit tiring CD 3
Wintch, Doug Wooden Nickels

folk LuDella 93 excellent SLC folkie CD 4

Wintch, Doug Checkin' In

folk LuDella 98 mixed quality, some very good, SLC artist CD 3

Winter - Isbin - De Mello Journey To The Amazon

world Teldec 97 freebie, sax guitar percussion, mostly forgettable CD 3

Winter, Johnny And

blues Columbia 70 2000 rerelease, rocks out, with Rick Derringer CD 4

Winter, Paul Common Ground

world A&M 78 "lay down your burden" is very powerful still; also sax duet with wolf LP 4

Wolf, Kate Give Yourself To Love

folk Rhino 83 double live CD with "medicine wheel"; some thin parts, much power CD 4

Wolf, Kate An Evening In Austin

folk Rhino 89 live; some favorites, with a few weaker efforts CD 4

Young, Neil Massey Hall 1971

rock Reprise 07 live, solo, a great performer and song writer caught well early on CD 4
Young, Neil Rust Never Sleeps

rock warner 79 classic live, with Crazy Horse cd 5
Young, Steve Seven Bridges Road

country Blue Canyon 75 an artist who has never gotten proper recognition LP 4

Young, Steve Renegade Picker

country RCA 76 with Tracy Nelson harmony LP 4

Young, Steve No Place To Fall

country RCA 78 "montgomery in the rain" and "drift away" are turn it up all the way LP 5

Young, Steve Switchblades of Love

folk/rock Watermelon 93 "Angel of Lyon" is a favorite CD 5

Young, Steve Primal Young

folk/rock Appleseed 99 a little repetitive, but still worth repeating CD 4
Z Z Top Fandango

country Warner Bros 75 reissued 2006, fun touch of some parallel Texas CD 4
Zevon, Warren Life'll Kill You

rock Artemis 00 best for a while CD 4

Zevon, Warren Warren Zevon

rock Asylum 76 produced by Jackson Browne; still unsurpassed LP 5

Zevon, Warren Excitable Boy

rock Asylum 78 produced by Jackson Browne and Waddy Wachtel; still unsurpassed LP 5

Zevon, Warren Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School

rock Asylum 80 fun occasionally, especially the gorilla song LP 3

Zevon, Warren Sentimental Hygiene

rock Virgin 87 detox may have saved his life, but it did not improve his creativity LP 3

Zevon, Warren Transverse city

rock Virgin 89 2003 rerelease, with Garcia, Neil Young, David Gilmour, etc; like the 1st 2, superb CD 5

Zevon, Warren Learning To Flinch

rock Giant 93 live, acoustic oldies; amazing that he survives CD 5

Zevon, Warren Mutineer

rock Giant 95 may not have grown on me yet CD 3

The Collected Desires remain to be added.

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