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Musical favorites

   An incomplete alphabetical compilation of albums that I've rated highest and/or most often turned to for repeated listening. Much equally vital or better stuff may be out there, of course, but in the ongoing quest for the transcendent, these have come most strongly into my life, as a core among my physical collection. First class reproduction equipment is vital to getting the most out of any of them.

   This list provides a partial counterpoint to my grousing about the crap that is being produced or distributed by most erstwhile musicians in recent years. There should be substantial satisfaction findable among this selection.

   This list is abbreviated almost directly from a not always carefully entered database, so errors in capitalization, classification, and spelling surely remain. The selection underlines how inadequate my efforts have been towards collecting classical recordings. Radio generally has provided that area of listening, instead, over the years, not least due to gross overpricing for too many recordings. The comments sometimes apply only to versions in my own collection.



rock Arista 91 2 CDs of Grateful Dead covers by various artists, every one superb
AIken, Caroline Live Bait

folk/rock Rainy Day 94 Georgia's great 12 and 6 string picker
Allison, Luther Blue Streak

blues Alligator 95 belt buckle polishing (better without belts - or pants) music
Allman Brothers Band At the Fillmore East

rock Capricorn 71 definitive concert on 2 lps
Amos, Tori Crucify

rock Atlantic 92 very short (22 minutes), but good, keeps improving with repeated listens
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes

rock Atlantic 91 wow sound
Axton, Hoyt Fearless

country A&M 76 a fine singer-songwriter with a first class production
Bach, J.S. Four Great Toccatas & Fugues E. Power Biggs Pipe Organs classical CBS 73 shows the power of memorization
Bach, J.S. Sonatas (For Flute) James Galway Philip Moll & Sarah Cunningham classical RCA 95 platinum sound
Baez, Joan Farewell, Angelina

folk Vanguard 02 reissue from 1965; Joan gently electric, with Dylan tunes, a real classic
Bain, Aly & Ale Moller Fully rigged

Nordic NorthSide 01 Shetlands fiddle meets Swedish winds, good for regular listening
Bain, Aly & Ale Moller Beyond the Stacks

Nordic Northside 07 Shetlands fiddle meets Swedish guitars, good for regular listening
Baltimore Consort On The Banks Of Helicon: Early Music Of Scotland

world Dorian 90 these folks do old music right, with enthusiasm and purity
Barber, Samuel Violin Concerto Hillary Hahn/Hugh Wolff St. Paul Chamber Orch. classical Sony 00 superbly played; with the Meyer violin concerto
Bartok, Bela Concerto For Orchestra Erich Leinsdorf Boston Symphony classical RCA 63 definitive
Beatles Abbey Road

rock Capitol 80 I have the original master LP rerelease
Beatles Sgt. Pepper

rock apple 67 their classic psychedalia; '87 CD has excellent booklet background
Beatles Help!

rock Parlophone 65 superb early stuff, exquisitely recorded
Beatles White Album

rock Capitol 68 remastered '09; not consistent, but mostly still wonderful, especially when careful Martin production can shine
Beethoven Symphony # 9 Bernstein Combined classical DGG 90 live and thrilling
Beethoven Symphony No. 6 Fritz Reiner Chicago Symphony classical RCA 63 even with somewhat dated sound, unsurpassed intensity
Ben-Susan, Pierre Two

folk Rounder 93 French, new age, distinctly better than anything else heard from him
Benatar, Pat Live From Earth

rock Chrysalis 83 Heartbreaker
Bernstein, Leonard Mass Bernstein Kennedy Center classical Columbia 71
2 records; original cast; rough but haunting
Big Brother & Holding Company Cheap Thrills Janis Joplin
rock Columbia 67 CD sound favors the band, as did the live performance I remember
Black, Mary Shine

rock Curb 97 dangerously close to shlocky at times, but wears well; superb covers of Richard Thompson and David Gray; much punchier than her other work
Blind Faith Blind Faith

Rock Polydor 69/01 Clapton, Winwood, Baker, Grech utterly classic
Boine, Mari & Leahkastin

World Sonet 94 brought from Inari, Finland; haunting Sami singing, with deep bass & drums
Browne, Jackson Running On Empty

rock Asylum 77 live, before the cocaine got fully to him
Brubeck, Dave--Quartet Time Out

jazz Columbia 59
the best of cool
Buffet, Jimmy A-1-A

country MCA 74 the origin of Margaritaville
Bukkene Bruse The Stone Chair

Nordic Northside 99 traditional and orginal Norwegian, brought cleanly forward, Annbjorg Lien on fiddle lead
Byrds, The The Notorious Byrd Brothers

rock Columbia 67
the positive side of fuzzy
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On Come On

country Sony 92
at her peak
Clark, Guy Old No. 1

country RCA 75 this defines my kind of country
Cockburn, Bruce Nothing But A Burning Light

rock Columbia 91 this will stand up over time
Cohen, Leonard Live

rock Columbia 94 the man who helped make the '60s work getting even better
Cohen, Leonard The Best Of

folk CBS 75 the man who helped make the '60s work
Cohen, Leonard Live In London

Folk/Rock Sony 09 superb revisitations of masterpieces by the master and some musical peers, DVD beautifully photographed as well as recorded, enjoyable despite one tasteless bit of ignorant politicing
Collins, Judy #3

folk Elektra 63 this is folk!
Collins, Judy Fifth Album

folk Elektra 65
better still
Collins, Judy In My Life

folk Elektra 66 mostly arranged by Joshua Rifkin; an absolute core collection, always satisfying, especially her take on Cohen's 'Suzanne'
Collins, Judy Judith

country Elektra 75
falling into Broadway, but still fun
Collins, Judy Who Knows Where The Time Goes

rock Elektra 68 with Steven Stills
Collins, Judy Wildflowers

folk Elektra 67 arranged by Joshua Rifkin
Colvin, Shawn Steady On

rock Columbia 89 individually the songs are powerful, together they continue to grow, damaged only by a stupidly included drum machine on some cuts
Copland, Aaron Appalachian Spring Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia 62 I've been to heaven while listening to this recording
Corelli, Archangelo Concerto Grossi, Op. 6
I Musici classical Philips 94 double CD; excellent music, exquisitely played: every note gets care
Cowboy Junkies Caution Horses

rock BMG 90 soft seeming but hard edged; few better for repeated listening
Cowboy Junkies Lay It Down

rock Geffen 96 another that grows with repeated listening
Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sesson

rock RCA 88 music doesn't get any better than this
Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country

rock Fantasy 67 "Proud Mary"
Crosby, Stills & Nash Crosby, Stills & Nash

rock Atlantic 69 justifyably classic
Crosby, Stills & Nash CSN

rock Atlantic 77 "Cathedral"
Crosby, Stills & Nash Deja Vu

rock Atlantic 70 with Garcia on steel
Deep Purple The Best Of Deep Purple

rock Creative 67?
pirate somewhat better sound version of 60's favorites
Doors, The L.A. Woman

rock Elektra 71 has "Riders on the Storm"
Doors, The The Doors

rock Elektra 67 popular, but where would our minds be without it?
Doors, The Waiting For The Sun

rock Elektra 68 worth the wait
Dylan, Bob 30th Anniversary Celebration

rock Columbia 93 the Bobfest tribute: Young, Clapton, Petty, Vedder, Cash, Winter, etc.
Dylan, Bob Blonde On Blonde

rock Columbia 65 reiusse of a classic
Dylan, Bob Blood On The Tracks

rock Columbia 74 the subtle climax of his career
Dylan, Bob Bringing It All Back Home

folk/rock Columbia 65 the transition to electric
Dylan, Bob Desire

rock Columbia 75 old, but unsurpassed, with Emmy Lou Harris
Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Revisited

rock Columbia 65 "Desolation row" duet with Bloomfield best in stereo, but the LP sounds less harsh than the CD reissue
Earle, Steve Copperhead Road

country Uni 88 intense
Enya Watermark

space Reprise 88 "Orinoco Flow" haunted me for years
Etheridge, Melissa Never Enough

rock Island 92 erotic
Farina, Richard And Mimi The Best Of

folk Vanguard 68 Reflections on a crystal wind, plus on a 1988 cd reissue
Fleetwood Mac Live

rock Warner 80 has the grit the studio stuff didn't (though that was superb if one's tools are good enough): final guitar solo is a 6
Floridis, John The Dance Of Apollo

folk Glacial 01 instrumental folk guitar at its best
Fogelberg, Dan The Innocent Age

rock Epic 81 double good, mostly
Fogerty, John Blue Moon Swamp

rock Warner 97 grew to be a favorite with repeated listening
Fugs The Fugs First Album

folk Broadside 65 New York at its crazy best
Gabrielli, Giovanni Music For San Rocco 1608 Paul McCreesh Gabrielli Consort classical Archiv 96 rated superb in the New Yorker, and is
Garcia, Jerry Garcia

rock Warner 72 it doesn't get any better than this
Garcia, Jerry And Band Cats Under The Stars

rock Arista 78 "Rhapsody in Red", "On Grosvenor Square".
Gershwin and Grofe Rhapsody In Blue; An American In Paris; Grand Canyon Suite Leonard Bernstein Columbia, NY classical CBS 59 Bernstein on piano is unequalled for jazz feeling on a clear 98 CD reissue
Gjallarhorn Sjofn

world NorthSide 00 as beautiful as its naked woman cover; rocks with hints of the past
Goodman, Steve Somebody Elses Troubles

folk Buddah 72
the funniest songwriter
Gorecki, Henry Symphony #3 Zinemann, David London Symphonietta classical Elektra 92 compelling when listened to carefully
Grateful Dead American Beauty

rock Warner 70 early definitive
Grateful Dead Blues For Allah

rock Gdp 75 classic
Grateful Dead Europe '72

rock Warner 72 triple
Grateful Dead History Of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice)

rock Warner 73 some surprising acoustic and electric blues
Grateful Dead Wake Of The Flood

rock Grateful 73 difficult to play too often
Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead

country Warner 70 the Dead go wonderfully country
Griffin, Patty A Kiss in Time

folk ATO 03 wonderfully granular voice, live, with amusing little DVD
Griffith, Nanci The Mca Years, A Retrospective

country MCA 93 a bit much at a time, but wonderful
Harris, Emmylou Luxury Liner

country Warner 77
picking up power
Harris, Emmylou Pieces Of The Sky

country Reprise 75 Boulder to Birmingham, her tribute to Gram Parsons, still tears me up
Harris, Emmylou Spyboy

rock Eminent 98 live and really rocks
Harris, Emmylou The Ballad Of Sally Rose

country Warner 85 her album as a story
Harris, Emmylou White Shoes

rock Warner 83 simply superb
Heart Dreamboat Annie

rock Capitol 76 still repeatedly listenable after all the years
Heart Heart

rock Capitol 85 wonderfully smooth yet hard
Heart Little Queen

rock Portrait 77
solid rock
Holst; Bach; Handel Suite No. 1 & 2; Fantasia In G Minor; Royal Fireworks Frederick Fennell Cleveland Symphonic Winds classical Telarc 78 one of the first digital recordings, a wowser
Ian & Sylvia The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings

folk Vanguard 01 4 CD collection of the very best of '60's folk, wonderful in all senses
Its A Beautiful Day Its A Beautiful Day

rock SF Sound 67 classics, e.g. "White Bird", with inadequate liner notes, but great sound
Jefferson Airplane After bathing at Baxter's

rock BMG 68 retains its marvelous flavor
Jefferson Airplane Crown Of Creation

rock RCA 68
properly titled
Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow

rock RCA 67
Jennings, Waylon This Time

country RCA 74 mostly Willie's songs
Johnson, Robert The Complete Recordings

blues Columbia 90 double, with alternate takes of the master from the '30s; truly great, but too much to listen through often
Joplin, Janis Pearl

rock Columbia 69
Keen, Robert Earl No Kinda Dancer

country Sugar Hill 85 gift from his producer
Larkin, Patty A Gogo, Live On Tour

folk Vanguard 99 superb retrospective
Lightnin' Hopkins Lighnin' Srikes

blues Everest 65 this IS the blues to me
Lovett, Lyle Road To Ensenada

country Mca 96 superb in every way
Lovett, Lyle Step Inside This House

country Curb-Mca 98 all Texas, with resurgence and photos of Anderson Fair friends
MacLeod, Kate Trying To Get It Right

folk Festival 94 a Salt Lake still mostly unkown, but first class
Mayall, John The Turning Point

blues Polydor 69 with Jon Mark and Johnny Almond; the definitive sax solo "California"
McKennitt, Loreena Parallel Dreams

folk Quinlan 89 bringing forward paganism
McKennitt, Loreena The Book Of Secrets

space Warner 97 inlcudes "the highwayman", one of her few where the studio version is notably better
McKennitt, Loreena The Mask And Mirror

space Warner 94 includes "Santiago"
McKennitt, Loreena The Visit

folk Quinlan 92 updated English folksongs
McKennitt, Loreena Nights from the Alhambra

folk/rock Quinlan 07 being able to see the musicians via DVD helps to appreciate just how good the whole performance is; mostly great camerawork as well as playing
McMurtrey, James St. Mary Of The Woods

rock Sugar Hill 02 Texas rock
McMurtrey, James Where'd They Hide The Body

rock Columbia 95 this is Larry's son, who has become a superb musician
Merchant, Natalie Leave Your Sleep

Pop Nonesuch 10 2 cds of poems for children wonderfully set to music, and a little hardbound book with lyrics, stories, and photos about their origin. Every aspect was done with care.
Meyer, Edgar Violin Concerto Hillary Hahn/Hugh Wolff St. Paul Chamber Orch. classical Sony 00 fun piece superbly played; with the Barber violin concerto
Mitchell, Joni Blue

folk Reprise 71 folk blending into rock doesn't get any better
Mitchell, Joni Joni Mitchell

folk Reprise 68 produced by David Crosby, with Stills playing bass
Mitchell, Joni Shadows And Light

rock Asylum 80 2 record concert, with Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius
Moffat, Hugh Loving You

folk Philo 87 given to me by the artist, and stands up to anyone anywhere
Moody Blues A Question Of Balance

rock Threshold 70 quintessence of classical acid rock
Nelson, Willie Phases And Stages

country Atlantic 74 probably played every day for a year and still sounds good
Nelson, Willie Red Headed Stranger

country Columbia 75 rightfully regarded as a classic
Nordic Artists Devil's tune

world NorthSide 98 hardanger fiddle playing by a set of the best
Ochs, Phil Chords Of Fame

folk A&M 74 retrospective of genius
Oysterband Rise above

Rock Omnium 02 "bright morning star" was a KRCL acoustic outro for a while; wears wonderfully
Part, Arvo Litany Tonu Kaljuste Hilliard Ensemble, Tallin Ch. classical ECM 96 enduring semi-minimalist from Estonia
Pentangle Cruel Sister

folk Reprise 70
still classic
Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever

rock Mca 89 following up doing the Wilburys; consistenly driving
Phillips, Shawn Furthermore

rock A&M 74 memorable range, vocally and musically
Phillips, Shawn Second Contribution

rock A&M 70 memorable range, vocally and musically
Pink Floyd Delicate Sounds Of Thunder

rock Columbia 88 wow!; double live CD
Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon

rock Capitol/EMI 73 the classic, beautifully remastered on CD in 1994
Rachmaninoff Rhaposody On Paganini Theme Arthur Fiedler, Leonard Pennario Boston Pops classical RCA 63 still the best version
Raitt, Bonnie Give It Up

rock Warner 72 her best
Reed, Lou Rock N Roll Animal

rock RCA 74 Lou live and loud, worn but wonderful
Renbourn, John The Nine Maidens

folk Flying Fish 85 best from the best at the time
Renbourn, John & St. Grossman Under The Volcano

folk Kicking Mule 79 unbeatable, background or foreground, acoustic guitars
Reykjavik Wind Quintet Cantus borealis - wind music from the Faroe Islands
Reykjavik Wind Quintet classical BIS 99 various contemporary composers, consistently good; over time and repeated playing it has become a favorite
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Fritz Reiner Chicago classical RCA/BMG 60 my father's favorite; really gets a telling the story feel; superb sound on 2005 SACD
Robbins, Marty Gunfighter ballads

Country Columbia 58/06 absolute classic, with "big iron" and "El Paso"
Rogers, Stan Home In Halifax

folk fogarty's cove 82 best live folk and voice around; includes the Mary Ellen Carter
Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet

rock London 68 still among the greatest
Rolling Stones Stripped

rock Virgin 95 live in a small amsterdam club, definitive sound quality
Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request

rock London 67 famous for good reason
Ronstadt, Linda Feels Like Home

rock Elektra 95 superb version of "after the gold rush"
Ronstadt, Linda Heart Like A Wheel

rock Capitol 74 one of the best records period: voice, musicians, and production
Rush, Tom New Year: Live At Symphony Hall

folk Night Light 82 limited edition
Rush, Tom The Very Best Of Tom Rush: No Regrets

folk Columbia 20 superb retrospective of a favorite artist
Shostakovich Symphony #5 Rostropovich National classical Teldec 95 brings out the pain behind the glorious sound
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 Karel Ancerl Czech Philharmonic classical Parliament 62 not the best sound quality, but thrilling playing
Simon & Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme

folk-rock Columbia 66 rightfully considered a classic
Simon & Garfunkel Sounds Of Silence

folk-rock Columbia 65 rightfully considered a classic
Simon & Garfunkel Wednesday Morning 3 Am

folk-rock Columbia 64 first of the great ones
Simon, Paul Graceland

world Warner 86
African sound, American thoughtfulness
Small Potatoes Waltz Of The Wildflowers

folk Wind River 00 superb job by a couple of little known troubadors
Smith, Patti Horses/Horses

75/05 has a marvelous "Gloria"; double, with a live repeat in 2006 of the 1975 classic
Springsteen, Bruce & E-St.Band Live/1975-85

rock Columbia 86 they just kept getting better from a good start, superbly recorded
Steeleye Span All Around My Hat

folk-rock Chrysalis 75 original master repressing
Steeleye Span Now We Are Six

folk-rock Chrysalis 76 with Ian Anderson and David Bowie
Steeleye Span Parcel Of Rogues

folk-rock Chrysalis 73 english folk songs rowdily and beautifully updated, worn from much playing
Stravinsky Le Sacre Du Printemps Leonard Bernstein New York Philharmonic classical Columbia 60?
worn from very many playings
Thompson, Richard Mock Tudor

rock Capitol 99 the master of the sardonic riff; keeps growing in power with repeated playing
Thompson, Richard Watching The Dark

rock Hannibal 93 3 cd well selected and ordered best of, from Fairport Convention to the "Wall of Death" ; this is a take to desert island set, often providing late night succor for the mind and heart
Thompson, Richard Dream Attic

rock Shout 10 couple of weaker songs in the middle, but a wonderfully captured recent program of music; the master ages well. worth serious repeated listening.
Van Ronk, Dave Dave Van Ronk

folk Fantasy 62 the best picker ever, at his peak
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Texas Flood

blues Epic 83 his first, with Double Trouble; 06 CD extras aren't much, but the basics are great
Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico

rock Verve 66 the Andy Warhol production, with peel-off banana; at their best
Vivaldi Four Seasons Gil Shaham Orpheus Chamber classical DGG 94 thrilling virtuosity; a chestnut fully revivified and justified
Who The Who Sell Out

rock Decca 67 better sound on CD box set reissue, but this has the BBC send-up
Who Tommy

rock MCA 69 THE rock opera
Who Who's Next

rock Decca 71 still classic
Williams, Lucinda Lucinda Williams

country Koch 98 has "Passionate Kisses" ; rerelease from 88
Williams, Vaughn & Coates Greensleeves; Fantasia On Thos. Tallis; Folk & London Suite Morton Gould His classical RCA 64 joyous
Young, Neil Rust Never Sleeps

rock warner 79 classic live, with Crazy Horse
Young, Steve No Place To Fall

country RCA 78 "Montgomery in the Rain" and "Drift Away" are turn it up all the way
Young, Steve Switchblades of Love

folk/rock Watermelon 93 "Angel of Lyon" is a favorite
Zevon, Warren Excitable Boy

rock Asylum 78 produced by Jackson Browne and Waddy Wachtel; unsurpassed
Zevon, Warren Learning To Flinch

rock Giant 93 live oldies, played acousticly; amazing that he survived long enough to do this
Zevon, Warren Transverse city

rock Virgin 89 2003 rerelease, with Garcia, Neil Young, David Gilmour, etc; like the 1st 2, superb
Zevon, Warren Warren Zevon

rock Asylum 76 produced by Jackson Browne; unsurpassed

The more or less complete collection

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