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Collected Web Links

Welcome to an eccentric tour of the internet, built from a pure HTML coding approach that was the best available in 1998, but remains anything but trivial to update. I continue gnawing at it, when time and patience allow, but hoped for accessibility and purity in presentation keep getting mousetrapped by internal and external glitches.

The collected links do not necessarily imply lasting respect for their design, their content, or reflect my own points of view. Some were added because I have been amused by their contrariness or its presentation, reflecting an occasional realization that even I am not omniscient. The rest simply were interesting enough to survive their transfer from browser bookmarking for repeatable looks to this format.

The category placements seem to randomize by themselves, defying initial organizing goals, paralleling the inevitable winking out of links since last visited, especially deeper into sections. Listings within sections initially tried to mimic their relative importance to me, but many sets have become quirkily chronological, with newest finds at the top or bottom. Most of the underlined link names were provided by the site itself, but often are shortened, while some have been changed to be (hopefully) more informative, or at least less obnoxious.

Extant jump-to categories are:

Astronomy / Automobiles / Computerstuff / Culture / Fisheries and Food / Grants / Interesting Commercial Stuff / Jobs / Library & Searching / Maps / Medicine / Miscellania / Music / Photography / Rangeland Info / Remote Sensing / Sustainability / Travel / USU / Weather / Unclassified Recent Additions / Yorksite Central


Favorite Sites -- the ones that I check most often:

Astronomy Picture of the Day - the most distant window
NWS Doppler Radar - National Mosaic - where my browser opens; usually quite current atmospheric activity across the U.S.; utilized by (cheap) pilots. Hidden feature: clicking on a location gets a closer view. The loops can be particularly useful to get a feel for developing trends.
Aviation Weather - a powerful variety of present national patterns and predictive tools
National Weather Service - NWS Salt Lake City - local conditions, and what is purported to be coming, for northern Utah
IR west US weather Loop - cloud patterns moving across the Western U.S., from government data
Global Weather Infrared Satellite - commercial interpretation, but usually illustrates more or less complete world cloud patterns
US pollution levels - daily comparative underestimates of danger in our air
Tromsø live picture - where it is cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and nearly always less polluted (at least outdoors) than where I live
Planet=level image - active wind patterns for the entire western hemisphere
Salon.com - generally useless news, but often entertaining, occasionally even genuinely edifying
Headwaters News: Daily comment for the Rocky Mountain West- sometimes leads to key articles for the area
Daily News from Iceland - good for perspective
Dogpile - goes beyond Google as an information search source
Grist - fairly regularly useful environmental news, but too often obscured by flashy design

and now on to the greater collection; enjoy browsing...


Weather Underground not below the surface, but some fun commentary from an interactive group
US Air Quality Forecast map
Global patterns interpreted by "Intellicast"
Utah Interagency Fire Information
National Active Fires Map (with satellite image link)
Volcanic activity worldwide
Canadian Weather
NOAA Home Page
Climate Prediction Center
Wildland Fire Assessment System
SNOTEL Western River Basin Precipitation Map
SNOTEL Tabular format
Cache Valley air pollution levelss
Arctic Sea Ice Coverage
World Weather Satellite View - an overview of what is happening across our planet; also nicely done, but ad infested
National Climatic Data Center (Archived Material)
Space Weather Bureau
NCDC Online Document Library, Publications
Finnish sky phenomena


Salt Lake City Weekly
The Daily Beast
Daily Rotten: Weird News
uComics, featuring a daily Calvin & Hobbes rerun
ROTTEN TOMATOES: Movie Reviews & Previews
Chronicle Books
Mark Fiore's Animated Political Cartoons
Strange Cosmos
Funny pictures, jokes - Dribbleglass.com - Tr...
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Scientific Quotes gathered on the Net
Rheingold's brainstorms
Nobody for President
Gary Zukav Home Page ("Genesis Foundation")
The Herald Journal: Bridgerland's Daily Online Newspaper
AnyWho: Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address
the ONION | Number One In News
Billboard Liberation [once wonderfully funny alone, now among partners]
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!
Adbusters Spoof Ad Gallery
The Emperors Clothes
Katherine Neville's Home Page
HeadWize - Announcements
WIRE Program Australian Links
Global Trash Beer Page
University of Chicago Press Online, books division homepage
Humanities Interactive Flash
The Literature Network: Online literature for the student, educator, and enthusiast.
Windskate Sails for Roller-Skates, Rollerblades, and Skateboards
The Witches' Web
Genius Sperm Bank Information
ReproMed Limited
Lord Of The Rings
ilovebacon.com - shouldn't you be doing something productive
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
David Dobbs, writer
Sailing Globe Challenge - Ocean Planet
Richard Manning
Science--Enhanced Perspectives Listing
Federation of American Scientists
Zeppelin! Innausstattung (Inside the Hindenburg) - Frankfurt am Main
Welcome to Neopets!
Argument - British essays on news
Guardian (Manchester) Unlimited


The Constitution of the United States of America
Jim Hightower
Cache County Utah Democrats - www.cachedemocrats.org
NEWSMONGER* - Internet News Headlines updated from around the Web
DMY Homepage
Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward
Not One Damn Dime!
CounterPunch: "America's Best Political Newsletter"
Report it Now | Participate.net
John Bergstrom's Attack Cartoons - Back on the Offensive


MedlinePlus - Health Information from NIH, including drugs and supplements, with an illustrated medical encyclopedia
Entrez PubMed The basic medical reserch tool
Tendinosis.org: Current Treatments research into tendinosis, tendinitis, and chronic tendon injuries


VIA Rail Canada
Classic 164 Currency Converter
Lonely Planet Upgrades
Transitions Abroad Publishing
Ethical Traveler
New Traveler Online budget travel, travel articles, travel bargains and travel information.
Jack Fry Travel - Ridgecrest CA (Bonnie Andes)
Better World Club - Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel

Airlines, Sea Links, Cruises, and Package Deals

Alaska Marine Highway System Main Information
Washington State Ferries
UK Ferry Routes
DFDS European Seaways, USA link
UK Ferry Routes
Scandinavia via freighters
Clipper Cruise Line - Home Page
American Orient Express Rail Tours
Discovery Voyages Home Page
Zegrahm Expeditions, adventure travel expeditions and cruises to all corners of the world.
Country Walkers Tours
"Tall ships. Sail training voyages"
All aboard Montana Rockies rail tours
Quark Expeditions: Antarctic Cruises, Arctic cruises
Global Exchange
AIH Destination Management


Tromso live picture
Welcome to Tromsø, Norway
Trondheim City Site
Norwegian Coastal Voyage, Inc. - Bergen Line Services
Aftenposten Norway, Norwegian news in English
Info Norway Live Cameras - Index of Live Cameras in Norway
Norwegian Online Information Service
Norway.com - online travel guide and info about Norway and Scandinavia.
Gabelshus Hotel, Oslo
Best of Iceland - Guide To Icelandic Web Sites
Iceland Crossings
Sigurður Nordal Institute, Iceland
Marin Kardjilov's GÍSland · Internet GIS and maps for Iceland and the World
south Iceland map
National Land Survey of Iceland
Sagnanetið -- Icelandic document collection
Finland tourism
City of Helsinki Tourist Office
Rivoli Hotels
An Internet guide to Finnish customs and manners
Enontekiön kunta: Finnish Lapland
Lapland Naturtours - Top of Europe
CitySearch Copenhagen - Visting Copenhagen - AOK
Hanstholm Turistbureau
Map of Danish railways
Bed and Breakfasts - Copenhagen
Homepage for the Embassy of Estonia in the U.S.A.


Real Ale
Settle-Carlisle Railway
National Rail Info Main
Settle-Carlisle Partnership
The Internet Guide to Scotland - Travel & Scottish Interest
The Shiant Isles Home Page

Other Europe

European Rail Timetables
Forsyth.com railtravel
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD)


Kremlin Live Camera
WayToRussia.Net -- A Guide to Russia and Travel Consulting
Excite Travel: Destinations: Russia
BootsnAll.com - St Petersburg, Russia

United States

Jackson Hole, Wyoming area guide and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's web site
Logan Transit
Welcome to Official Web of Logan (City) Utah
Fairbanks, Alaska Bed and Breakfast, Northern Lights, Aurora
New York Theatre Wire Marquee
New York City Irish Pubs
US Maps and Driving Directions
Grand Teton National Park Home Page
Dude Ranchers' Association
Hunting Information Systems--An On-Line Guide to Hunting-Related Services Internationally
WYDOT Highway Conditions


Ecologistics: deep ecology collaboratory
Label GMO products yourself Since industry executives are too selfish to let us know what they are doing to us and the future of our planet
Northern Plains Resource Council— Organizing Montanans to protect water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life
Orion: The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change
Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)
Mainpage - Light pollution in italy - Pierantonio Cinzano Web pages
Light Pollution Authority Home Page - www.darksky.org
Aerobus International, Inc.
Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education
Département de sciences biologiques: Pierre Legendre
Livable Houston
Society for Conservation GIS
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Dan Uresk Ph.D.
Green Map System Home
Order Flowers Online, Organic Flowers - OrganicBouquet.com
Transportation Alternatives, NYC
Carbusters Magazine
Food & Water Watch
Grist Magazine
Roadless Initiative
Home Power magazine: Home Page
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online
Sustainability Institute
The European Environment Agency
Road Hog Reduction Campaign
Environmental Education - Bioneers Conference - Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture.
EnviroLink News Service
About the Center for a New American Dream and the Need for Responsible Consumption
The Wildlands Project [Official Site]
American Conservation Real Estate
Great Plains Restoration Council
Planet Ark
Eat Wild
land, livestock, environment, organic farming, forage herbs, sustainable agriculture.
Our Future - Our Environment
Sustainable Resources on the Internet
NoiseWatch Online: information about noise pollution
Noise Center Home Page
Haze Cam Pollution Visibility Camera Network
livingearth.com Home
Zero Population Growth
Environmental Health Information Service
PERC: An Environmental Think Tank Promoting Market Approaches to Environmental Problems
GreenNet - Networking for the Environment, Peace, Human Rights and Development
Wildlands CPR
California Coastal Records Project
Ecological Restoration Instititute, N Arizona
Green Vehicle Guide
Earth On Empty
Eco Encore
Dragon Environmental Network - A heady mix of Paganism and Environmentalism
Intentional Communities Web Site: Home Page
Arcosanti Virtual Tour
Sustainable Design, Development, and Policy Resources on the Web
One Person One Vote
The Penn State Indicators Report: Students and Faculty Examine the University
The Committee for the National Institute for the Environment - CNIE
The Natural Step/US
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Conservation International: Global Ecosystem Conservation
International Society for Ecosystem Health
Global Environmental Assessment Project Home Page
Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors in New York State
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law has moved!
Sacramento District Regulatory POC's
Sacramento Regulatory Home Page
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse Home Page
Millennium Institute: State of Our World Indicators
The Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project
About RMI
Global Response - Environmental Action and Education Network
Global Change Home Page
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
Sustainable Culture Info
Earth Science data on the Global Land Information System
Mission to Planet Earth
Eco-Village Information Service home page
IIASA - Science for Global Insight
emagazine.com : the website of E/The Environmental Magazine, the premiere source of environmental news, features, and green living tips...
Welcome to EnviroArts: Orion Online.
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
ERIM International Home Page
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Landfill Gas Recovery Program
Fine Particulates (PM2.5) Air Pollution Australia


Summary Overview: Outline
All Aboard - USA: pro-rail Internet coalition
Innovative Transportation Technologies main index page
High Speed Ground Transportation @ FRA

Global Warming/CO2

JI Online Climate Change Information Network
FETC Global Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Technology
Hawaiian Forest Securities, Inc. - Carbon Credits
GERT Home Page
global re-leaf group
DOE emission tables
Carbon Trading at World Bank
Workshop on Forestry sequestration
VOLUNTARY PAPERS from 1997 meeting
The U.S. Initiative on Joint Implementation
Environmental Financial Products - slide presentation
RFF books on Issues in Climate Change
Purchase Carbon Offset Credits Online (IUEP)
The AirBank
Greenhouse Issues. No. 30 May 1997
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) - Frequently Asked Questions
EDF links to global warming

Rangeland Information

RangeBiome, A Public Rangeland Almanac - Home Page
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Project
Red Hen Systems, Inc. Home Page
State of the Land -- Index to 1997 National Resources Inventory Analysis Products
Welcome to the PLANTS National Database
Ecological Society of America Homepage
USU Herbarium
Forest Service PNW Publications
US Long Term Ecological Research Network - LTER Sites
reindeer research program
West Inc. Ecology and Statistics Consultants
CSIRO Wildlife & Ecology - PATN
Database for EcologicalCommunity Data, ANUTECH - Tech Programs Management - Decoda- Ecological Database
ORNL Environmental Sciences Division (ESD)
ORNL Data for Biogeochemical Dynamics
SRM - Society for Range Management
idrisi homepage
Midcontinent Ecological Science Center Home Page
Western Center for Integrated Resource Management
Ecological Site Description System
Soil Information for Environmental Modeling and Ecosystem Management
JRM Handbook
The Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project
Nat'l Academy Press, Grand Challenges in Environmental Sciences (2000), Table of Contents
Conservation Ecology - A Peer Reviewed Journal - Main Page
Global Production Efficiency Model (GLO-PEM)
Wildlife Works
Wild Russia-promoting nature conservation in Russian Zapovedniks
Forestry Images: the source for insects, weeds, wildlife and silviculture images
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Dr. Douglas E. Johnson, Ph.D. - Rangeland Resources, Oregon State University


Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat : Healthy Bison Steaks, Jerky, Burger & Elk Meat
Intertribal Bison Cooperative
national bison cooperative
| Wild Idea Buffalo | New Season of Fresh Meat! | Special Holiday Packages! |
great plains bison organization
Sayersbrook Ranch, Bison, meat, steaks, roasts, emu, ostrich, prepared foods, organic poultry, elk, gourmet meats
Hells Canyon Bison Ranch - Our Meat
Bighorn Buffalo Company - Buffalo meat / Bison meat
The Denver Buffalo Company - Online!
rancher network
Bison Interactions with Elk and Predictive Models of Bison and Elk Carrying Capacity, Snow Models, and Population Management Scenarios in the Jackson Valley

Remote Sensing

Latest NASA solar image 1024x1024
TERRA: Images & Data Gallery
Welcome to MODIS
Ocean Remote Sensing Group (S1R) AVHRR Image Gallery
Esri Training Site for RS/ GIS Laboratory
Introduction to The GreenReport Map Sets
seawifs satellite veg index
USGS-EROS satellite image home page
USGS-EOS Data Gateway: Welcome
AVHRR NDVI Image Maps for Wyoming
Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory at Utah State University Projects: Index -- Laboratory Research Center
USGS Mapping Information: Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Leica GIS & Mapping Support
Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program

Image Analysis

Visual Models of Morphogenesis: Title page
First Growth Digital Canopy Camera: Introduction
Automated Imaging Association - Home Page
Image Processing Tool Kit CD
VR News 3D Scanner Review Links
Brigham and Women's Hospital Surgical Planning Lab
Medical Vision Group Home Page
Computer Graphics
NIH Image Home Page
Image Processing Tool Kit CD
Media Cybernetics Image Analysis Software - Home
PhotoDisc: In the Loupe
Rolleimetric Products
Regent Instruments Image Analysis Systems and software for Plant Science
Preserving and Digitizing Plant Images
ERIM (Veridan) Image Systems
Vivastar - data storage

Radio Tracking

Discovery For Recovery
A Different Approach to Radio-Location
GPS Tracking of Cattle
Thax Software. Home of FINDENTITY. The Intelligent Search + Identification System.
Lotek Fish & Wildlife Monitoring Systems - Radio Telemetry
Info Summary
! AVM Instrument Company, Ltd. !
Tracker Radio Location Systems, Inc.


Name-based info, downloadable maps, and images from USGS search function allows selective magnification to full topo or DOQ resolution
TerraServer Search Using Geographic Coordinates Lat-Long based; allows selective magnification to full DOQ resolution
State Of Utah AGRC
Utah GIS Portal site info leads to sitemap
Utah aerial-photography 2009 naip 1 meter orthophotography
Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory at Utah State University Data: Index
TopoZone Maps
Vebetation Map Checklist
CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
7.5 minute Digital Elevation Models for Utah
ArcData Online: ESRI's Internet Mapping and Data Site
Idaho Geographic Information Center
Maps and Driving Directions
Maptech: USGS Topographic Maps and NOAA Nautical Charts with Navigation Software, GPS
ETOPO-5 Map Generator (VRML 2.0)
DeLorme 3-D TopoQuads (Maps)
DeLorme | Maps and Mapping Software
World JPEG image, 992x498 pixels
ArcData Online Data Browser

Fisheries and Other Food Sources

Dr. Sam Cunningham - food processing consultant
Seafood Choices Alliance
Pacific Seafood Group
SeaWeb - www.SeaWeb.org
Welcome to Ecofish!
Norges fiskerihøgskole
imr - in focus
Alaska Fishing Jobs Clearinghouse
Alaskan commercial fishing news & marine directory - Alaska Fisherman's JOURNAL
Alaskan Harvest: Crab, Wild Salmon, Shrimp, Lobster Halibut delivered to your door.
Norges fiskerihøgskole
imr - in focus

Job Sources

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Career Network
Environmental Jobs
NewScientistJobs.com - Search
Netcenter News Feature Story
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse: All Positions
UWyo jobs
The Wyoming Job Bank Region Map
Environmental Organization WebDirectory - Employment
USU Personnel Services
TAMU Career Center
USDA Job Opportunites
The Higheredjobs.com Database - Search
New Scientist Planet Science - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly magazine
For Utah Job Seekers
ScienceCareers.org | Your source for Jobs, Funding, Meetings and Advice
Workplace Alaska-SOAcss: Job Posting Board
NAS Vacancy Listing
JobHunt: Academia
Careerclick.com - Canadian jobs
UAF Human Resources - Employment Opportunities
Science Careers: Jobs, Careers, and Employment in Science
Review Computer Recruitment & Review
EscapeArtist Home Page: Overseas living for international job seekers, expatriates and tax exiles, Your Guide to International living
ABC Teaching Jobs, K12 Teaching Positions Jobs Board

Grant Sources

Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems
EPA star grants
DOE Office of Science Grants and Contracts
DOE Business Center
Welcome to the FundingFactory
European Energy, Environment, & Sustainable Development
CENR General Information
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Grants
DOE-ID Current solicitations
EPA at RTP needs
The Mule Deer Foundation
Earth Science Enterprise
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Mott: Environment: Links
Wildlife Conservation Society/Science
W. Alton Jones Foundation
New NIGEC Western Regional Center
Recent NSF Awards
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program - NSF
USAID Office of Procurement
Earth Science Enterprise
Lindbergh Foundation
SERDP Home Page
Chevron Community
Philanthropy News Digest -- RFP Bulletin
Joint Fire Science RFPs


Nat'l Assn. of Photoshop Professionals
ExperCom Apple shop; a good bunch of folks to work with
Digital Scanner Reviews
WordPerfect for DOS Updated
Clean up your Web pages with HTML TIDY
Yale Style Manual-Typefaces
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
LSI Logic Home Page
LMBM: An interesting web design
-In Depth Graphics- Artistic Expression Online
Web Manor - Main Entrance Way
GeoCommunity - The Source for GIS Data, News, Software, Discussion & Fun
Microsoft Office Update
Supportfolio: Silicon Graphics(r) 320
QSound Labs - Products - Consumer - iQfx
RealPlayer Home Page
Genesis -- Captiva Software Corporation
EP: Fenton on Prepress: Shopping For a Scanner or Scans
Supportfolio Online: Home
The Apple Store (U.S. educational link)
Play Incorporated: Amorphium 3D graphics
Mount Mary College, Home Page
Allaire: HomeSite Featured Site
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Writing cascading style sheets
Adobe Systems Incorporated
McAfee.com : Download : Update
Project Galactic Guide Archives -- Telemarketers, How To Hassle And Deal With
Alchemy Mindworks Inc. -- Software
CSIRO Wildlife & Ecology - PATN
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Internet Scout Project - Home
The Design Studio by Molly: Welcome
Jerry Pournelle
Junkbusters Summary Page
Jazz Home Page
Don Lancaster's GURU'S LAIR home page
::enlighten || high definition interactive::
etree lossless internet digital audio distribution
Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
ElectraSoft: Six Fax Programs to Choose from
Popular Downloads - CNET.com

Apple Computer

Apple Corporate main site
   Product Information    obvious subset
   Customer Support    another obvious subset
   Software Updates       "
   Hot News       "
Microsoft Mactopia Microsoft stuff more or less adapted for Apple
MissingManuals.com Some of what Apple doesn't bother to provide
VersionTracker Mac OS X Software
Virtual PC for Mac Inadequate "Support Center" for the Windows simulator
Alsoft - DiskWarrior Rescuing Apple computers from themselves

Flash (the program)

Crazy Raven Productions - Tutorials
Macromedia - Web sites devoted to Flash and Flash Developers
SWiSHzone.com - Create Flash text effects in seconds
Virtual-FX Flash Tutorials
Flash Sites - best flash sites worldwide: presenting THE TOP FLASH GALLERY.
Essential Flash 4 for Web Professionals

Dramatic Graphics

EYE4U active media
| | || ||| [ mondo . design : elements . of . creation ] ||| || | |
Jim Warren's Official Website
The Great Illusion
Bat Sheva Graphic Art
Latin American Volcanoes

Photography and Images

George Post photography.com
George Post's photographic history of Burning Man
Dwayne's Photo: film and processing
Adobe Photoshop Expert Center - Welcome
PhotographyREVIEW - Product Reviews - 35mm Lenses
Morehouse Gallery
B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Home Page
Imacon Scanners and Digital Cameras
Atmospheric phenomena
Hamrick Photo Software
Lasersoft Imaging / What is SilverFast?
Integral Naked
DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO Product Page | KONICA MINOLTA
Stockyard.com - Jim Olive - Houston Stock Photos, Texas Stock Photos, Houston Skyline Photos, NASA Photos, Texas Gulf Coast Photos, Aerial Photos, Texana Photos
Cosmic Images
Photograph Magazine
Silver Light Photography
Carsten Tschach Fine Art Photography
Full Moon by Michael Light. Apollo Mission Photography.
Jim Marshall Photography
Zone VI Studios: Browsing 4x5 and 8x10 Cameras
Reed Photo-Imaging
Marshal Electronics, Inc. Minature Digital Cameras
LensWork Publishing Home Page
Homepage- Robert Altman Communications
International Center for Photography
Nerve.com - spencer tunick - naked states
Strebeck Psychedelic Art Gallery Ink Paint Computer Pictures Images Color Altered Photographs 3D 4D 5D Rainbow
kite aerial photography
PEI Articles
Image Soup Magazine
The Creative Nude and Erotic Photography Network


N o r t h S i d e - Nordic Roots Music
Official Site of Richard Thompson
James McMurtry on the Web
The Fugs
Steve Young of Seven Bridges Road etc.
The Depot, private music club, Salt Lake City
Bridger Folk Music Society Northern Utah concerts
Terra Nova Consort
Thea Gilmore Official Website
BMG Music Services
AMG All Music Guide
The Official Home Page of Grateful Dead
ArloNet - The Official Arlo Guthrie Home Page
Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
The "Bruce Cockburn on Bruce Cockburn" Project's Online Store
R&B Society: Early Music Links Collection
Linda Ronstadt Homepage by Tony Partridge
The Official Jethro Tull Website
Folk Era Records
The homepage of Jonas Fjeld
Eric Andersen / Singer/Songwriter
Anna Ternheim Swedish chanteuse; site has a great video of a concert in France


KRCL 90.9 Community Radio
La Grosse Radio Rock from Paris; the best rowdy mix that I've found with a sonically decent 192 kbps or greater
RNW classical perhaps defunct Internet "Radio" stream from the Netherlands
Notturno Internet program listings for NRK Klassic
Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra another especially high quality classical internet stream
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
FCC applications
Broadcasting - Global information from the world's online radio services.


seti-at-village homepage
The Living Earth
Casino-21 -- It's your planet
Space Art pictures and Astronaut Autographs from Novaspace Galleries , formerly Novagraphics Space Art Gallery
Solar Cinema -- dramatic movies of solar prominences
Planet Mars
National Solar Observatory / Sacramento Peak, Solar, Physics, Astronomy
Welcome to EarthRISE
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Astronomy Picture of the Day
S&T's Weekly News Bulletin
The Space, Planetary, and Astronomical Cyber-Experience
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Homepage
** starryscapes.com astrophotos
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
MSSS Mars Image Release Directory
HubbleSite - News Center
Earth and Moon Viewer

Utah State University

Utah State University: Intermountain Herbarium
USU WebMail Login

Interesting Commercial Stuff

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat : Healthy Bison Steaks, Jerky, Burger & Elk Meat
Kilian Hardware "a real Old-Fashioned Hardware Store"
Welcome to GIANT microbes!
Boating Equipment and Sailing Accessories
Reusable Bags - 36 Can Insulated Cooler Bag
California Innovations- Redesign
Zentai Living - Futon and Latex Foam Mattresses, Bedroom Furniture, Style Bed Frames, Sofabeds, Latex Pillows, Tatami Mats
Royal-Pedic Latex Organic Mattresses, Beds, Mattress Pads
4" Organic latex mattress pads
Bigha [Neatly Engineered but Expensive Bikes]: Shop
Stereo Cartridge Online Store - Needle Doctor
Reploy.US Coming Soon!
Romenesko's Obscure Store and Reading Room
Welcome to Bibliofind!
BMG Music Services
Headroom Headphones
Sennheiser USA - Home Page
Stark Electronic: Digital Video and Radio Stuff
Bang & Olufsen
abebooks.com - the world's largest source of out-of-print books!
The Prairie Edge
Stamp hinges and corner mounts. Matthew Crandell stamp collecting supplies and stamps.
icollector: the premium online auction service for art, antiques and collectibles - Art Price Guide
The J. Peterman Company
Aircraft Spruce Catalog - Headsets
Welcome to King Arthur Flour
Welcome to Audiocontrol.com
Green Field Paper Company
solenium floor coverings
Pearson Dental Products
A toothbrush company - Jordan a/s, Norway
Small Parts Inc
Tools and Supplies for Building Scale Models - Micro-Mark: The Small Tool Specialists
Sandals by Ecosandals.com made from recycle tires in Africa
SportRX | Discount Prescription Sport and Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles
Discount Sunglasses
Model A11 Max-min thermometer
Sect 1/04/00/Max-Min Thermometer
Scientific Sales -- Temperature Instruments
Tintin & Asterix Books from Frenchware
GB Kent & Sons PLC.-The World's Finest Brush Makers
Aearo Peltor Hearing Protection
Welcome to Restoration Hardware
Memories of Finland Homepage
OiRO - Online information Rovaniemi - from Finnish Lapland
Fazer Group / Fazer Confectionery
vacuum cleaners - Nilfisk Family Vac Allergy Vacuum Cleaner for allergy and asthma sufferers
Adorama, Inc.


The Bright Spot
Night Sky Friendly Outdoor Lighting Products by Starry Night Lights
solarilluminations.com: Solar Light Fixtures
LEDtronics, Inc.; Discrete LEDs, LED Panel Mount Lamps, Based LED Lamps, SMT LEDs, PCB LEDs
LedLight.com: Loose LEDs, LEDs in clusters, LEDs in fixtures, LEDs in bulbs, LEDs in flashlights, controls for LEDs.
Basic Car Electronics: Light Emitting Diodes Neatly illustrating how they work and their installation
Prairie Table Lamp
Golden Valley Lighting
Atlanta Light Bulbs - Light Bulb Distributor - Index Page
Chromalux(r) Types - Natural, Full Spectrum Lighting from Spectra-Tech
bellacor.com - lighting, furniture and home accents
Solid-State Lighting: Semiconductor light emitting diodes and information

Library & Searching

Dogpile Search Engine
USU library
WorldCat: the most comprehensive library interface
Oxford Dictionary Online
Internet Quick Reference (Steve Weiss)
Index of Files in the FedWorld Information Network IRS-PDF Library
Search TerraServer Using Geographic Coordinates
State of Utah - AGRC
USU software Licensing Services
Welcome to the PLANTS National Database
National SSURGO Data | NRCS NCGC


Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums
Wes Ingram Alfa/SPICA optimization
Centerline Alfa Romeo (888) 750-ALFA
hiperformancestore.com Inc - silicone vacuum hose kits, silicone hose, and more performance products - 918-760-0668 - couplers, elbows, reducers, hump hose, silicone by the foot.
Alfa Romeo Parts and Spares www.highwoodalfa.com
Re-Original Alfa Romeo parts
Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
Daniel Stern Auto Lighting Products
Racing Beat - Mazda Performance Specialists
JPS MotorSports - 356 Speedster Replicas
Alfa Romeo Owners Club - USA
Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce by Wille R.
Morgan Motors Internet Site
Road & Track Online
MAZDATRIX for Mazda RX7 & Rotary Engine Parts and Accessories
Mazda RX-8 US info
Rotary Response and Racing - Rx for your 7, Mazda RX-7 parts and service, RX-8
Performance RX7 parts
Organic Transit "most efficient vehicles on the planet"
Lotus Elise to hit the USA in 2003!
Elise USA
IIHS/HLDI: Crash Testing & Highway Safety
Panoz Auto Development Company
Viva Lancia - information, service and parts for your historic Lancia.
Lancia Enthusiasts' Home Page
Squadra Corse Lancia home of Lancia in Australia
Morgan Cars, Isis Imports Ltd.
Rx7Club.com - The Voice of the Mid-America Rx-7 Club
Collector Car Trader Online-- Collector Car Marketplace
The SUV Info Link
The Ultimate Poseur's Sport Utility Page
Welcome to Lotus Cars USA


Metric Conversion Factors
U.S. Savings Bonds Online
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
The official U.S. time - clock
The Constitution of the United States of America
Texas A&M University Press Consortium
Jim Hightower
Secrets of the Ice from the Museum of Science, Boston
British Columbia, Canada - TINMEN Magazine
Environmental Education - Bioneers Conference - Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture.
NEWSMONGER* - Internet News Headlines updated from around the Web
ORIGIN - Ultima Online

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SERVIR NASA visualizations
TV Converter Box Coupon Program Website
Solar Water Heaters - ProgressivTube
Real Goods - Solar and Renewable Energy - Eco Household and Products for Green Living
Ecosystem Valuation - Purpose and Uses
Chemical Sensitivity & Environmental Illness Information Resource | ChemicalInjury.net
Alfa Romeo Spider, Duetto Convertible Tops - www.duettomotors.com
F*** for forest
Conserve Our Ocean Legacy: Ocean Survivor Game
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
Eidolon A.I. TLP
FlightAware - Free Flight Tracker - IFR Flight Status, Tracking, History, Maps
Really Right Stuff ... Your Camera Support Experts
Alfa Romeo Used Parts
artistic numbers
Dale Broadhurst's Sidney Rigdon Gateway
CenterPlace.org - Representing Restoration RLDS
Primal Scream - Some Velvet Morning (feat. Kate Moss)
Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning
Folk Alley On-Line Broadcast Music
Iron Furniture and Accessories, hand forged in the USA by Stone County Ironworks.
Flight Status Tracker
X-Plane Flightsim Community
X-Plane, by Austin Meyer and Laminar Research
eye of science
The Art of Huitula- Comic books, Fantasy art, Visual design
Natural Logic Sustainability Consulting - Strategic Advisors to the Sustainable Economy - Natural Logic
The Buffalo Guys - Buffalo Meat For Sale, Bison Meat For Sale, Bulk Bison Ground Meat
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe
Charlotte Gamel Andes family website
Amish Furniture
Xtracycle Hitchless Bicycle Trailers and Sport Utility Bicycles
Birkiland - Icelandic goods
Nucleus Medical Illustrations, Nucleus Medical Animations
Peterman's Eye | daily news, opinions and curiosities
Audioengine - Powered stereo speakers for your home and office. Custom built for iPod and other MP3 audio players.
elf power
Erath Loudspeakers Users Group
LWE Loudspeakers-Erath at work
Roundwood Log Homes
roundwood, fencing, posts, poles, stakes and lumber
Junk Raft
Who is Dr. Ecos (Bob Woodmansee)?
Village Records
ANTI- music by artists
Astrolab electro-solar hybrid
Chisco - Key Cases, Watch Bands
Barryboys.co.uk--uglified cars
Linda Tresham's House of Magazine Back Issues - AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER
Plastex Plastic Repair Kit - Repairs the Impossile, Works the First Time
Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child - Authors
Iceland Weather Report Blog
Apple - Support - Recently modified articles
Performance Today from American Public Media
Været for Norge - Aftenposten.no
Gunning Fog Index
Quantum Enigma » Physics Encounters Consciousness
Mad Buffalo music
amína icelandic quartet
For a Minor Reflection - Reykjavík, IS - Minimalist / Experimental / Rock - www.myspace.com/foraminorreflection
Dave Jurasevich's Images of the Universe
Terry Tempest Williams: Coyote Clan
Graham Mark Turner at IDEAS
Utah Avalanche Center
Mendenhall Order
Steep Mountain Photography
Walter Trout - blues/rock
Bylgjan - Icelandic radio
Finlandia Sauna
Gaia Sauna Accessories
Interior Teak Products (boats)
PC to Mac MacLinkPlus File Converter
Air Purifiers by Rabbit Air
Terry's Alfa Magic
Appliance Parts at Sears PartsDirect | SearsPartsDirect.com
Folkstreams » The Best of American Folklore Films
Smithsonian Folkways - The non-profit record label of the Smithsonian Institution
DOE Weatherization Assistance Program: How Do I Apply for Weatherization?
Gendler astrophotography.html
Felix's RX7 FAQ Text
site mash : : combined classified and auction listings
Prey = Software to keep track of your stolen laptop
Product Suggestions - Microsoft for Mac| Mactopia
Chris Roper's Human Powered Flying
Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Wells, BC
PayPal - Welcome
Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development
Italian Motor Club of Utah
Green Building Supply
InnoCentive Challenges
NineSigma - Sourcing Innovation Worldwide™
Feel Good Cars - electrically-powered vehicles.
Worksman Tricycles
The Solar Guide - your guide to solar and renewable energy
Our Way Home Reunion
County-Wide Trails || Cache County, Utah
Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before
Education Canada - Teacher Certification Guide
Private School Employment Networks and Placement Agencies
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) - Career Center - Services for Job Seekers
SpaceDinoArt.com - Introduction
N B G - Norwegian Rural Tourism
The Norwegian Trekking Association
Norwegian Heritage
United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
Seafood links - Seafood from Norway
indie 103.1 fm
Peace Takes Courage
Amy Speace, NYC Americana Singer-Songwriter
Green Chemistry Network
World Stress Map
US Patent Full-Text Database Boolean Search
Ancestry.com - Genealogy and Family History Records
Tesla Motors
US Patent Full-Text Database Boolean Search
Melvin H. Jahss M.D.
Organic Mattress & Bedding Mfr. | LifeKind Organic Products are Naturally Safer
Improbable Research
Wyoming & Colorado Ranches For Sale - Western United Realty LLC, Ranch Brokers
Soleil Quantum Energetics
American Prairie Foundation
Marine Conservation Alliance
Animated Piano Action
Seven Stories Press
Feral House - Weird Books, mostly about music
2006 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge
Caroline Aiken
Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
Jobs Through Rangeland Ecology Section of ESA
USDA research jobs
Careers at The Nature Conservancy
Wasatch-Cache National Forest
Voluntary Human Extinction MovemenT
Dave Van Ronk Discography
Millennial Medical Crutches
Efficient Windows Collaborative
Rocky Mountain Rail Authority
Etymotic Research, Inc. - High-fidelity Earphones and Hearing Instrumentation
Non profit jobs in Utah
Sailing Magazine : Perry on Design
Del Forte Organic Denim
Wired News:
Helly Hansen® - Global Home
Texas Teaching Fellows ::
Marine Policy Center - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Logan Transit
Mr Smith's Amazing Sailboats
Quinlan Road: Loreena McKennitt music
Careers in Beer
Foam Sweet Foam
LatexFoam International, Talalay latex mattress components and pillows.
Organic Latex Mattresses | Savvy Rest
Hydroptere trimaran
Rotary Warehouse - Mazda Rx7 Rotary Engine and Parts for 12A, 13B, and 20B Rebuilds
Mazda Rotary Engines .com, Factory Rebuilt Mazda RX7 Rotary Engines
Atkins Rotary Specialties
Mazspeed's First Generation Rx-7 Club
RotaryHeads.com - Rotary Engine Mazda RX8 Renesis RX7 Turbo Wankel 13B Rebuild Parts
World Agroforestry Centre
Portland Aerial Tram
Maine Windjammer Cruises - Sailing Vacation
Maine Windjammer Association
Sailing Vacations on Maine's Oldest Windjammer
FEMA: MT-EZ: Application Form for Single Residential Lot or Structure Amendments to National Flood Insurance Program Maps
FEMA: Floodplain Management Requirements
Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food
Andrew Moore photographs
Ivan Doig Online - Author's Site
Koreus.com - Toute l'actualité insolite du Net
Best Care Med
JET-MAN.COM skyflyers,pilote,suisse
Careers at The Nature Conservancy - Great Careers at The Nature Conservancy
Small Potatoes Home
LexJet: Digital Photography - LexJet - Inkjet Printing, Digital Photography, Large Format Printing, Support
Carver Audio Repair
Dave’s BATC Blog
Lulu.com - Self Publishing - Free
Heimur - Útgáfufyrirtækið
Think Progress (news)
Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Company
Top Tools for French Translators
Aerolab - Only for lovers of old-fashioned aircraft
Quinlan Road/Loreena McKennitt
Metropolitan - Handcrafted New American Cooking
new beligium brewing sustainable living
Laser Periodontal Therapy - Millennium Dental Technologies - www.MillenniumDental.com
Jim Nosler
Evolution Studios (MotorStorm game)
Laser Therapy - LLLT - Links from Laserworld
Modulated Laser Light Source - Hobby Circuit
Friends of the Teton River - Driggs
Opportunities at ENTRIX
Apple - Boot Camp
Comcast Home
XMission Internet
21 Wheels Electric Bikes
Xiph.Org: QuickTime Components :: About
MacUpdate: Hot Picks
ENTRIX, Inc. - Environmental and Natural Resource Management Consultants
Richard Brautigan Bibliography and Archive
Adobe - Latest Product Updates
Big State Festival : October 13-14, 2007 Texas World Speedway
NOAA Storm Watch - Track Severe Storms
Network Solutions - E-mail User Guide
Encrypt HTML source, Javascript, ASP. Protect links & images. HTML encryption
CCFSettlement for Currency Conversion
Ultrasone headphones
Community Supported Agriculture
Red Feather Lakes Colorado Bed and Breakfast
Purcell Trench camping
Astrology Website Plugins | Moon Phases
Radio Rock La Grosse Radio Rock, Alternative & New Talents
Phillips Environmental Products
Jobs and Internships - Center for Sustainability
JanRain » OpenID
Polar Sea Ice Cap and Snow - Cryosphere Today
Sky Sails for Ships
Solvay Stories
Consumerist: Shoppers Bite Back
Alfa Romeo Spider FAQ
Spider Point
Diagnostic Cyber Gynecology Differential Diagnosis Problem Menu
Laser FAQ
Stuart Weston (photos)
Laserglow: Blue & Green Lab Lasers
Grist Jobs
Orion Grassroots Network - Recent Job Postings
Current Job Listings — @ USU CNR
SA22c.org: Mazda Rotary Cars built before 1986.
Black Dragon Automotive - Mazda RX7 Auto Parts and Accessories
John Renbourn.Com
Ob/Gyn Alliance
XHTML Terms Reference
Alfa Romeo Accessories, Restoration Services & Information
trio mediæval
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Milan: Leonardo's Last Supper, Santa Maria delle Grazie: virtual tour, hotel, hotels, deluxe, three stars, five stars, five stars L, four stars, restaurant, bar, nightlife, spa, wellness, golf, linate, malpensa, last supper, duomo, montenapoleone, fashion, shopping, alberghi, da vinci code
Gigi Love
Eco Friendly Round House, Circular Homes, and Dome Homes
The Archdruid Report: Agriculture: Closing the Circle
KINK-ClassX: Streaming Through the Years!
:: Le Laboratoire ::
Utah Avalanche Center
High Cove intentional community (New College alum)
INTERNET QUICK REFERENCE (IQR): A digital library which identifies and organizes significant Web sites for a wide number of visitors
Wyatt McSpadden Photography
Alfa Romeo Parts and Alfa Romeo Spares www.highwoodalfa.com specialist classic Alfa Parts
Los Cielos de Chile
2006 Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations - Outbound
Intermountain Acoustic Music Association
Las Vegas Citizen's Committee for Historic Preservation
The Mad Carpenter Inn (Laramie): Handcrafted Elegance
wyoming housing classifieds - craigslist
West Wide Energy Corridor Draft PEIS Maps
The Iceland Weather Report (blog)
Albany County Tourism Board
Wyoming Department of Transportation Travel Information Service
Dagoba Organic Chocolate
TrustedSource - secure computing
Modern and Contemporary sofas
VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials & Post Production Tools
The Gnomon Workshop - Tutorials for visual effects artists, concept designers, sculptors and comic book illustrators and traditional artists using Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Painter as well as traditional drawing and painting.
craigslist logan classifieds
What Bird on MySpace Music
Hayes Carll
Macleans.ca - Canada News
Dale Warland Singers archive
David Kenneth Andes - Bozeman, MT | Facebook
Public Library of Science -- on line journals
The Richard III Society
No Map. No Guide. No Limits. | Adventures in courage, passion, living, and life
COSMICPHOTOS - Digital photography of the night sky
Volcanoes - Stromboli Online - Anak Krakatau
Nagyvary Violins: Violin Shop: Violin Maker: Violins and Cellos
Suomikauppa.fi - Online Shop For Finnish Goods! - Shampoos and soaps
Mealey's Gift and Sauna Shop - Royal Swedish Birch Shampoo
Lutefisk Technologies Inc :: Sauna :: Sauna Products :: Royal Swedish Birch Leaf Shampoo
Finlandia sauna Royal birch shampoo
Sauna fragrances by Harvia, Finlandia, Royal Swedish Birch Leaf, and Springs Sauna Company
LUNA birch herbal shampoo 100 ml : Medcentrum.com
Suomikauppa.fi - Online Shop For Finnish Goods! - Erittäin hieno Suomalainen - Birch Shampoo 300ml
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at "Big Sur" - Rolling Stone article 1969 @ suitelorraine.com
ClassicsOnline - Your Classical Music Download Source
Waterford Crystal Bowls at Best Crystal
iittala Mondo Centerpiece Bowl
Orrefors Stenhammar Bowl - Crystal Classics, Free Shipping
Orrefors Stenhammar Bowl
SwedishArtglass.com - Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Mats Jonasson
SwedishArtglass.com - Stenhammar Bowl, Gunnar Cyrén - Orrefors (#6436012)
Encyclopedia of Earth
Time Series Analysis on Mac OS X
Macintosh mathematics software
Davidson Academy of Nevada - Reno, Nevada
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency : ENERGY STAR
Airships: The Hindenburg and Other Zeppelins
Rebuilding Rotary Engine Videos - The Wankel Motor
Auravis Systems Premier Home Audio and Video
Eastwood Company: Auto Tools, Body Repair, Classic Car Restoration, Paint Guns, Powder Coating, Soda Blasters, Fender Rollers
UB95M-200 Modulating Condensing Boiler For Sale at Utica Boilers
Tom Rush
Mark A. Garlick's Space-Art.co.uk
Utah Photojournalism
Brewery Ommegang. Belgian brewing in America.
Unofficial Steeleye Span Home Page
ClassicCars.com: Thousands of Classic Cars and Muscle Cars for Sale
gdradio.net - streaming Grateful Dead and more!
Mad Dog and The Pilgrim Booksellers/Sweetwater Book Barn - Sweetwater Station, Wyoming - Bookstore specializing in Childrens, Classics, History
Matthew Crawford -- philospher/mechanic
Auroral Forecast Alaska Geophysical Institute
SPACE.com -- The Complete 2010 Launch Forecast
Vredestein Tires- Winter Tires, Summer Tires, and Van Tires from the Tire Factory
AirCam Flys Slow and Low
2010 Winter Olympics | Video, Schedules, Results, TV | NBC Olympics
Alfa Early S2 Spider registry-1970-74
Alfa Spruell Drive Shaft Flex Disc Conversion Kit
Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) :: Official Site :: Alaska DOT&PF
Colorado Mtn Journal
Yale Environment 360
Cowboy Junkies
Mountain Stage - Where Musicians Come to Play
Handknitting Association of Iceland
Apple - iWork - tutorials
Homer Alaska newspaper - Since 1964
Rocky Mountain Rail Authority
Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
LCD TV Calibration: Learn to Calibrate your LCD Television
Negative Population Growth
Global Composite Weather Satellite Infrared Pictures from NASA GHCC
Bozeman Events Calendar
Open Road Integrated Media
Anderson Fair - For the Sake of the Song
Jerry Walsh Gallery
Sunshine Clothes Dryer - Clothesline
Vehicle 4-Post Lift - Greg Smith Equipment Sales, Inc
Bountiful Baskets
Osservatorio MTM pistoia - astronomia ccd immagini
Panda Bikes | We're Growing Bikes.
Estes Park Lodging | Colorado Roadside Motor Inn
eBay Guides - Solid State Dynaco PREAMP and TUNER buyers guide
Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies
Great Trains, Wineries, and Cultures of Australia & New Zealand, Land-based, Train, Value-Priced, Educational Travel - Smithsonian Journeys
Folk Alley | Folk Music Radio
12-String Guitar — History, Lessons, Players, Videos and CDs
12 String Guitar Videos and DVD
Art Wolfe photography
Tropicos plant database
John Paul Caponigro : Digital Photography
Agua de Annique
International BigBoNoBo Combo - Radio Rock - Radio Metal - Radio Reggae - La Grosse Radio
Optimum Population Trust
VeloceToday.com — The Online Magazine for Italian and French Classic Car Enthusiasts
Texas Blues Runners band
Palo Alto Speedometer
Space Images | ESA/Hubble
Voyager - Images
Blue Moon (Yuichi Takasaka) Canadian Aurora
Philips NP2500/37 WiFi Internet Radio at Amazon
The State Room | A Live Music Theatre | Salt Lake City, Utah - Upcoming Shows
JPL Photojournal Image Gallery
Online Internet Speed Test | Cable-Modem.Net
Little Snitch
Stock Photography Price Guide, Image Keywording, Photography Business Management Software
Runtal Radiators - Hydronic & Electric - Radiant Heating
Airfare Deals - Cheap Flights - Airfarewatchdog
Douglas Kirkland
Cosy Sheridan Home Page
t r ritchie
Theta Naught - The Naughtians
Tilt-Turn Windows - HH Windows & Doors
Tree Drawings by Diane Wright
DRAWING TREES ~ Drawing tips, hints and techniques
Lumsk -- Danish music
Burning Man Galleries -- George Post
Hesperus early music
SOLO-60 - Triangle Tube SOLO-60 - Solo 60, 47,000 BTU Output Prestige Boiler
Map of Counties of Utah, Cities and Towns.
Alex MacLean photography
Doug Wintch - SLC musician extraordinaire
Places: Design Observer
KUAT Classical
Tobey Studios
BBC - Human Planet Explorer (pictures, video, facts & news)
Nuits sacrées
ymarkov: The Last Ring-bearer
green weekend in Portland | Grist
Dynamat Noise Reduction
Sean Rowe, singersongwriter, Albany NY
Lykke Li - Swedish chanteuse
Acoustical Foam Products for Soundproofing a Room
Sound Transmission Control, Sound Barriers, Soundproofing Sound Barriers, Soundproofing Materials
music | Radio Netherlands Worldwide
CouchSurfing - Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time
ISBN numbers
U.S ISBN Agency - home
Janis Ian
Lane Wallace | Writer, Adventurer, Speaker
Peter Garrison Melmoth 2
Alliance for Climate Protection:

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