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   A guide to the newest stuff for those who visit Yorksite occasionally. Many smaller tweaks may not be noted. It also serves as a more or less complete site history after November 2001,with dates running from the bottom upwards.




4 December Projects Condensed introductory example

3 December

Experience Clarified current activities
14 September Projects Along with majore reworking of the High Level Research page, revised in detail
5 June Projects Announcd the availability, after 43 years of work, of the Willie Nelson book
6 Jan Projects Replaced the initial energy summary with a sample from my draft memoirs
17 Oct Mazda Posted car for sale info; it later sold on ebay
3 July Projects Rechecked the key calculation and simplified the associated text
26 Mar Quotations Added the most recent four years
7 Jan Blog Revised introduction, and separated off 2011 and 2012
20 Sept MusicAll Made my databased musical outlay available or perusal by the interested
22 July Projects Revised the abstract and introduction to the linked summary of prairie dog research
20 July Blog Sent 2010 off to its own place; placed a few new selections
28 Dec
Music Added a selection of favorites
18 May
Blog Reorganized once again
5 Oct
Projects Started a "rejection collection" of ought-to-be publications having yet unrecognized wider value
1 Oct
Blog Restarted, reorganized, and fixed broken internal links
28 May
Experience More or less modest update.
28 May
Origins Annotated a link to my father's reminiscences about his youth.
27 April
Projects Noted the creation, and potential availability, of my memoirs.
31 Jan
Mercury Posted what should be hot news for anyone who cares about their health
11 Dec
Iraq Brought Afghanistan into the picture of ever-rearranging US wars abroad
8 Aug
Quotations Added another quarter's worth
17 July
Iraq Noted the transfer of effort and attention to the deeper invaders' mire of Afghanistan
26 June
All For another server move, and newly parallel sites, changed contact links
1 May
Iraq The rising death trend of attempted occupation appeared to be reconfirmed
17 April
Iraq Important newly released hidden data (it's not just deaths) commented upon
26 Mar
Quotations Gleanings from the year's first quarter
26 Mar
Projects Another attempt at introductory clarity for a most vital issue
26 Mar
Experience Reflected some recent changes
7 Oct
Alfa Information A modestly illustrated sharing of practical details about my favorite vehicle begins
10 Sept
Experience Revised introductory structure and purged some residual errors
10 Sept
Iraq Added confirming data
6 Sept
Contact PHP programmed way to reach me, theoretically discouraging robotic disruptors
13 Aug
Projects Attempted to clarify the opening energy graph, and its introductory text
1 Aug
Publications Made a couple of new links to complete versions of the listed output
26 Jul
Quotations Good new slug added
25 Jul
Web Trolls Massive update and code cleanup; still more to do, though
25 Jul
Most Converted to "XHTML 1.0 Transistional" document status
6 Jul
Experience Clarified, hopefully, current areas
6 Jul
Origins Modest rewrite
6 Jul
Reorganized file structures for a move to a new server
6 Jan
Blog Split it for the new year, and responded to the Darwin awards
1 Jan
Iraq Formal statistical significance returns to the continually increasing rate of American dead and wounded
15 Dec
Quotations Year end update
13 Dec
Portfolio Formally posted selections from my photographic work (broadband connection recommended for access)
13 Dec
Projects Photographic portfolio described and linked
22 Nov
Web Trolls Brought up more or less to date (slow blog, too)
21 Oct
Quotations Added a bunch
9 Oct
Iraq Updated graph and text to counter news blackouts about increasing deaths during this ongoing tragedy
28 Sept
Projects Started with a teaser for my scientifically perhaps most important: addressing energy use limits
6 Sept
Blog Massive catch-up
4 Sept
Iraq Updated graph reflecting tragic trend continuing as predicted
5 June
Blog Rightfully reflected that it's really a "slow blog": not always so quick, but intended to be worth revisiting
4 June
Web Trolls Brought up more or less to date
21 Feb
Web Trolls Brought up more or less to date
31 Jan
Quotations Added the first month's
19 Jan
Blog Revised structure, separating out a quantitative analysis of the situation in Iraq
5 Dec
Quotations Added this year's collection
11 Oct
Experience Added previously overlooked community service.
6 Oct
Blog Graphed statistical significance for increasing rate for deaths of American soldiers in Iraq
29 Aug
Projects Updated and reorganized some portions
27 Jul
Experience Typeface changes, adding to leadership section, and completion of an assignment
20 Jul
Web Trolls Adding recent finds; modest reorganization
23 Feb
Blog Bifurcated the info; note that updates to the blog may be more regular than posted in this list
23 Feb
Projects Reflecting newer thoughts, especially about fisheries
14 Dec
Quotations Added the year's collection
7 Dec
Blog First posting of a major experiment (for me), hanging myself up to rawer view.
30 Nov
Web Trolls Added a couple of dozen, and updated favorites
7 Jan
Web Trolls More recently discovered sites and a bit of reorganization
17 Dec
Quotations Added this year's collection
1 July
Web Trolls Extensively reorganized and brought more closely up to date
8 Jan
Web Trolls More "recent additions"
12 Nov
Bison Reformatted for easier reading
4 Nov
Projects/Vehicles Reordering and text updating
4 June
Home Page Subtle redesign
3 June
all Unleashed Photoshop short course learning on logo and titles

3 June

Projects Improved animation of sample vehicle effects
20 May
Projects Modest reorganization and error catching
16 May
Publications Bolded titles for easier reading; included new report
1 Apr
Web Trolls Brought "recent additions" to date
18 Mar
Projects Linked a teaching proposal, which greatly broadens the reach of Lighten Up
28 Feb
Quotations A couple of cogent and timely new ones; revamped introduction
28 Feb
Home Page Revised abstract
28 Feb
Projects Various tweaks to text and visual relationships
26 Feb
Projects Put in just a touch of Flash
19 Feb
Education Clarified presentation; suggested resultant general skills
14 Feb
Projects Lead to my new book, Scenes of a Voyage, with sample illustrations
11 Feb
Web Trolls Clarified intro; fixed some migrated links; killed off known already dead ones; and updated the "recent" (i.e., so far uncategorized) collection
14 Jan
Publications Newly completed report
7 Jan
Experience More appropriate lead-in disclaimer and credits
19 Dec
Quotations Included collection from 2001 reading
6 Dec
Experience Minor tweaks to language and descriptions
20 Nov
Home Page Added a link to this page
20 Nov
Publications Posted, and hotlinked, an electronic version of general interest paper:  The future of bison in America


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