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Yorksite -- A Perspective  

  This website originated on several levels with my father, whose professional life was in analytical chemistry, particularly as an x-ray crystallographer, solving industrial problems. Overall, though, the graphic arts, music, and literature were never neglected.

   Within his chosen specialty, one of his points of quiet pride was being represented within scientific history by an obscure mineral that he had characterized.

   For a website, the name thereby provides a multi-level pun, which I suspect he would have appreciated. Thus, I will pass along his smile.

Kenneth P. Yorks



   Incidentally, I have arranged a set of my father's often amusing written reminiscences about his farm and small town growing up years into book styled PDF format, which is eventually targeted to become an appendix to my own memoirs-in-progress. These were followed by his father's 1894 newspaper account of a hunting event, from a still further back ancestor's wilder youth.
  Those with an interest in pursuing them may find their draft form through this link.



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