terence preston yorks
Should people or machines have equal rights? ATV tracks up a hillside

A semi-automated story about conflicts in land use.

  Too much scientific information has profound societal and environmental consequences, but has failed to reach other scientists or the public effectively. This presentation utilizes a still-evolving internet tool (to attempt) to better communicate some very important, yet previously difficult-to-convey, and therefore poorly appreciated concepts. Its story parallels my scientific "poster", Quantifying Impacts from Vehicles and Other Trampling Vectors, which was presented initially at the summer 2000 meeting of the Ecological Society of America. The content is less formal than that title, and is intended to be accessible to almost everyone.


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     The finished automated sections were intended to have each image stay on screen for about 5-10 seconds, and to take about a minute to run overall. Because of their full-screen display option, they may take longer to unfold on slower computers. In other sections, single-click mouse-operated buttons should (theoretcially at least) advance or retreat among the images, or allow a return to this index, allowing the reader to control their on-screen time.
   Experience suggests that downloading times will vary greatly with internet and local computer traffic, often running afoul of the variety of unpredictable glitches that still plague this sector of the virtual world. Particularly observed among these have been failures of smaller (auto-hyperlinked) images to display, and a requirement to click on buttons more than once to get the desired action.


   If an internet foulup gives grief in handling the whole, do try the individual segments listed below. Similarly, please try again if any parts refuse to play initially.

Individual "movie" segments:


File characteristics:
Overall Problems 99 automated, with fades
Scientific and Political Lacks 38 automated, without fades
    Scientific and Political Lacks (duplicate version, without auto-advance) 30 mouse controlled advance
Field Illustrations and Possibilities 245 mouse controlled advance
Methods of Investigation 33 mouse controlled advance
Dominating Components in Results 50 mouse controlled advance
Comparing User Group Impacts, (System Inputs) 13 mouse controlled advance
Comparing User Group Impacts, (Swaths) 95 animated overview
Comparing User Group Impacts, (Overall)
     with key equation and tabular summary of results

mouse controlled advance

Non-Caveats 103 mouse controlled advance
Policy Implications 20 mouse controlled advance
Conclusions, with animated results summary 52 mouse controlled advance
References and Acknowledgments 23 mouse controlled advance
Scientific and Ecological P.S. 40 mouse controlled advance


 Please realize that these "movies" are as yet a draft, whose goal is making their presentation at least as interesting as the information contained within them.Your feedback about what works and what doesn't for you would be greatly valued, either about the effectiveness of my semi-animated approach (especially between the manual versus fully automated approaches), or the underlying story that I am attempting to tell.
      The same overall presentation is intended to be made available as a simpler set (gif files), when funds and time allow, for those who do not have quick connection capabilities. It is also targeted to be revised to move more smoothly and efficiently for those who do.


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