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    Like the physical letters that the best of the form emulate, blogs remain useful for those interested in thoughtful depth than are thinner, quicker to produce follow-ups (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). In this particular case, life continues to flow in many ways more slowly than might be expected within electronica, including that postings often appear irregularly. Since they are prepared from raw code, feedback has to be sent a somewhat older way. The result should parallel the "slow food" movement, not appearing instantaneously, containing experimental or otherwise different portions, but with at least some concoctions not just better than the norm, even worth revisiting. Here, these may have changed, since I look back too, and sometimes revise language within that often elusive quest for clarity.

  An overall intention remains to add more regular postings, humor, and images. Very humanly, that resolve tends to ebb and flow in effective realization. It is further slowed because I rarely post immediatly after writing, setting aside more than 90% of my drafts from how much less effective they seemed the next day, before anyone else sees them, and hesitating even then most often for quite a while before passing along the rest. Exceptions exist, though.

  They are dated drafts, without full polishing, containing errors in both their content and details of assembly, including some apparent repetition while wrestling to refine difficult concepts. From various practical limits, the occasional graphics necessarily reflect only a small portion of the quality in their originals. More finished work may be found through my formal publications and portfolio pages.

 Please do enjoy the entries despite their flaws, for they won't all be just bitching, even within the bitchiest seeming stuff. There should emerge some balance through well-tested solutions -- some created by me, others passed on -- that could be both profitable and important, if they could be more widely shared.


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